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Fan Film Friday: ‘Mild Conundrum’ (Sherlock Fan Film)

Mystery fans and Cumberbitches rejoice! Masterpiece and PBS premiered Sherlock: the Abominable Bride on the small screen January 1, 2016, and Fathom Events aired the Victorian special in cinemas throughout this week.

It doesn’t take a sleuthing detective (or a high-functioning sociopath) to guess that we decided to watch and review a fan film based on Sherlock Holmes for this weeks edition of Fan Film Friday. We went with a short by Snealiv called Mild Conundrum

The real conundrum: do I recommend the fan film to you, GeekGirl World?

Find out in my video below:

Watch Mild Conundrum and let us know what you think, GeekGirl World!

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Want more Sherlock? Pour yourself a cup of Sherlock Blend tea and take a look back at the first images of the Victorian special!

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