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Watch: ‘Force Awakens’ TV Spots

Get ready to geek out, fellow Star Wars fans!

Not one, but two brand new TV spots for Star Wars: The Force Awakens were recently released. Well, okay, one of them is the Japanese version, but the two are surprisingly completely different.

Check the two out below and compare:

American TV Spot

Japanese TV Spot

There’s a lot of familiar scenes from the full trailer shown once again, but scattered throughout them is a plethora of new footage, the most drastic of which is found in the Japanese spot.

And with new footage comes the over analyzation! Here are some main highlights from the spots that fans are sure to debate over:

  1. Rey apparently is waiting for her family, which means that she may have no clue who she really is (which is probably a Skywalker), or if she does, then her family may be estranged and she is longing to be back with them.
  2. We see Kylo Renn in the same scene as Rey for the first time ever, and with a lightsaber at her throat to beat.  Is he attempting to execute her?
  3. C3PO has a red arm, people.
  4. Millennium Falcon being smooth as fuck, per usual. Nothing to really debate, but definitely something to be in awe over.

Sadly, we won’t be getting any more trailers for the film to analyze to death (as confirmed by J.J. Abrams), but we still do have new footage to look forward to.

ABC announced today that they will be showing a sneak peak of Force Awakens Thursday night in a special Star Wars event hosted by the cast of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder, the preview of which you can see below:

All this footage is incredible and all, but December 18 still feels lightyears away. So while we all wait impatiently, take a moment to let us know your theories about The Force Awakens in the comments! 


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