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Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Mini Series #2

Synopsis: After the petrifying reveal at the end of last issue, the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith pry further into the affairs of Lady Emily Carstairs and her legion of Scryclops! What mysteries lurk within her half-veiled mansion? And what light can be shed by Professor Odysseus and his daughter, Athena?


Written by: Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby

Art by: Brian Williamson

Publisher: Titan Comics

Price: $3.99

I was just as excited reading this comic as I was the first and I’m so glad that same energy transferred over. I was worried when I started reading this comic that this would be more focused on the Doctor when this was clearly more about Sarah Jane in my mind. I was worried that they were going to do something that they often do in the current show of taking a plot that is mainly for the companion and making it about the Doctor.

Sarah Jane is one of my favorite companions and she could arguably be the most important. I really like her in this comic and the role she plays. I do like her being used as kind of the alien, figuring out what exactly is going on, and what the technology is. It plays very well with the Doctor who does know about the technology, but isn’t bragging about it or saying anything like “How can you not know what this is?” That’s one thing I like about the dynamic of the Doctor and the companion in general, but especially with Four and Sarah Jane.

Though I’m not very familiar with the Fourth Doctor (sorry Tom Baker!), I do think that this comic does portray him really well still. The writing is still consistent when you read from comic to comic and the ending did leave me just as excited to read the next one. This comic is pretty consistent and fun. The art style is really consistent still and characters look like who they are suppose to. I really like comics that do that. I don’t know why it bothers me when it doesn’t. Consider it a peeve of mine, I suppose.

The only down side I see is there isn’t as many variant covers. There’s only two and I wish there were more since Titan does an amazing job with the variant covers. If that is the only problem, and it isn’t really a comic book issue, then I think Titan is golden.

If you haven’t read it yet, there’s only four comics so it’s not too late to read the adventures with Four and Sarah Jane!

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