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Rebels Recap: ‘Blood Sisters’ & ‘Stealth Strike’

Did you fall behind on Star Wars Rebels episodes during the Thanksgiving holiday? No worries! GeekGirl Lacey and I will bring you up to speed with your favorite animated Rebels. Disney XD aired Blood Sisters (Season 2 Episode 6) on November 8, 2015 and Stealth Strike (Season 2 Episode 7) on November 25, 2015. So, grab a plate of leftover pumpkin pie (it’s still good… probably) and pull up a seat, because we’re blasting off with Rebels Recap!

Season 2 Episode 6: Blood Sisters


Alas, technical difficulties kept us from publishing our video review. (Where’s Chopper when you need him?) In this episode, Sabine and the crew go on a mission to retrieve top secret information from a courier droid. Trouble rises when the Rebels run into Ketsu, an old friend and colleague of Sabine’s from her days as a Black Sun bounty hunter, who is after the same droid. In our review, we gushed about how pleasantly surprised we were to hear the amazing Gina Torres voicing Ketsu. We love Gina from Firefly and Serenity, and adore how she always plays strong, interesting characters who kick butt (Ketsu is no exception)! We also campaigned for droids rights and discussed how someone is surely going to bite the dust this season. If our MSE-6-series repair droid can fix our tech issue, we’ll post the video!

Season 2 Episode 7: Stealth Strike

In our review for the latest episode, we celebrated what is being hailed as the best episode of the season (if not the whole series)! By the way, Chopper’s not the only one with a new top: in the video, I’m wearing my High Commander Cardigan I got from the Her Universe booth during Star Wars Celebration 2015. Charming to the last! Also, in the background, you can see my gorgeously gruesome Star Wars print made by Las Vegas artist Dasha Biggs. You can find her out-of-this-world art at Spectral Gallery.

What did YOU think GeekGirl World? Let us know in the comments section!

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Be sure to catch Star Wars Rebels Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm on Disney XD!

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