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Beauty Review: Beauty Blender Blotterazzi

Beauty Blender Blotterazzi

What it is: An oil blotting sponge

The claim: “Shaped to fit all contours of the face, the blotterazzi™ saves you from unused corners like traditional blotting papers. Made with the award-winning beautyblender material, these blotting sponges remain “thirsty” when they are dry, absorbing excess oil without disturbing makeup so that skin stays looking radiant. With the compact’s vented back and clear, hygienic separator, it ensures that the sponges keep their freshness” – Sephora

Available at: Beauty Blender, Sephora, Amazon

Average price: $20 USD


I received Beauty Blender’s Blotterazzi in Sephora’s July Play! box. This product normally consists of two Blotterazzi sponges and a storage case with a built in compact mirror, but since this was a Play! item, I received only one sponge.

I’ve had excellent experiences with Beauty Blender products in the past (as well as the present), so I was optimistic that this product would be able to successfully eliminate all that nasty, pore clogging oil from my skin.

That optimism, as I would find, was unfounded.

Those who have used a Beauty Blender before will be no stranger to this sponge, as it is made of the exact same material as the Original Blender. But unlike the Original Blender, this product is designed to be used only when dry. No duh, right? You can’t blot oil with a wet sponge, after all.

I decided to give the Blotterazzi its maiden test run after finishing my gym workout. I am cursed with combination/oily skin, so the summer heat + workout sweat = enough oil to saute a full pan of vegetables.

Basically, I chose the prime time to use this product.

I blotted the Blotterazzi gently all over my skin (as I would with a typical oil blotting sheet) and, to my utter surprise, nearly all of the oil and sweat remained. I went over my face one more time, but to no avail.

Frustrated, I reached for my Up & Up oil blotting sheets (Up & Up is a generic brand found exclusively at Target), and went over my face with that instead.

Those cheap, $2 one-time use oil blotting sheets ended up making the Blotterazzi its bitch, as only one sheet was able to remove all the surface oil and sweat from my face instantly.

In hindsight, it was pretty obvious that this product was not going to work.

The Blotterazzi’s intended use contradicts the nature of the material it was created with. Beauty Blenders do not absorb foundation and beauty products, but rather they keep those products at the surface of the sponge so the product can be applied evenly and smoothly. So instead of the Blotterazzi absorbing oil and sweat from the face, this product merely transplanted it somewhere else.

So to be blunt, this product is a gimmick and a complete waste of money. I recommend consumers avoid it like the plague.

I award the Blotterazzi no points, and may God have mercy on its soul.

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