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This ‘Walking Dead’ Character Will Probably Die in the Finale

[Warning: while this article is 100% speculative, it may or may not contain Walking Dead spoilers]

Walking Dead fans have a lot of reasons to be worried going into tonight’s season 6 finale.

Daryl, Rosita, Glenn and Michonne have been captured by the Saviors, Maggie’s unborn baby is in trouble, Carol is MIA, and the biggest threat to Team Rick is set to make an appearance: Negan. 

Chances are extremely high that at least one member of our group won’t survive the finale, but the question is… who? I have a pretty strong idea of who it may be, but let’s cover our bases and explore a few options here:

Possible Victim #1: Carol

The group’s resident Terminator is running out of pages in her Death Note, and it seems that only now is she feeling the moral repercussions of her past executions.

We’ve seen a weaker, more vulnerable side of Carol in the later half of season 6, and her crisis of conscience has prompted her to secretly flee Alexandria, escaping unseen in one of the town’s outer defense vehicles. Carol was accosted by Saviors during her somber exit, forcing her to reluctantly (but quite awesomely) take out an entire truck full of enemies with some hidden sleeve heat.

Carol left her rosary on the ground during her battle with the Saviors, which may end up symbolizing her acceptance of the “evil” within her. If she decides to use that evil for the greater good (think Boondock Saints), then Carol may come in guns blazing and help save the group from the Saviors. If she is killed in the process, then her death will be a symbolic act of moral redemption, essentially ending her story.

But I honestly doubt that will happen.

Morgan is hot on Carol’s trail, and the awkward moral tension between these two characters hasn’t yet subsided. If anyone is able to calm the internal storm that is currently raging within Carol, then it might be Morgan with his “all life is precious” rhetoric.

Or Daryl, but that’s just my OTP talking.

Possible Victim #2: Daryl

Speaking of that handsome devil… things aren’t looking too good for fan-favorite Daryl, who has been captured and shot by the very Savior he once showed mercy to.

Replay after replay of last week’s episode shows us that his wound appears to be only a shoulder hit, but with Dr. Denise now dead and buried, a wound of that magnitude may still prove to be fatal if not immediately treated.

But if Daryl’s fate for this season is indeed death, then the Saviors aren’t exactly helping.

Daryl pissed off a lot of folks when he blew the Saviors biker gang up with an RPG, but the fact that the remaining Saviors didn’t kill him when given the chance (two chances), signifies that the Saviors are more than likely trying to recruit Daryl and the rest of the Alexandria kill-squad into their ranks.

Also, it’s a known fact that if Daryl dies, we riot, so there’s that.

If my theory regarding the Saviors is to be believed, then Michonne, Glenn, and Rosita should also come out of the encounter relatively unscathed.

Possible Victim #3: Glenn

…Welllllll, maybe not Glenn.

Even if the Saviors are indeed trying to recruit team Rick into their ranks, that doesn’t mean blood won’t be shed. In fact it all but guarantees it.

The Saviors aren’t going to get Rick’s group on board with their heinous shenanigans by singing Kumbaya and roasting mallows. No, they need to be able to exert power over Rick’s group, and the way they do that is through fear.

Glenn will most likely be killed by the Saviors to send Rick and the rest of Alexandria a simple message: fuck with us and die, work with us and live.

Why Glenn? Well, let me be brutally honest here in a way that I know will be controversial:

The Saviors won’t kill Daryl because, let’s face it, they need his strength and marksmanship. Michonne and Rosita won’t be killed either, as they have the potential to provide the Saviors with something that the post-apocalyptic world desperately needs a little more of: booty.

Glenn will most likely be targeted by the Saviors due to his smaller stature, which they may deem to be less than useful. Or, even worse, they may target Glenn simply because of his ethnicity.

Many fans were fooled into thinking that Glenn was dead in the beginning of the season thanks to Dumpstergate, and killing him in the finale is, sadly enough, the perfect way to bring that drama full circle once again.

…I just hope I’m wrong.

The Walking Dead season finale airs tonight, 9/8 PM Central.

Who do you think will kick the bucket in the finale? Let us know in the comments!

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