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Pokémon Go: How to Choose Your Eeveelution

Pokémon Go fans have discovered a way to choose which Pokémon your Eevee evolves into, and it’s outlandish, simple, and awesome.

As it turns out, all you need to do to guarantee your preferred Eeveelution form is nickname your Pokémon a specific name:

  • Jolteon: Nickname your Eevee Sparky
  • Flareon: Nickname your Eevee Pyro
  • Vaporeon: Nickname your Eevee Rainer

Recognize these names? They’re not random.

Sparky, Pyro, and Rainer were the names of three of the four Eevee Brothers from the first season of Pokémon (episode 37, to be exact). These trainers were in possession of their respective Eevee (Sparky trained Jolteon, Pyro trained Flareon, and Rainer trained Vaporeon), and a fourth brother, Mikey, was trainer to a normal, unevolved Eevee.

Many fans have reported that this trick works flawlessly (I personally vouch for it), but there are some steps you might need to take to ensure that Eeveelution goes off without a hitch.

My 412 CP Eevee evolved into a 1136 CP Vaporeon by naming it ‘Rainer’.

Step 1: Name your Eevee

Depending on which evolved form you are hoping and praying for, nickname your Eevee either Sparky, Pyro or Rainer. Capitalization does not seem to matter (at least in my experience), but it doesn’t hurt to make your proper nouns, well, proper.

Step 2: Reboot the app

Before you evolve your Eevee, make sure to reboot the app. This is a crucial step you might need to take to ensure that the nickname stuck, therefore stopping the game’s currently shaky servers from screwing you over during the evolution process.

Note: I was able to successfully evolve my Eevee into Vaporeon without rebooting the app, but I recommend doing this step nonetheless..

Step 3: Evolve!

The time is here! Now that you’ve nicknamed your Eevee and rebooted the app, it’s now time to hit the evolve button and watch the wondrous Eeveelution take place. If things go smoothly, then you should end up with your desired Eevee.

This Eeveelution trick may only work a limited number of times (according to some fans), so for now, only try it out on your most powerful Eevees.

Did this trick work for you? Let us know in the comments!

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