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‘Game of Thrones’ Just Squashed this Popular Fan Theory

[Warning: this article is dark and full of spoilers!]

Bad news, zombie Catelyn fans… Lady Stoneheart will not be coming to Game of Thrones.

Fans had hoped that the return of the Brotherhood Without Banners would signify the entrance of the character into HBO’s adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, but the reappearance of a certain character has burned that hope on a pyre.

In the novels, the Brotherhood Without Banners stumbles upon the body of Catelyn Stark shortly after the deadly Red Wedding. Beric Dondarrion decides to trade his life for hers and resurrects Catelyn with a kiss of life (or death, depending on your perspective). The newly revived Catelyn takes on the persona of Lady Stoneheart and uses the Brotherhood Without Banners to exact revenge of her enemies.

But with Beric alive and still leading the Brotherhood in the series, it’s now impossible for Catelyn Stark to be resurrected as Lady Stoneheart… even if the show runners wanted to.

As far as we know, red priests are only able to resurrect the dead shortly after death (as seen with Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion). Catelyn has been dead for years now, so whatever is left of her body will be far too decomposed to resurrect. Well, unless she is “resurrected” as a wight by a White Walker, but that’s highly unlikely (can someone please make fan art of this?).

Lady Stoneheart might not be coming to the series, but thanks to one of the show’s actors, we now have a basic idea of how the big introduction scene may have went down.

Jóhannes Haukur, the actor who portrayed Lem Lemoncloak in the series, acted out his character’s line from A Storm of Swords (which served to introduce Lady Stoneheart) and shared it with his fans on Twitter:














Well, I guess that’s as close as we’ll ever get to seeing Lady Stoneheart on screen.

Do you agree with the Game of Thrones show runner’s decision to keep Lady Stoneheart out of the series? Let us know in the comments!

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