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Comic Review: ‘Jughead: The Matchmakers’

juu Jughead: “The Matchmakers”

Synopsis: “Does Jughead stand  chance when his friends start playing Matchmaker?? Forsythe P. Jones, AKA Jughead, takes center stage as he and his new flame, Sandy Sanchez, turn Riverdale upside-down with their sudden romance! Suddenly, Jug has traded his trademark crown and is actually eating healthy and going on dates! Did his friends go too far when they set their friend up with Sandy?”

Written by: Melanie J. Morgan
Art by: Joe Staton
Published by: Archie Comic Publications
Release date: 2009
Price: $10.95



I was a little worried reading this story. Jughead is one of my favorite characters in the Archie universe and I never thought he would be able to fall in love with anyone. His character is aromantic/asexual, a fact that I hope will be explored more in Jughead. This story made my stomach churn a little bit as Jughead seemed to be written out of character, but thanks to a twist ending, I was ultimately okay with the the whole comic.


I really liked Sandy Sanchez. I’m not sure if she’s in any other story, but I really liked her here. I love that shes a hardworking girl who keeps her eye on the prize: Ivy League. She also is super cute and I like her hair texture with her curly pigtails. I liked her characterization, and she would seem to be the opposite of Jughead if not for their flimsy “they both like double anchovy pizza” thing.

Sadly, I hated the art style in this comic. While looking up other reviews and explanations of the comic, many people commented that this is “more realistic look to Archie”, but to me, it looks like an anime knockoff done wrong. Some of the facial expressions were drawn really bad and the fully body shots of Archie made him look like Thor’s red head cousin. Nothing looked proportioned and the shading was bad.  There were shadows on people’s bodies that didn’t make any sense, the most common one being Jug’s long hair.

Jughead definitely looked the worst in this style, and to be frank, the only good looking part of the entire book was the cover. I know that sounds so awful, but this is not art that I enjoy.  The best looking character was Sandy, which made it weird to see her and Jughead holding hands, as he looked bad while Sandy looked really good.

Archie usually does a good job with alternate artists, but as far as I’m concerned, this comic is a pass.

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