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Finding Marvel’s Ladies in Gaming

As a lot of comic fans are well aware, Marvel’s gaming prowess is surprisingly lacking when compared to the company’s utter domination of the film industry. One might imagine that for each $100 million-plus movie there’d be an accompanying video game for the biggest and best consoles, but that just isn’t how Marvel seems to want to operate. Instead, they seem fine with spreading their influence over other avenues of gaming, online and through mobile devices (with the exception of the LEGO games for consoles, which I’ll leave out of this conversation).

The good thing about this is it’s resulted in Marvel creating a number of titles that focus as much on collecting superheroes (and villains) as on gameplay. This sort of format just adds to online and mobile games and helps them make up ground where they can’t be as objectively mind-blowing as console titles. And with this focus on character collection, an interesting thing has happened: Marvel’s games have become just about the only branch of the company in which female heroes get equal time and attention to male ones.

The primary example is Marvel Heroes 2016, a very popular MMO game online that features an incredible breadth of Marvel characters. As arguably the “biggest” Marvel game out there, this one excels particularly in incorporating characters that have either barely appeared or not appeared at all yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For instance, Emma Frost, Black Cat, Invisible Woman, Kitty Pride, and many others are all in play for gamers to enjoy. There may ultimately still be more male than female characters, but it’s really a nice dose of equality.

BlackWidow_2Other examples of Marvel’s gaming success as well as the specific use of female heroes are evident in the Internet casino business, which actually consists of more games than you might expect. There are a few slot machine games floating around featuring characters like Elektra. But it’s actually some of the Avengers-related games featured at Gala Bingo’s site that stand out the most, thanks to Black Widow’s prominent place alongside the biggest heroes in marvel. The Iron Man 2 game that’s still up so many years after the film’s release gives Scarlett Johansson’s character the prominent place she deserves, having become one of the strongest and most prolific heroes in the MCU.

Last but not least there are numerous Marvel gaming apps available for mobile devices, and they’ve also excelled at making use of female heroes in their own ways. Basically, these games are frequently updated with characters to suit upcoming or newly released Marvel projects, and since the studio has lately done more to prop up female heroes, the games are following suit. As noted by Mashable, Marvel: Contest of Champions and Marvel: Future Fight added Jessica Jones alongside the release of the Netflix series, and both roped in Elektra when she was announced for Daredevil season two as well.

Really, they’re all fun games and all worth trying, particularly if you like a little girl power with your comic entertainment fix!

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