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Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa Costume Reveal

Growing up in the 90s, you weren’t cool if you didn’t watch Power Rangers. If you were a girl and watched Power Rangers, you were something else, even though the show features two females. With several movies, and an amazing 14-minute fan film, Power Rangers is once again hitting theaters with an all new reboot, with Elizabeth Banks in the title villain role of Rita Repulsa.

ritapowerNow, in the show, she has some huge head contraption that makes her look like some crazed medieval sorceress crossed with Sailor Moon. This version though, that Elizabeth Banks wears…is quite different. Sleek. It almost makes you wonder if this movie will take on a less campy tone and be a little more darker, more mature even.sdfsd

You would hope so with Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, the writers of Thor and X-Men: First Class, penning the script. However, director Dean Israelite puts that to rest by saying while it has been updated, it is still playful and fun take on the source material.

Honestly, I am not too sure how to feel about the look. It’s definitely different, but is it different good, or different bad? It seriously looks like Effie went a tad bit crazy after the events of Mockingjay and truly embraced the Capital and had some body modifications done and became a dominatrix.

But, that’s just my opinion.

What do you think? Is this a promise to what’s to come for the Power Rangers, or is it too drastic of a change?

Power Rangers kicks into theaters March 24, 2017

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