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Dog Day Sunday: Three’s a Fun Crowd

Amber from Boise, ID submitted her three darling dogs with us for Dog Day Sunday! With two rescued Boxers and an animated Yorkie with world domination plans, Amber certainly has her hands full!

“First is our newest rescue, GiGi. She is almost 8 months old. When we rescued her, she had a massive worm infection, chipped canines, and both ears infected. After her appetite and weight dropped dramatically, we found out she had part of her lower intestine collapsed and a hole in it. Now she is worm free, two intestines shorter, and ears almost healed. She is a big time cuddler and we are just now getting to see her real personality. She loves toys, and will sit there with one in her mouth. She’s also began growing at her big brother boxer, Rio, when he gets near her while she is with a toy.”

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“Rio was rescued two years ago and is three years old. He is the goofball of the bunch. If anyone hugs someone too long he will start growl or whine at them. We make muah muah muah sounds, and he growls with more force and volume. The whole time the guy’s tiny nub of a tail will be going at full speed!”

“The tiniest of the bunch is Tiffin, the Yorkshire terrier. I’ve raised her since she was 3 months old, and she is about to turn seven years in January. She is my little circus dog. Among her specialties is playing dead when you shoot her with your hand gun, and sitting with a treat on her nose for a ridiculous long time before eating it. She also will wipe her feet on the rug when coming inside. It’s kind of a crazy mix here, but so far, everyone gets along…. But I think GiGi is going to try to run the show when she gets bigger. Maybe getting another Yorkshire terrier will balance it out! Now to convince the Mister.”

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