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‘Twilight’ Gets Gender Swapped for the Tenth Anniversary Edition

A lot of people ended up joining in on the Twilight bandwagon when Harry Potter ended, myself included. Now, it’s been ten years since the first Twilight book was published, and the franchise that spawned four books and five movies still has a pretty loyal fan base.

So marking the tenth anniversary of the first Twilight publication, not only has Twilight been re-released with bonus content (in book form), but a new book has also been released! Sadly it’s not from Edward’s perspective (come one, that little snippet that was leaked online was pretty amazing), but it’s kind of close?

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, is a gender swapped novel featuring Beau, the male equivalent of Bella, and Edythe, Edwards female counterpart. Let’s not forget about Jacob either, who obviously didn’t escape the gender swapping – he’s now Julie. So far, the only people that haven’t been changed are Bella’s – I mean Beau’s – parents, Renee, and Charlie. Author Stephanie Meyer cites these reasons as, “I have a really hard time believing that any judge at that time (or even now) would give a child to a transient, unemployed father over a mother with a steady job and strong ties to her community.”

Now, as I stated before, I was absolutely sucked into the world of Twilight, but I must admit that I always thought that something had been off about the series. It wasn’t until it was spelled out that Bella was a damsel in distress, too emotionally attached to someone a hundred years her senior, that I realized that Bella probably isn’t the best role model to be idolizing.

I personally want to read Life and Death to see exactly just how much Stephanie Meyer changed and tweaked the story to try and escape with Beau and the leading…man, and how that affected the whole damsel in distress angle.

It really wasn’t until New Moon that things really got a bit obsessive, so a gender swapped version of the first book shouldn’t have too much of an impact on the story.

Check out the video below for Stephanie Meyer’s reveal of the new book, which took place during her interview with Good Morning America.

What are your feelings on this reimagining of Twilight? Love it? Hate it? Waste of time? Weigh your thoughts in the comments below!

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