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Face Off: EP 6: The Gauntlet

This week is the first ever Gauntlet on Face Off. It will consist of 3 parts, each being more heavily weighted that the last, and at the end, we will have a final ranking with one artist packing up their bags.

stage1winnoraThe first challenge in The Gauntlet will test the artist’s ability to create an extreme but lifelike exposure makeup. Half the artists will have to make a cold exposure makeup while the other half makes a heat exposure makeup. They will have only two hours to complete their looks, and the judges will be Ve, Glenn, and Neville. Nora works on her model’s hands, blacking out the fingertips to give it a frost-bitten dead skin look while Jasmine begins making ooze pockets on her model to make it look as though he was exposed to some form of poison. She doesn’t seem to understand the exposure is supposed to be to the heat of the desert, although her makeup looks really good. When the judges pass through she realizes her mistake, and fears it may cause her to score really low.

The judges choose Nora’s frostbite victim to be the winner of this challenge, and rank the artists as follows:

Nora, Jordan, Scott, Meg, Ben, Jasmine, Evan, Stevie, and Kevon. Needless to say Kevon is now very worried.

Stage two has the artists creating an incredible paint job on models that already have prosthetics.stage2winkevon For some artists paint is not their strong suite, and they are immediately apprehensive about their work. The judges love Ben and Kevon’s makeup, essentially saving Kevon from the bottom and rocketing him straight to the top. Since state two is weighed more heavily, it drastically changes the rankings and they now stand as such:

Kevon in first, Ben, Nora and Jordan tied for second, Meg is fifth, Scott drops to sixth, Jasmine in seventh, and Evan and Stevie tied for last.

Stage three begins the following day where the artists meet up with Mckenzie in the lab, and she has every model there with her. Since there are almost 30 models, each artist will get 3 models, and must create a main character and two background characters. In addition to that, they randomly choose the type of characters they must create with 3 artists getting goblins, 3 artists getting angels, and 3 artists getting witches/wizards.

For this challenge they will have only 4 hours with 1 hour for last looks so they must make the most out of pre-made prosthetics, and paint to make their characters look cohesive and complete. Once presented, Scott, Kevon, and Ben are excused as safe and the judges talk to each of the other artists individually. Nora, Stevie and Evan are among their favorite looks with Evan winning this round; while Jordan, Jasmine, and Meg fall short and into the bottom. Since stage 3 is more heavily weighted than stage two was, the new rankings are:

Nora in first, Evan is second, Scott is third, Kevon is fourth, Jordan is fifth, and Ben is sixth. Meg, Stevie, and Jasmine are all in the bottom three, and any one of them could be heading home. Of the three in the bottom, Jasmine was in the bottom for all three challenges making her ranking 9th overall and she must pack up her kit and head home.

Tell us what you thought of The Gauntlet in the comments. Should this be on every season of Face Off?

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