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Face Off: EP 9: Judgement Day

This week’s challenge is presented to the artists by Mackenzie and Glenn and will feature the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Glenn, who did similar work on Legion, tells the artists to be true to the essence of Famine, War, Pestilence and Death. The eight remaining artists are broken up into two teams of four and even though this is an individual challenge, their ideas must have some cohesive element.

Kevon, Ben, Evan and Nora get to work creating a concept for their horsemen and Nora, who has famine, immediately knows she wants to use barbed wire to create hers. Meg, Scott, Stevie, and Jordan have to make their ideas cohesive and Meg comes up with the idea that they should each have some kind of time piece to unite them.

At the lab Nora begins to question her concept and feels like it may not be turning out how she sees it in her head. Evan gives her his opinion on it and so far he thinks it’s a solid idea; this is enough to put her head back in the game and she is able to finish up her sculpt. When Michael Westmore does his walk through he warns Kevon to be careful with his pestilence sculpt and the tendrils he wants to add to it, cautioning that it may read more alien than horseman. Kevon decides to move them from the head area of his sculpt to the mouth area to fill  out the hole that he has created there.

When last looks comes around Ben has literally accepted that he is going home this week. He does not like his sculpt of kevlar armor built into his War character’s chest and now the paint on it is just getting muddy and is all red. Their team all make sure to remember attach the collars that their Death will be leading them with and just like that, time is up.

The judges take their closer looks and decide to put the entire team of Kevon, Evan, Nora, and Ben into the top and bottom and the other team is safe this week. Ve loves how Nora was able to create an amazing skin tone on her Famine model that matches so well from the head to the chest and he barbed wire works well. Glenn particularly likes Evan’s Death and the way he achieved a real metal look on it’s mask and continued the shapes from his face into the mask. Ben knows his looks horrible and it is definitely confirmed when the judges let him know what all is wrong with it. Even Neville says he doesn’t want to “kick him when he is down” so-to-speak but knows he is aware of the areas he failed. The judges all agree that Kevon’s Pestilence doesn’t meet this week’s challenge and looks too bug-like. It may have been a good makeup for another challenge, but not for the horseman it is supposed to be.

In the end it is Evan’s Death that takes the win this week and unfortunately Kevon will be going home.

Tell us what you thought of the judges decision in the comments below!

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