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‘X-Files’ Episode 3 Recap

X-Files Season 10×3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

Where to begin with this episode?

I will say right now, I have been a pretty devoted fan, and would have to say this episode is in my top ten, maybe even top five episodes.

This episode is about a man, a lizard man, at that, that is a were-human? He’s a lizard man, but upon being attacked by a human, starts to turn into a human, much to his chagrin. When becoming human, he has natural human feelings: get dressed, find food, get a job, pay bills, get a dog for a companion.
The episode opens up with Mulder and Scully, almost in a reverse places. She has to convince HIM to go seeking the truth, by luring him with an “it has a monster” line. You see, Mulder is now skeptical that his life has been a lie, and he’s finding out that all the things they once researched or would have researched has been debunked. But, the fact remains, there are dead people in this town and they are being sent to investigate it.



At this point, I am already howling with laughter because for me, they are making it semi-realistic that Mulder has led a very sheltered life and doesn’t know how to properly use a camera phone. After some shenanigans, they see the lizard run into a port-a-potty, only to see a guy sitting there using the bathroom. Hmm…


The scene that follows is sweet. While yes, it is taking place during an autopsy, Mulder is going on about what he caught on film and Scully just stands there, trying to do her work, giving him side glances. You can tell she’s enjoying herself –  and Mulder notices – prompting her to happily admit that she’s missed these types of cases.

Mulder learns that there are several more people who are seeing the lizard man, one of which is the owner of the motel they’re staying at, who has an interesting way of looking on his guests, à la the jackalope.


After Scully has a run in with the lizard man (who in his ginger form is known as Guy Mann), Mulder tracks him down at a local cemetery, where he tells Mulder (after he tries to get Mulder to kill him) the story of how he came to be a were-human, and his instincts. Mulder doesn’t seem pleased when he talks of scandalous acts with Scully, which of course were falsified, as Mann feels he needs to lie about his sex life now that he’s human.


Guy Mann ended up leaving after spinning his tale, and Mulder then drank himself into a stupor. Scully calls and wakes him up, and his ringtone is none other than the X-Files theme, which made me giggle even further. She says she’s at the Animal Shelter wanting to ask Pasha, the animal catcher that was present for all the killings, if he knew anything, only to be attacked by him.


By the time Mulder got there, Pasha was detained and telling those around him that ever since he was young, he felt the urge to attack people and gnaw on them. They tell him to save it for the courts as he is taken away, and Scully ends up taking in the dog Guy Mann adopted (but which ran away), in a very hysterical, uncharacteristic way for her. Sketchy Scully I am now calling her.


The episode ends with Mulder seeing Guy off. He sheds his clothes, hopeful that he doesn’t not turn human again during his hibernation, which apparently lasted 10,000 years. He scurries into the woods and his gone.


Overall, this is by far one of my favorite episodes, probably top five even. For me, there weren’t any flaws in writing and direction. These are the kinds of episodes I live for –  those sort of tongue in cheek, offbeat types. I’m hoping we see at least one more episode like this during this short run.

Or, ya know, they can just order a full 20 episode season 11…

What are your opinions on the new season of The X-Files so far? Let us know in the comments!

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