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Dog Day Sunday: Our Favorite Dog Memes!

You can’t open a newspaper tab to a news site without reading about a global catastrophe or a terrible act of violence. You might as well stay off social media, too, lest you be bombarded with drama ranging from simple, sad laments about it nearly being Monday, to posts that will make you want to tearfully cancel your Internet subscription entirely.

There are few things that make me forget everything awful in the world and put a legitimate smile on my face, but one of those things is looking at dog memes with my pups Daisy and Shadow!

For those of you who have been living in a cave without wifi, this is the definition of a meme:


For those of you who have been living in a cave on Jupiter, this is the definition of a dog (take special note of the informal meaning that I definitely did not make up):


While there have been many adorable furballs who have found internet fame via dog memes (such as those mentioned by BarkPost in their feature 11 Essential Dog Memes You Absolutely Need to Know) I thought I’d share a few lesser-known doggies who always make me chuckle, even after a “ruff” day!

(Note: GeekGirl World did not create any of these memes – we’re just trying to spread the e-smiles by sharing these cute canines that we found on the interwebz!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which dog meme is your favorite, GeekGirl World? Share in the comments section!

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