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RECAP – ‘Face Off’ Ep 10: Beyond The Expanse

This week the artists are joined by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the creators of The Expanse, an upcoming SyFy series. Each of the six remaining artists will be making their own human race that has adapted to their environment in space several hundreds of years in the future. Each artist will choose one of seven catastrophic scenarios to adapt their human to.

Scott chooses first and right away picks nuclear fallout. Nora grabs toxic pollution, Evan takes severe drought, Ben nabs volcanic disaster, Stevie likes polar melting, and lastly, Jordan chooses ice age.

Since this is another focus challenge their blending and edges must be perfect. Fabrication means nothing if their face is not on point.

Nora is really feeling the stress and pressure and is literally in tears as she sculpts. She has no choice but to rip off everything she has done thus far and start over.

When Michael Westmore does his walk through, he and Mckenzie are concerned that Scott has lost all the human aspect in the challenge and his sculpt is entirely insectoid. They are so concerned, in fact, that they come back after leaving to talk to him again about it.

Nora is finally happy with her sculpt and mold, and scott redesigns his sculpt to add more human elements in hopes it is more fitting for the challenge.

Nora and Scott are safe this week, leaving Stevie, Jordan, Ben, and Evan in the top and bottoms looks.

Ve feels like Jordan’s makeup has a very complete look and tells a great story of how this character stays warm in an ice age. Ben’s makeup lacks an evolutionary look, with Neville pointing out it does not look as though he considered how a person would evolve in volcanic conditions. Evan has a beautiful design and has made sound design choices. Glenn specifically finds his anatomical forms to be spot on and the appliance to collect condensation is very thoughtful. Stevie’s makeup appears crooked and lacks a strong color pallet.

The winner this week is Evan for his huge risks that paid off tremendously. We must say goodbye to Stevie whose details this week just did not come together. She packs up her kit and heads home.

With only five contestants remaining, who do you think will make it into the final three? Let us know in the comments! 

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