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5 Reasons to Ditch the Plastic & Use Samsung Pay

The following article was not┬ápaid for or sponsored by Samsung… but if the electronics giant is reading this, we do accept donations. Wink Wink!

Do you own one of these Samsung devices?

If the answer is yes, then pound it my Samsung brotha ?.

Your device is compatible with Samsung Pay – the middle man you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Samsung Pay is a revolutionary application that allows you to load your debit cards, credit cards, and store rewards cards right onto your Samsung phone. With Samsung Pay, you can purchase items in store without the need of your physical card by simply tapping or scanning one’s phone on the POS pin pad.

Many folks will be hesitant to ditch their tiny rectangular plastic companions in favor of electronic ones, but before you discount the concept completely, check out five reasons why you definitely should try out Samsung Pay!

#5 It’s freeeeeeee!

There are no service charges or annual fees when you use Samsung Pay.

It’s literally freer than a majestic American bald eagle on the Fourth of July.

#4 You won’t need to worry about forgetting your wallet

Our phones have become an extension of our bodies, and for some of us, browsing cat memes on Tumblr is as essential as breathing. So I know, you know, and the whole world knows that a human being in the 21st century is not going to be leaving the house without their cell phone in hand.

It just doesn’t happen.

Forgetting your wallet, though? That happens. And in my case, more often than I care to admit (*cough* almost everyday *cough*)

With Samsung Pay, I have the security of knowing that I always have my debit card with me… even if the physical one is currently in the middle of a laundry wash cycle.

#3 Digital payments are securer than swiping

Your card information is stored in retail stores’ online systems the moment you finish your transaction. Hackers are able to steal your card number (and millions of other card numbers) by installing malware into retail stores’ security and payments systems. These hacks tend to occur during the holiday season, when shoppers are out in record numbers.

Remember that massive Target hack? Yeaaaaahhh.

Samsung Pay keeps your credit card information safe by using tokens to transmit your payment information to the store POS. This means that your card number and other sensitive information will never be shared wirelessly.

Worried about exposing your credit card information in the event that you lose your phone? Don’t be. Your Samsung Pay account is fingerprint secured, so you, and only you, can access and use it.

#2 It’s accepted basically everywhere

Like Android Pay and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay uses NFC (near field communication) technology to wirelessly process payments at terminals.

This technology is a standard feature in many modern POS terminals, but not all stores have switched over to the new technology.

Samsung Pay is the only digital wallet service to accompany NFC with MST (magnetic secure transmission) technology, which, long story short, means the app will work on normal (albeit archaic) magnetic swipe terminals.

Samsung’s patented MST technology doesn’t work 100% of the time (usually in old ma and pop stores where the clerk watches in silent, judgmental confusion as you hit your phone against their swiper like an animal), but it works often enough to make Samsung Pay the most widely accepted digital wallet service in existence.

#1 You shall be rewarded!

Samsung loves to occasionally reward its users with free gift cards (and I love to use them!).

As of this writing, all new users will receive a $10 Visa gift card after their first qualifying purchase (no minimum purchase!), and new and existing users will receive a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card after making three qualified purchases (again, no minimum!).

Make sure to put in a referral code before making your first purchase and you (and the person who referred you) will receive a $5 Visa gift card after your first purchase. Users can earn up to $200 by referring friends and family to Samsung Pay.

Free money? You’d have to be bat-shit crazy to say no to that.

So what are you waiting for? Download Samsung Pay today and get your first $5 reward by using referral code F21F03 !

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