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Dog Day Sunday: Get Your F’cking Dog Fixed

“Get Your F’cking Dog Fixed.”

This phrase is succinct, powerful, and can literally save lives— one such life belonging to Yoshi, a sweet dog who has literally been through it all.

In November 2014, a hero named Roxanne rescued him from a deplorable breeder and nursed him back to health. He was adopted out to a new family, and everyone expected him to live happily ever after! Unfortunately, in April 2016, his adopters reported he was not doing well and was in desperate need of vet care. While they originally considered euthanizing the poor pup, they eventually agreed to surrender him to the rescue group PAWSibilities are Endless.

Luckily, his story does not end there.

Roxanne shared Yoshi’s journey with Devanny Novak of Friends of Mayhem, a community-based program working to improve the lives of animals. It was through Friends of Mayhem that I learned of a witty t-shirt campaign. By making a $25 donation, I’d receive a shirt stamped with the phrase “Get Your F’cking Dog Fixed” (the “u” replaced with an adorable paw print).  100% of the proceeds would go directly to PAWSibilities are Endless to help cover the costs of Yoshi’s care.

Moved by his story, I immediately purchased the shirt! Every time I wear it, I think, “This could help Yoshi! This could help dogs just like him!”

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Please consider helping Yoshi and dogs just like him by making a donation, purchasing the t-shirt, or by simply sharing his story.

Want your dog featured on Dog Day Sunday? Send your pet photos and stories to!

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