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‘Pokémon Go’ Abandons Tracking, World Explodes

Pokémon Go has received a new update… and it’s nothing short of disastrous.

One of the game’s most interactive features – the 3-step Pokémon tracking system – had been broken for weeks, making it impossible for trainers to track Pokémon without the aid of a third party site or app. But rather than fixing the flawed tracking system, Niantic has decided to scrap the feature all together.

Niantic provided little-to-no information about the update once it was made available (smooth, real smooth), but they finally broke their silence late last night, explaining that the tracking system was “confusing and did not meet our underlying product goals.”








Hmm… I’m free ballin’ my thoughts here, but maybe, just maybe, that confusion is rooted in the fact that Niantic included no tracking tutorials within the game? Or any tutorials for that matter?

A lack of information from Niantic, coupled with the tracking system’s poor (and mostly non-existent) performance, ultimately sent many trainers into the warm, reliable arms of third party Pokémon Go websites and apps designed to help trainers find Pokémon in their area. These apps were especially helpful for physically disabled trainers, many of whom relied on this information to plan their Pokémon Go route.

But did we really think Niantic would make Pokémon hunting that easy? Ha!

Niantic has since issued cease and desist letters to all third party Pokémon finding sites and apps (including the popular Pokevision), and as of this writing, nearly all are abiding by Niantic’s wishes and have shut down their services for the foreseeable future.


With tracking and the third-party Pokémon finder sites disabled, trainers now have no choice but to wander around their neighborhoods mindlessly in order to find that Dragonite, Gyarados, or, God help us, Pidgey.

Needless to say, folks aren’t happy.

The social media backlash after the removal of the tracking feature has been massive, and some of the more zealous (and cheap) trainers have even gone so far as to demand refunds from Google and Apple for Pokémon Go in-game purchases. And shockingly enough, people are actually receiving them.

Niantic has not yet revealed any plans to reinstate a working version of the tracking feature, but if the backlash surrounding its absence says anything, they’d be fools not to at least try.

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