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‘X-Files’ Recap: Episode 4

 X-Files Season 10 Episode 4: Back in the Day

Now, to date, this episode was my least favorite one to air. Not saying it wasn’t good, it just wasn’t my favorite.

This episode takes its name, and shows us several points ‘back in the day’. While investing a gruesome murder, Scully is called by her brother who tells her that their mother suffered a heart attack and was in ICU in D.C. Scully rushed to her mother’s side where she is told that Margaret Scully had updated her will and was not to be revived if unconscious. At this point she’d regained consciousness once while there, and it was calling out for her estranged son, William.


Meanwhile, Mulder stays behind to investigate this murder, and the murders following. After a bit of work, he finds that a security camera was pointing at a billboard, with nothing on it, but looking out the window, he sees graffiti artwork on it presently.


While heading out to see if there was a name attached to the artwork, he steps on a band aid, which he keeps, and heads off. While asking around, one man says it’s the ‘Band Aid Nose Man’ and he protects them.

Mulder left the case to be closer to Scully during her mother’s hospitalization. He holds her as her mother’s intubation tube is removed.



She seems stable for a while, and they get a call from William, who doesn’t know what to say, but talks to his mother via phone. Her pulse quickens and her eyes open, only to look at Mulder to say, “My son’s name is William, too,” to then close her eyes and flat lines.


The episode progresses with them finding out this ‘Band Aid Nose Man’ is a sort of Tulpa, created by a homeless man living in an abandoned building. He protects the homeless, but at the cost of lives of those who try to disrupt their way of live, whether it’s hindering them, or helping them by moving.


The creator of the Tulpa manages to rework his art and it stay forever on the side of the building with a smile, seemingly done with its task.

The episode ends with Mulder and Scully at a lake with her mother’s ashes, pondering what their son, William, must think of them, if he thinks, if he resents them and hates them for giving him up when he was a baby.

I think, now that I write this out, I didn’t like this episode as much because it gave me the super feels of sadness. I don’t like being sad when I watch a show. Overall, it was good and enjoyable, but because of the sadness reason, ranks low on my list.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let us know in the comments!

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