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Dog Day Sunday: 3 Paw-some Sites to LIKE on Social Media

Truth: 90% of my time on the interwebz is spent laughing at dog memes, gushing over stories about animals, or catching up on what my favorite animal-rights groups are sharing on social media. As such, this week I decided to share 3 paw-some (ha) sites you should follow/like/cyber-stalk online. (Fittingly, I am typing this article on my computer while my pup Shadow cuddles in my lap and looks on!)

Friends of Mayhem

11210459_638660439597645_4667563007324650499_nWho they are: Named after founder Devanny Novak’s sweet dog, Friends of Mayhem describes themselves as  “a Las Vegas non-profit that specializes in helping all kinds of animals through donations, political action or just plain ear scratches!”

Why you should “like” them: Friends of Mayhem spotlights animals with special needs, and campaigns fun and creative ways to help the furballs! For example, earlier this year we covered their very special Benefit for Yoshi, in which they sold shirts that said “Get Your F*cking Dog Fixed.” All the proceeds went toward providing medical care for a dog named Yoshi and other animals at PAWsibilities are Endless. They are positive and upbeat, while still providing valuable and useful information to the community!

Where to find them:

Noah’s Animal House

noahs1Who they are: Time to get serious: Animal Legal Defense Fund reports that abusers of animals are five times as likely to harm humans, and that nearly half of the victims who stay in violent households do so because they are afraid for their pets. Luckily, Noah’s Animal House in Las Vegas, Nevada (and soon Reno, Nevada, too!) “is a pet sanctuary for shelter residents that allow women to escape abusive situations without leaving behind their pet.” I’ve volunteered with NAH since 2012 and have had the privilege of meeting many of the women and their dogs (and cats and hamsters and birds) who have called Noah’s Animal House home!

Why you should “like” them: Noah’s Animal House spotlights the inspirational success stories of the brave women and their loyal pets who have been given a second chance thanks to their services, provides a central place to post requests for supplies and volunteer opportunities (HAAALP! They’re currently in need of a new gas dryer!), and shares great links to animal stories across the world!

Where to find them:

Susie’s Senior Dogs

 1510593_295149333975043_1577678859_nWho they are: Susie’s Senior Dogs is a 501(c)3 organization who says it’s their goal to bring “awareness to overlooked, homeless senior dogs and the benefits to adopting an older pet.” Recently they were covered in the hugely popular photography/interview project Humans of New York, which allowed them to get massive exposure and spread their message to a huge animal-loving audience!

Why you should “like” them: Susie’s Senior Dogs works with animal rescue groups all over the United States to spotlight pups who are looking for their fur-ever home! (Literally every dog is a pup to me, even if they are over 7 or in the double digits!) Beautiful photographs paired with descriptions that read like love letters make me want to adopt every dog I see on their page! Even if you’re not planning on expanding your fur family, it’s rewarding to follow the dogs’ stories, from their initial posts to their final adoptions and happily ever afters.

Where to find them:

Honorable Mention: I urge you to Google your local American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals group online to learn about dogs in your area who need help and support!

Want your dog featured on Dog Day Sunday? Send your stories and photos to and you’ll be entered to win a Loot Crate Pet Edition!

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