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‘Face Off’ Recap: Death Becomes Them

The remaining artists meet up with Mckenzie at the Universal backlot at the original Munster’s house. This was one of the first projects Michael Westmore ever worked on. For their spotlight challenge they must choose a gravestone and create their own member of a quirky, macabre family similar to The Munsters and Addams Family.

Nora– Blacksheep Cousin

Evan– Bully Older Brother

Ben– Inappropriate Uncle

Scott– Stern Father

Jordan-Spinster Aunt

Two artists will be heading home at the end of the challenge, leaving just the final three contestants. 

Scott draws inspiration from his own father who passed away after he graduated high school and decides to make a Ward Cleaver type character that is a lobotomized zombie. Nora decides that her blacksheep will literally be from a sheep creature family. Her character will be a bubbly alternative cousin. For Evan it was clear that a bully older brother would be a bull type demon with a strong jaw and features, but Michael Westmore thinks it may be a bit too much on the demon side. To this Evan decides to rip off his clay and start again.

Glenn says that the concept for Evan’s bully older brother is spot on, however his coloring and edges bring it down. Ve loves Scott’s zombie stern father, but wants a little more color to highlight the decay in him. Ben’s inappropriate Uncle is the epitome of creepy according to Neville, so much that Ve gets uncomfortable just looking at him. Nora explains her black sheep cousin who comes from an occult family and can’t help but be optimistic. Glenn finds the character perfect, but notes that more than a little blending is needed in the paint job on her. Jordan’s spinster Aunt is very cartoony,  but it’s also reminiscent of his previous creations. Glenn thinks that in order to commit to something so over the top he will really need to go even further to sell it.

The first artist heading into the finale with tonight’s top look is Ben. The second artist heading into the finale is Nora, leaving Scott, Jordan, and Evan to fight for the final spot. Before the judges give their choice, they get one more hour of last looks to improve their family members based on the feedback they received from the judges!

After the changes are all made and the judges discuss how well the artists utilized that extra hour and listened to their criticism, the final artist moving into the finale is Sco…. Evan? Wait, what? So Evan is moving on to the finale with Nora and Ben, while Scott and Jordan are heading home.

Does anyone else feel like Scott was robbed of the finale after having never been in the bottom? Just me? Yea, didn’t think so. It should be interesting to see what the finale holds in store this season.

Do you agree or disagree with the judges choices? Let us know in the comments! 

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