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‘X-Files’ Recap: Episode 5

X-Files Season 10 Episode 5: Babylon

This episode seems like it ruffled a few feathers! I say that because after this episode aired, I was reading what people had to say about it, and the majority of people seemed to think that Agents Einstein and Miller were somehow going to be our beloved duos replacement.

Am I one of the few who didn’t get that feeling? Even my boyfriend felt that. Newsflash: People other than Scully have red hair and can be interested in the same things as her. And, more than one person can be interested in seeking the truth by not the standard means, à la, Agent Miller.



Some people also thought that this episode was hitting a little close to home because of the Muslim extremist plot. But that’s what I like about this new and improved series. It’s taking today’s events and giving them that little extra something, making it more real. Kind of like what the X-Files did with the FBI building bombing in the original movie, which happened not too long after Timothy McVeigh’s OKC bombing.


And that’s where we will begin. The episode opens up on a Muslim man praying. He then goes to meet a friend, where at this point I was hoping they were going to portray these two in a less than sinister way, but those hopes were quickly thrown out the window when they exited their vehicle, entered a building and it exploded.



Being not of the supernatural, this case is not assigned to Mulder and Scully, but to agents Miller and Einstein, who then seek out our agents because of the non-traditional techniques Miller wants to use. A psychic. But Mulder quickly shuts it down, and the two newcomers are on their way. However, Scully contacts Miller and tells him about a questioning technique that may work, and likewise, Mulder contacts Einstein and asks for a mushroom trip down memory lane.


The episode goes a little AWOL for a bit here. Scully’s technique seems to work, but when spoken in the terrorists native tongue, and through the placebo effect, we see Mulder go on some crazed trip to a country bar, where he drinks, dances half-naked (YES, PLEASE!) sees the Lone Gunmen and finally sees the terrorists where he whispers something in his ear.


Through this placebo trip, he was able to relay a message to Agent Miller, one that led him and his team to a hotel where there are about twelve terrorist bombers, praying and getting ready to head out to their locations.


‘Babylon’ ended with sweetness between Mulder and Scully. They held hands and talked of good things, but then Mulder heard the horns of truth. Is it a sign of things to come in the finale?



Overall, this episode was so so for me. It hit the nail on the head with today’s current news, while it also relayed the message of the power of suggestions. Something the young terrorists mother talks about, how her sweet boy wasn’t raised like this and he was seduced. The power of written and spoken word is great, but it may not always be the best of choices.


What do you think? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to watch the SEASON (Not Series, that some big lingo) finale tonight on FOX!

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