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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2: Everything We Know

We are absolutely desperate for more Stranger Things, and while we don’t know where the 80s inspired sci-fi thriller falls on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we do know it’s somewhere between safety and self-actualization.

Luckily for all of us, Netflix has confirmed that the series will be renewed for a second season!

Production on the new season has not yet begun, but we now have some semi-juicy details about season 2 to hold us over while we wait for what is sure to be a tiresome eternity.

Here’s everything we know:

Season 2 will continue where season 1 left off

Though Stranger Things has the definite potential to become an anthology like American Horror Story, it has been confirmed that season 2 will more-or-less continue where season 1 left off.

Season 2 will be set in the fall of 1984 – a year after the events of season 1.

“At one point there was this idea of doing ‘80s, ’90s, 2000s, and then Season 5 would be 2020 and it would catch up to present day. But I think at the end of the day there was this world that we really loved and in making it and we didn’t want to move away from these kids,” Stranger Things executive producer Dan Cohen told Yahoo. “There’s so many cool dynamics and mythologies. This world the Duffer Brothers created was so awesome and there’s still so much unanswered that it’s impossible to not want to continue into the next year.”

So it looks like we’ll be in the 80s for the long run. We’re not complaining.

New characters are on the way!

The series is currently looking to cast actors for the roles three new characters: Max, Roman and Billy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Max is a tough tomboy with a complicated past and a complicated relationship with her 17-year-old stepbrother, Billy. Max will be a series regular.

Billy is described as being a muscular and overconfident teenager with a black Camaro, a drinking game skill level of 100, and a tendency to steal peoples’ girlfriends. Billy has a violent and unpredictable nature, and rumor has it that he killed someone in the past. Billy has not been confirmed as a series regular.

Roman’s gender has not yet been revealed, but we know that the character will be a social outcast between the ages of 30 and 38. The character grew up homeless with a drug-addicted mother and is seeking revenge for…something. Roman has also been confirmed as a series regular.

More new characters will be coming as well, but don’t worry, the original squad is coming back and will be front and center in season 2.

… & one won’t be returning

As far as we know, Nancy’s adorably geeky (and very dead) friend Barbara will not be returning for season 2.

“I can’t see it happening,” series creator Matt Duffer told IGN when asked if Barb would be returning from the Upside-Down. “But Barb will not be forgotten. We’ll make sure there’s some justice for Barb. People get very frustrated, understandably, that the town doesn’t seem to be really dealing with Barb. That stuff is all happening. We’re just not spending any screen time on it.”

Duffer still did not rule out a possible return, but we’re going to grab a spatula and flip our shit if Barb comes back from the dead.

Season 2 will feature 9 episodes

For those of you horrible at math (me), that’s 1 more episode than season 1. Yaaaasssss!

…Which will be released next year!

Season 2 production is scheduled to begin next month and is estimated to wrap up in April of next year.

No official release date has been announced, but it has been confirmed that the second season will stream on Netflix sometime in 2017 (the summer, perhaps?).

We’ll update you with all the latest Stranger Things news as it becomes available!

Are you excited for season 2? Bummed about Barb? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Just for the record, Barb is definitely dead. Otherwise, #plotkai.

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