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Fan Film Friday: ‘Red Shirt Blues’ (Star Trek)

Happy birthday to Star Trek, which celebrated 50 years of sci-fi excellence this week!

That’s more than half a century of some of the most quotable movie lines, emotional television moments (I can not even cite just one! Just watch every episode of every series! Ugh! My heart!), page turning books and comics, out of this world conventions, and shareable memes! So in tribute to all things Trek, we decided to watch and review David O. Rogers’ Star Trek inspired fan film titled Redshirt Blues.

redshirts2The short, which goes by way too fast at just nine minutes long, originally screened on the Sci Fi Channel‘s Exposure in 2001 and has been around a respectable 15 years itself! Don’t let the aged image and sound quality deter you from watching this oldie but goodie: there is a solid story there that stands the test of time!

Redshirt Blues tells the tale of Averson (Jack P. Dempsey) and Leeds (Erik Hill), two “hapless” security officers on the Enterprise. Averson is sick and tired of Kirk, the Federation, and the ridiculous red shirt he must wear every day. This guy is one bad day away from transporting himself to another planet! While patrolling, he meets Leeds, an enthusiastic, crimson clad new recruit who learns the horrid truth about what it means to be a “redshirt” the hard way (Spoiler alert: if you’re wearing a red shirt, you’re on Death Duty! R.I.P.).

Redshirt Blues is funny and self aware! It pokes fun at all the things Star Trek is teased for—often by Star Wars fans— including broken props and Shatner’s bad acting. But at the same time, it embraces and showcases everything that makes the fandom great: interesting dialogue, character driven stories, and just enough action/adventure/effects to feel like a “proper” sci-fi story.

This comedic spoof definitely made me smile, and I recommend Redshirt Blues to you, GeekGirl World!

Watch Redshirt Blues below:

What did YOU think GeekGirl World? Let us know in the comments section!

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