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‘Rebels’ Recap: The Honorable Ones

Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels newest episode, The Honorable Ones, aired on February 24, 2016. The story followed Rebel Zeb and Imperial leader Agent Kallus after the unlikely pair crash landed and became stranded on a Geonosis moon after a foiled mission went awry. Does their feud continue on the icy rock? Or do the foes band together for basic survival? What happens to these two men from opposing sides of the rebellion when they’re forced to interact with one another?

GeekGirl Lacey and I teamed up to give a recap and a review of the action packed episode that was full of back-story, secrets, and intrigue!

Check out our thoughts in the video below:

The Honorable Ones is one of my most favorite episodes of Rebels to date! Seeing the difference between Zeb’s reunion with his friends vs. Kallus’s return to his colleagues showcased the difference between the two opposing parties. When Zeb is welcomed by his pals, the group sighs with relief and then goes on to good-naturedly roast on one another. This scene shows that the Rebels are full of life, love, and compassion. They fight to make the galaxy a better place for the people. Alternately, when Kallus returns to his craft, his Imperial colleagues barely acknowledge his return. They seem unphazed that he was even missing, much less injured or on the brink of death. He returns to a dark and empty cell alone. This scene totally represented how cold and calculated the Empire is. There is no camaraderie or emotion. There is only war and victory.

What did YOU think GeekGirl World? Let us know in the comments section!

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Join us next week as we review Shroud of Darkness, airing March 2, 2016 at 9:00 pm on Disney XD!

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