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Dog Day Sunday: Can Dogs See Ghosts?

In honor of Halloween, this Dog Day Sunday we’re going to explore the spookier side of our lovable canines and ask a simple (but controversial) question: can dogs see ghosts?

Many owners have spooky tales to tell about their pets acting strange and interacting with something that isn’t there, but we can’t exactly ask our pets what they’re seeing to confirm whether or not they were experiencing something paranormal.

According to pet psychologist Marti Miller, the only answer she has to the question of whether or not dogs can sense ghosts  is “we don’t know.” She does add, however, that “If you observe a dog standing in the corner, barking at nothing visible, then there’s a pretty good chance that he’s barking at an entity, spirit, or energy that doesn’t belong there.”

It’s a topic that does hit home, as I personally am convinced that my dog is able to sense and see spirits and entities from beyond, and I’ve had a few experiences to make me believe this.

I work in a literal castle near the Massachusetts Berkshires, and I’m lucky enough to be able to bring my dog along with me. Bailey (who you can see in the image above dressed up as a Jedi for Halloween) has been going to work with me since she was a little puppy, and it was summer of last year when she was only a few months old that something strange happened.

It was a normal workday. I was working on my Mac, and Bailey was sleeping on her bed next to me on the ground. Suddenly she began to bark and growl down a narrow office room at absolutely nothing (which was extremely out of character for her, as she is a very quiet dog and she never growls), and I noticed that the temperature was colder.

Bailey was watching and reacting to something that I couldn’t see, and it seemed she was barking at it in warning to stay away from her, as well as me (good girl!). At one point she even backed up as if something was moving closer towards her.

I filmed most of the encounter, which I later uploaded to YouTube:

For all the skeptics out there, I did walk around trying to debunk anything paranormal, but I couldn’t find any reason why she would have been so spooked. There were no bugs around (and even if there were, she wouldn’t have acted that way), no animals or people outside (which she ignores, anyway), and nothing there was new to her. She’s walked down that stretch and smelled everything plenty of times.

There are a million ‘explanations’ people can probably tell me to debunk this, but I know my dog and her mannerisms extremely well, and something was not right.

My bosses wife is very interested in the paranormal, so when I shared the video and story with her she contacted an animal psychic who (allegedly) commuted with my dog. The psychic told her that Bailey encountered a dark entity that was passing through, and that Bailey was frightened by it and didn’t know what to do.

Now, even though I am a believer in the paranormal, I am very skeptic of psychics. I take her reading with a grain of salt, but it does seem to be a very possible explanation of what happened.

Bailey never acted that way again… that is until this summer, when began barking at snarling at the exact spot while we were at work.

I am hoping that next time Bailey experiences something paranormal, my eyes will be able to see it, too.

Has your pet ever communicated with entities from beyond? Share your stories in the comments!

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