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Opinion: The Last ‘Face Off’ Episode was Incredibly Sexist

Normally I do a recap of each Face Off episode, but I have been overly burdened by other responsibilities (especially since the show moved to Wednesday nights) and have not been able to write one for the past two weeks.

However, I am still watching Face Off each week, and I feel compelled to address something that I found a little disturbing in the latest episode.

The episode included a lot of gender swaps – and even racial swaps – that I found to be somewhat inappropriate, and while the race-swaps were readily addressed by the judges (who sent one artist home for his stereotypical interpretation of an Asian male), the most disturbing point happened during the creative process.

One of the female artists remarked that the body language of her model will help sell the fact that it is a guy (she turned a female model into a male), which sparked a laugh among the other female artists, who said that the model would need only to “adjust” herself a lot to come off as a guy.

This got a lot of laughter from both the female and male artists…with one exception. Walter seemed more than a little perturbed by the statement and sarcastically let out that “If I am not picking my nose, I’m adjusting myself. It’s all I can do as a guy.”


While the show panned to the other artists chuckling at this statement, it did not come off as a joke to me, the viewer.

This statement exemplifies the disdain we should all have for any gender stereotype, regardless of which gender it is directed to. I would venture to say that if the situation were flipped, and a male artist had made such a remark about a female stereotype, it would not have been chuckled at and dismissed. We are learning to be more aware of the things that are said and done towards women that are oppressive, but we also must have equal gusto about those things that are oppressive towards men, as well.

The fight for equality cannot be one-sided, and it can’t be something you go to bat for only if it impacts your gender/race/creed/religion/sexuality/etc.

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1 thought on “Opinion: The Last ‘Face Off’ Episode was Incredibly Sexist

  1. I agree that is problematic. But I’ve just rewatched face off, and I found that the whole show has been biased about women. A woman has only won the show once, and the judges are more likely to give men another chance than women. That’s not always the case, but I’ve found pretty consistently that the judges give more credence to the male contestants.

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