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5 Things Wrong with the ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer

The new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out, and boy does everyone have an opinion on it. Some hate it, some love it, and some would rather wait for Captain America: Civil War and forget that the DC Universe even exists cinematically.

I’m not sure where I, a huge DC fan, even stand on the film, but I do know for sure that I don’t have the same level of excitement towards the film that I did before seeing the latest trailer. Now the film just seems cheesy, and not the good kind of cheese like provolone, gouda, or Vermont cheddar. This is some straight up discount American cheese, and, I’m not sure if the film is going to be the super sandwich we all hoped it would be.

There are some problems that definitely need to be addressed, and while we could analyze this trailer for days to find every little flaw, I’m going to save myself (and you!) some time by pointing out only 5 of these issues.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out below and formulate your own opinions, lest I bias you with mine before you even see it for yourself:

Okay, have we all seen it? Excellent. So, without further adieu, here are 5 things that are horribly wrong with the trailer for Batman v Superman…according to me, at least:

1. Lex Luthor

Is it just me, or does Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Superman’s most notorious nemesis seem a little…Joker-esqe? His mannerisms are pretty goofy and aren’t that similar to the Lex Luthor DC fans know. It might be premature, but I’m going to say bad casting/writing on this one. I hope I’m proven wrong, though, as I definitely would like to enjoy Eisenberg’s take on the classic DC character.

Also, I know we’re viewing these clips totally out of context, but it’s super weird that he’d be amazed to see Clark Kent with Bruce Wayne. I know this awkward dialogue is probably in there as a tool to introduce characters we all pretty much already know (just like how they’re also going to show the Batman origin story…afuckingain), but it makes no sense. Only one of those fellows is actually famous, after all. Well, unless Clark Kent is now the equivalent of Brian Williams, and in that case I totally want to see his rendition of Rappers Delight.

2. Wonder Woman

My issue with Wonder Woman has nothing to do with her casting (she’s portrayed by the captivating Gal Gadot), costume, or the fact that she’s even in a film titled Batman v Superman. No, my issue is that she literally just shows up out of fucking nowhere to save the day, with both Batman and Superman comically bewildered as to why she’s even there.

It would be an absolutely sloppy writing decision to have her just show up out of the blue like that as Wonder Woman for (presumably) the first time, but again, this clip is shown totally out of context. It’s clear that they’ve all met one another before (probably in their civilian gear only), but I’m worried that they won’t flesh out her character enough. This will be Wonder Woman’s first major cinematic debut, and for her to be introduced properly to audiences, it needs to be done right. Fingers crossed they do her justice.

3. The Villain

Those of you who aren’t familiar with DC lore may be wondering who that weird monster laying waste to the city at the end of the trailer is. That’s Doomsday, a Kryptonian monster capable of kicking Superman’s alien ass.

Doomsday is an excellent choice for a villain, as he provides a great challenge for not only Superman, but every other member of the infant Justice League, which will no doubt lead to an awesome co-op beat down.

The problem? He’s a visual nightmare.

This interpretation of Doomsday looks like a sad mutated cross between a Lord of the Rings orc and a Michael Bay Ninja Turtle, and that’s just not okay. Ever.

4. Aquaman

Ummm… where’s Aquaman? The superhero that everyone loves to make fun of is noticeably absent from the trailer, even though we know that Khal Drogo Jason Momoa will be portraying him.

This trailer gives away so much plot information but it can’t show a pivotal member of the Justice League? What’s with the secrecy? And FYI, If they were going to keep anyone a secret, it should have been Doomsday. Or General Zod.

What a crazy twist that would have been. Way to put all your cards face up on the table, Zack Snyder – maybe take a page from J.J. Abrams book next time.

5. The entire Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent dynamic

I found the entire verbal debate between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent to be super awkward.

For one thing, it’s weird that they are even chatting as their ‘normal’ selves, and for another thing, their conversation was way too heated and convenient to be believable.

It’s really not necessary for them to interact normally in street clothes (or in their case, dapper suits), but I understand that they’re trying to set a tone here and set the story up so it’s more dramatic. But honestly, sometimes strangers just need to be strangers.

Then again, are these guys already aware of one another’s alter egos? Because it definitely seems that way from the trailer. I mean come on, Clark Kent meets Bruce Wayne (who he’s never heard of before, apparently) and the first thing he asks him about is Batman? Give me a break.

And don’t even get me started on Bruce Wayne’s totally diva dirty look he directed at Kent whilst making that Clown remark. You just met the dude, Bruce, chill the fuck out.

Of course its possible that Batman at that point already knew that Kent is Superman, because the latter doesn’t wear a mask, and if Batman feels so strongly against Superman, then he’s sure to have done his research. He is the world’s greatest detective, after all. Having facial recognition software wouldn’t hurt, either.

Final thoughts

Honestly, I want to like this movie, and I do hope that this was just a horribly cut trailer that doesn’t reflect the actual film.  I’ve been waiting for a Justice League mashup, and harsh as I may have been towards this trailer, I will still absolutely be seeing this movie.

Cheesy as it may seem now, this film is going to be total eye porn and will definitely have some entertainment value with its fights and cinematography. Plus, there’s Batman, and I’m always down for some Batman… even if there is some George Clooney nipple suit action involved.

Will the film live up to the hype? We’ll find out when Batman v Superman hits theaters March 25, 2016.

What are YOUR reactions to the trailer, GeekGirls? Let us know in the comments!

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