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‘Riverdale’ Set Photos Finally Revealed!

We now have some official photos from the Riverdale set!

Archie Comics’ official Twitter and Instagram pages have posted quite a few photos from the set of their new CW show, showing not only little things like posters, but also BIG things like Pop’s Diner – the main place to hang out for the Archie gang.


Archie Comics first revealed a photo of the fictional town’s local paper in a newspaper rack, its headline reading “Grand Opening for New Cafe in Town.” I’m not going to make a precognitive prediction here, but the fact that they are showing us this may be a nod to a future plot.



Next they posted a sign for Andrews Construction Company with the caption “Maybe the new cafe was built by Andrews Construction? #Riverdale.” This may a twist on how they introduce the character of Veronica, who, in the current comic run of Archie, joined the fray when her wealthy family built their mansion in town. Perhaps this signifies that Archie will be helping his dad in the building efforts in the show, but this is just a prediction.



The cafe is alluded to once again, this time with a photo of a police car with the Riverdale Police logo emblazoned on its side, the caption reading “Maybe the #Riverdale police know about the new cafe? They’ve been serving since 1939, after all.” I’m stumped as to what this may mean, so no predictions here.



The allusions continued when Archie Comics posted a photo of a poster from Riverdale High that says “Spirit Week. Show Your Pride,” with the caption saying “Maybe the gang at #Riverdale High has some info about the new cafe…”



Archie Comics also treated fans to an amazing photo of the outside of Pop’s Diner, which looks so much like its comic book counterpart. We don’t get a very impressive shot of the inside, but we do see a table with a mini jukebox and a milkshake glass, which, as Archie Comics stressed, has three straws.

Pop’s Diner looks absolutely amazing!

The creative team behind Riverdale is clearly catering to Archie fans by showing their deep attention to detail, and as a fan, I fully appreciate this.

The visuals that Archie Comics released are enough to make me believe that I’m actually inside the shop, and I can even hear the jukebox music mixed with the hum of the neon lights. I wish this was a real, freestanding, functioning diner, and like Jughead, I probably would never leave.

I love how everything is looking so far and I can’t wait to see the gang at the shop!

Filming for Riverdale is currently underway, but the CW has yet to release an official air date.

The cast is comprised of K.J Apa (Archie), Cole Sprouse (Jughead), Lili Reinhart (Betty), Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl), Ashleigh Murray (Josie), and Camila Mendes (Veronica).

What do you think of the photos from the Riverdale set so far? Let us know in the comments!

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