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‘Face off’ Recap: Movie Magic

This week’s episode is a little different in that there is no winner at the end. Next week will reveal the new Face Off Champion! If you missed this week’s episode I highly recommend checking it out to really see how the artists created their final makeups.

The artists get the opportunity to work on characters for three screenplays by Patrick Tatopoulos, each creating the two main characters. Ben will be working on “Resurrection”, Nora has “The Prey”, and Evan will be designing for “Quarantine Zone”. They are each given the opportunity to look over story boards for their character’s direction as well as some one-on-one time with Patrick to discuss in detail what he is looking for on each character.

Mckenzie lets the artists know they will also be getting an opportunity to do a camera test with their characters to see how they look on film. They will then each have 2 additional days to make the proper adjustments before the final reveal. Of course for the finale each artist gets to pick two helpers; Ben chooses Jordan and Scott, Nora grabs Jasmine and Meg, while Evan will be working with Stevie and Kevon.

After the three days of sculpting, molding, painting and applying it is time for their camera tests. Each artist gets to watch how their characters appear on film, their movements, coloring, etc. with direction from Patrick. They then discuss the areas he would like them to improve on and it appears Evan has the most work to do.

Before they head out and prepare for the finale, Mckenzie has one last announcement. Often time screenplays change and adapt and these are no different. An additional character has been added to each, giving the artists the added task of creating an entirely new makeup that reads well on screen in addition to the fixes they need to make. Anyone else notice Evan looks like a deer in headlights? I can’t wait to see who will be the next Champion in next week’s finale! I’m on Team Ben currently since Scott is out.

Who do you think it will be? Let us know in the comments!

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