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Comic Review: ‘Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Archives’ Vol. 1

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Archives Volume 1

Synopsis: Go back to the beginning with these archive Tenth Doctor adventures! In “Agent Provacateur”, the search for the perfect milkshake tips the Doctor and Martha into a cosmic horror odyssey in the darkest reaches of space. And in “The Forgotten”, an amnesiac Doctor is forced to confront all his past selves!

Release Date: March 23, 2016c

Released by: Titan Comics

Price: $24.99



David Tennant was my first and favorite Doctor. Without him and Doctor Who, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the death of my grandmother, who has the same name as my downright favorite companion: Donna.

So when I saw a comic series based on the Tenth Doctor, I got excited.

Both ‘Agent Provacateur’ and ‘The Forgotten’ are great Tenth Doctor stories, and their wonderful writing is a reminder of how well the Doctor can be written. These stories seem like episodes that could have been included in the television series.

Although both stories are great, I will admit that ‘Agent Provacateur’ was my least favorite. Martha and the Tenth Doctor are characterized really well, but the story is really long, and I had a hard time trying to get through it because it builds the different worlds and environments too heavily. This building may work in the show, but it didn’t work well in comic form.

‘The Forgotten’ was my absolute favorite. I loved the use of other Doctors and other companions in this story. The Doctors are characterized well, and this comic is the perfect way to introduce new Doctor Who fans to the past Doctors. ‘The Forgotten’ is much more interesting than ‘Agent Provacateur’, and it was very easy to follow. It had a really good continuation when coming in and out of flashbacks, but they did seem a little out of place.

The main problem that I had with both of these comics was the art style.

Some characters (like the other Doctors) look really good in this comic’s style, but the Tenth Doctor, Martha, and┬áTegan Jovanka didn’t not look so great, and Tegan looked absolutely nothing like the actress who portrayed her. David Tennant is very interesting looking so he may be hard to transcribe into a comic form, so I will give the artist a little bit of leeway there, but other than that there are no excuses.

Overall, I really did really enjoy this volume and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the Tenth Doctor and Martha.

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