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Unboxings: Horror Block March 2016 from Nerd Block

In this March’s edition of Horror Block, we have an exclusive item from The Ring this month, plus three more exclusive zombified items. Horror Block is personally my favorite of the Nerd Block subscription boxes, even though sometimes the things inside kind of gross me out (sorry guys, I have a weak stomach!) That being said, I have a pretty good feeling if there ever was a zombie apocalypse I will definitely be among the survivors, rebuilding humanity under my new Queendom of Ari Land!

Also it would certainly be hard to get me trapped in a death cycle like those people in The Ring. I don’t watch unmarked video cassettes. I don’t watch unmarked DVD’s. I don’t watch video cassettes or DVDs. I don’t even have a VCR! It’s all digital for me now, baby! So check out what dead things I unbox in the video below. If you want to subscribe to Horror Block you can click the link here, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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