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Comic Review: ‘Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor’ #1

DoctorWho4DCoverAfw.jpg.size-600Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor #1

Synopsis: Victorian England. A mysterious woman commands a hidden army in a house of the blind. Scryclops stalk the streets…. and something alien and terrible screams from prehistory – with a hunger that cannot be satisfied! The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith return for an all-new adventure: GAZE OF THE MEDUSA!

Written by: Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby

Art By: Brian Williamson

Release Date:
March 23, 2016

Publisher: Titan Comics

Release Date: March 23, 2016

Price: $3.99


The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane are leaving a show when Sarah Jane is suddenly kidnapped by one-eyed aliens, the Denizins. The Doctor was also targeted by the aliens due to the fact that a masked woman knows that he is a time traveler, but he manages to escape their grasp thanks to a young woman named Athena, who saved the Doctor against the judgement of her father. While Sarah Jane is imprisoned, the Doctor learns about the Denizins through Athena and her father, Professor Odysseus James.


Even if you weren’t born when the Fourth Doctor was on the air (Tom Baker portrayed the Fourth Doctor on BBC’s hit series Doctor Who from 1974-1981 ), Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor #1 will definitely be able to give you an idea of what he was like and what kind of adventures he had!

Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby kept their characters true to the Doctor Who story, which I found to be really comforting. I love when famous characters are written well and accurately, and the writers really succeeded with this comic issue. I love Sarah Jane as a character, so to see her included in this story was an amazing feeling. She definitely was awesome when she was with the Tenth Doctor.

Brian Williamson’s art style is absolutely amazing in this issue, which is a huge relief because Doctor Who comic art is either beautiful or absolutely off base. This is not the case with this particular issue, which is a huge relief because I’ve encountered many comics that were unreadable due to their atrocious art.

In all, I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait for the next comic to be released!


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