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Fan Film Friday: ‘Iris’ (The Flash Fan Film)

I have been obsessed with The CW’s The Flash since the very first episode.

However, I always felt that Candice Patton‘s Iris and Grant Gustin‘s Barry were the most forced wannabe couple on any show ever (and I suffered through Arrow‘s Laurel/Oliver pairing – yuck). I don’t blame the actors (who are both insanely talented), it’s just that independently, their characters are more interesting on their own than in a boring, overdone, unrequited love/friend zone sub-plot.

Still, I do know it’s canon for the two to have a long and interesting relationship. So, I decided to see if a fan film could tell their story better. I went with a short by Second Line Studios called IrisWas it more exciting than other renditions of the Fastest Man Alive? Or could the short not end fast enough? Most importantly, do I recommend the fan film to you, GeekGirl World?

Find out in my video below:

Watch Iris and let us know what you think, GeekGirl World!

Want more Fan Film Friday fun? Tune in to past reviews, including one for another Flash-themed fan film called The Bolt.

Catch The Flash (if you can) when it returns to The CW on January 19 at 8/7c!

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