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‘Face Off’ Recap: Movie Magic Part 2

It’s the finale!! Such a bittersweet moment!

We pick up right where we left off last week with Evan doubting his ability to make a third character. Mckenzie knows just how challenging it will be, so she has brought some additional help for the artists. In walks Ricky, Jason, and Libby, who are quickly snagged up by Nora, Ben, and Evan respectively.

Evan’s third character will be the fully evolved version of his other two infected characters. For Nora it is going to be a bit of a challenge to create her third character, which has to be even bigger than her hunter. Ben’s new character is a female meant to be sacrificed to his ancient alien character.

The finale is going to take place at Pulsa Rosa Ranch. Each finalist will have their applications and last looks in their very own makeup trailers.

First up for the screen test is Nora, who is micromanaging like a boss. Every last speck of dirt is placed according to her vision. When time is called they are all driven over to their set amongst the trees. Ve, Glenn, and Neville are there to watch how the characters perform and interact as well as what they look like on film. Patrick wants to see Nora’s hunter chase the prey character through a stream, which forces her to do some last minute waterproofing. Finally they get the footage of the larger ally character and Nora couldn’t be happier with how menacing he looks.

Second screen test goes to Ben, whose edges have come out far better than they did on his trial screen test. They have all learned from their previous mistakes and are knocking the priest and ancient down without a hitch. Their victim character, however, is having serious difficulties with edges and the beauty makeup application. To hide the bubbled edge, Ben throws down some blood to make the appearance of a wound before heading off to set. The first scene looks great and the contrast between the priest and the ancient really play well together. Unfortunately the mouth of his victim isn’t cooperating and has turned into an opaque mess. Along with the bubbled mouth problem, Patrick also asks that they get rid of the purple contacts. We will have to  wait and see if the messed up victim knocks Ben out of the top.

Evan is up finally and his third creature requires a lot of work. There’s only an hour left and the entire paint job still needs to be done. Patrick is fond of the new makeup choices and changes that were made on the first two characters in that they look far more human. Ve, Neville and Glenn seem very please with Evan’s new massive creature as well.


Filming is complete on all three short stories and now is judgment time. The judges get the opportunity to speak with each artist individually about their characters as well as view the final films.

In the end, this season’s champion of Face Off Season 9 is Nora!

The next season returns in January so don’t forget to tune in!

Do you think Nora deserved to win? Let us know in the comments!

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