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Once Upon a Time Sneak Peak – Merida and Emma Fisticuffs!

I don’t know what to say.

I know that¬†isn’t the most promising way to start off an article considering that an article is usually comprised of words, but it’s the most accurate statement that I’ve got after watching the latest Once Upon a Time sneak peak from ABC.

I’m not even trying to be funny when I tell you I just sat and stared at the screen of my laptop after this clip of Emma encountering Merida in what appears to be the Enchanted Forest. #jawhasbeendropped

Ok, we’ve got some Will-o’-the-Wisp action, which is a great inclusion of the life-changing magic from Brave, and a reference to that whole awkward bear curse thing. Merida looks and sounds pretty prefect, considering my (and most fans’) standards are astronomically¬†high.

But what I was really stoked to see was that Emma seems to still be in charge of herself, that she hasn’t been taken over completely by the Darkness. More importantly we can infer that she’s on a bit of a quest to procure the Will-o’-the-Wisp in order to potentially end her curse. Who has sent her on this quest or given her this lead has been left to our Oncer fandom speculation, but, hey, isn’t that what fandoms do best?

I’ve missed Jennifer Morrison’s acting. I love that she looks like a junkie trying to go straight and procure a ticket to the last spot at rehab or else the court is going to take her kid away. Seriously, she’s got the shakes, the fear, the desperation down. I almost feel bad for saying this, but I hope she isn’t too successful too soon. I want to see more of what the Darkness does to her!

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC this Sunday, September 27. Join us here every Monday for a recap and commentary on each episode!

Tell us what you thought of the sneak peak below.

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