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‘Rebels’ Recap: Homecoming

Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels newest episode, Homecoming, aired on February 17, 2016. The episode followed Captain Hera begrudgingly enlisting in the help of her estranged father, Cham Syndulla, to steal an Imperial carrier ship hovering over their home planet of Ryloth. Things got complicated when it’s revealed Hera and Cham have different ideas on the best course of action for bringing down the Empire.

GeekGirl Lacey and I teamed up to give a recap and a review of the episode. We talked about Hera’s rocky relationship with her father and knowing when it’s okay to change your mind about something. We also made our predictions for Hera and the rest of the team aboard the Ghost.

Check out our thoughts in the video below:

Even though this week’s episode included compelling, global statements about family, pride, and war, I thought the writing shined when it came to the smaller, subtler moments. One moment was seeing Kanan adjusting his posture and clearing his throat before meeting Cham Syndulla. Sure, one could argue it was because he was anxious to meet an influential leader of the Clone Wars, but I prefer to think it was because he was nervous to meet the father of the woman he respects and adores. (I don’t care if it’s a kids’ show— the sexual tension between Hera and Kanan is definitely there!)

Another subtle moment I loved was when Hera’s “accent” came out during her heated argument with her dad. For a split second, I was like, “Why did Vanessa Marshall start talking like she’s in a Shakespearean play?” Then I realized that English is not the native language of the Twi’leks! (Fun fact: it’s Twi’leki!) Much like a bilingual speaker naturally speaking in her native tongue when she’s mad or scared, Hera transitioned into to her first language during the emotional fight with her dad. Star Wars Rebels, being a show with a ton of younger viewers, decided to nix the subtitles and instead portrayed the verbal shift via an accent!

Brilliant, subtle moments like these make for fascinating television for viewers of all ages!

What did YOU think GeekGirl World? Let us know in the comments section!

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Join us next week as we review The Honorable Ones, airing February 24, 2016 at 9:00 pm on Disney XD!

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