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‘Face Off’ Ep 10: Freak Show

This week’s Face Off starts out with a foundation challenge where the artists must create an intimidating tribal makeup inspired by a unique weapon. The contestants must match the face makeup with that of the upper body, as well. The judge for this is Robin Mathews, whose work includes Twilight, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Dallas Buyers Club. 

Meg and Scott have Robin’s favorite looks, and it is Scott that takes the win and immunity.

For their spotlight challenge, the artists meet up with Mackenzie, who is surroundedface2 by old fashioned freak show advertisements. They must each create a fantastical character that would be right at home in an old-time freak show. The artists have to spin a wheel of chance to choose their character. The artist’s characters are as follows:

Nora-Lobster Larry

Meg– Inside-Out Oscar

Evan– Moon Girl

Stevie– Icicle Irma

Jordan– Elephant Lady

Ben– The Human Peacock

Scott-Twisted Tom

 The sculpting begins once the contestants are back at the lab. They all have pretty solid concepts, except for Nora who ends up scraping her sculpt and starting over since she feels it looks too mask-like. Stevie decides to scrap the icicles she was sculpting and use hot glue to create them instead. Meg gets her mold done early, but it is sealed and she has to chisel it open with the help of Scott. Ben and Evan’s pieces are mangled after being molded and must be repaired before they can apply them to the models.The time ticks away quickly and it is soon last-looks. Each artist is scrambling to put the finishing touches on their freaks to try and impress the judges.

Once each model is presented, the judges then take a closer look. Ve loves Ben’s human peacock and how realistic it is. Glenn says Meg’s Inside out Oscar is some “straight up Party City sh*t.” That definitely doesn’t sound good for her. Once scored, Scott, Jordan and Stevie are safe this week.

Neville makes a terrible joke about the gold teeth that Nora has given her Lobster Larry, calling him a “grilled lobster.” Overall, the judges (except Ve) find her application to be clean and a great interpretation of the challenge.

Ve argues that Meg’s sculpt is very Monkey-like and Glenn comments that she fell short on her anatomy.

Ben’s sculpt is incredibly well done in form and they love he kept it human enough to be seen as a true deformity.

Evan’s Moon Girl ends up being a terrible sculpt, even though the idea is fairly comical in premise.

Glenn announces there is only one top look this week and it is Ben’s Human Peacock, though Nora is also safe. With a bad sculpt, bad anatomy, and overall bad concept, Meg is chosen to pack up her kit and head home.

What do you think of the judges decisions this week? With only 6 artists left, who do you think will take the win?

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