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Orphan Black Season Finale Recap: Ep. 310, “History Yet to Be Written”

Is it just me or did this Orphan Black season finale sneak up on us? Nine episodes already?! Ah, well. We’ve gotten SO MUCH information about the Leda and Castor clones this season that I’m not even mad. Let’s see what the finale has for us!

Rachel dreams about her father as she recovers from surgery and wakes in an empty but meticulously decorated room. After Dr. Nealon doesn’t respond to her, she climbs into her wheelchair and grabs a note on the table. It must have said, “You’ve got a new eye,” because she then grabs a hand mirror and removes the bandage over her left eye to reveal…an enhanced eye that is not an exact copy of Rachel’s eye after all.

Sarah, Felix, and Art join Scott at a warehouse of sorts that Art says is so tied up in police bureaucracy that they’ll be safe hiding out there. Scott is building what looks like a quarantine room and Siobhan escorts Kendall inside, threatening to incinerate her if it looks like Castor is about to get their hands on her. Sarah intervenes but she, Felix, and Scott walk away still worried about impending attacks from Castor and Topside.

Rudy struggles to keep a hold on himself as he waits for Coady and Mr. Benchman (yeah, that’s the actual name we’re rolling with). When they arrive, Benchman confirms his lack of faith that Rudy will live much longer with a placating “We appreciate your service” and Coady tells Rudy that she has another assignment for him. She tells Rudy that Sarah found and apprehended the Castor original, but since neither she nor her buddies can be located, he’ll have to strike at the only one who hasn’t gone underground: Alison.

Alison holds a small rally and giveaway near a school bus to continue to solidify support for her campaign and Marci Coates comes by to try to shit stir, as usual. Alison doesn’t let Marci bother her or her megaphone and continues to campaign.

And at the Hendrix home, Donnie has a surprise for Helena. She wonders if he’d planned for them to ride Alison’s election school bus, but he has something much better for her: Helena’s bar boyfriend, Jesse (remember him?).

Shay hears a small knock at the door and it’s Cosima (sans Delphine) come to apologize for accusing her of being a spy. Leaving the door open for Cosima, Shay tells her that Delphine is nuts and threatened to bleed her out in her bathtub which shocks Cosima. Cosima is still confused as to why Shay would lie about herself and Shay’s like, “Says you! I don’t even really know who you are at all, do I?” Shay tries to get Cosima to tell her the truth, but when Cosima says she can’t, Shay gives her the boot.

Delphine slips a small gun in her jacket pocket as Ferdinand arrives at Dyad. After a bit of banter, Ferdinand demands that Delphine turn over the original so he can return her to Topside and be Delphine’s boss. Delphine says that’s not how it’s going to work and Sarah walks out, telling Ferdinand that she’s going to offer him a deal.

After realizing that Sarah wasn’t held in the basement when he last visited but pretending to be Rachel, Sarah bargains some of Kendall’s DNA to Ferdinand in exchange for his killing off Castor, calling him the lesser of two evils. Delphine tells Ferdinand about Coady weaponizing the Castors and Sarah offers to give Ferdinand Coady as well, making sure to threaten to incinerate Kendall if he tries any funny business (everyone wants to incinerate Kendall!). He thinks she’s bluffing but Sarah’s all, “I’m immune, so…”

Back at the safe house, Cosima arrives to take blood and tissue from Kendall, but Kendall doesn’t like the look of her at all. Brushing that aside, Cosima is friendly and gentle with Kendall and encourages her to remove the ridiculous white suit she’s wearing. When Cosima tries to make conversation by telling Kendall that the clones call each other sister, Kendall flies off the handle, saying she doesn’t give a flip what those copies of her have to say and threatens to gut Cosima if she touches her. Cosima tells Kendall that she has her to thank for her life and that she’s her last chance at a cure, so Kendall finally relents and allows Cosima to take her blood.

Sarah and Felix arrive at room 207 in a sketchy building (thanks to Art) and he kicks the door in quite impressively to reveal Mark and Gracie inside. Sarah confronts Gracie about giving the Castor affiliates the book and chides the couple about being blind to Coady’s motives. Mark says he and Gracie just want to enjoy the little time he has left together before the gene takes him out, too. Seeing an opportunity, Sarah tells him that she wants to take Coady out of the game, leaving Mark free to be with Gracie, but he needs to tell her what Coady’s next move is going to be first.

Siobhan has little love for Kendall left and laughs at Kendall when she decries her poor treatment. By way of a bath, Siobhan tells Kendall that she’s preparing a sulfuric acid bath for her which puts Kendall on edge. Siobhan is finally ready to get revenge for Kendall killing John (even though Kendall maintains she didn’t start the fight that ended in his death, only finished it) and assures Kendall that if it seems like Castor is about to get their hands on Kendall, she will put Kendall in the bath.

Delphine tells Dr. Nealon that Ferdinand thinks Rachel is dead and has been nosing around, so he offers to move Krystal-as-Rachel to a private facility right away. As Delphine looks “Rachel” over, she notices that she’s wearing acrylic nails, causing Krystal’s hand to fly up and backhand Delphine so hard she hit the floor. Krystal sits up in a panic, freaking out at 1) recognizing Delphine from the salon and 2) being in a recovery room with bandages over her eye. Delphine shoos a nurse away and calms Krystal down and peels the bandage off Krystal’s eye to confirm that she’s isn’t Rachel. Krystal continues to freak out while Delphine sighs in exasperation.

Meanwhile, Rachel tries out her new eye and realizes she can see incredible depth and detail. She notices finches in the room and shouts for someone to tell her what exactly is going on.

Helena and Jesse sit in his tow truck while she catches him up on the highlights of her life since they last saw each other: break self and sestra out of prison, get new mom (Mrs. S), move in with other sestra and make soap, teach children karate. He loves her adventures and is so happy to see her again that they make out and get grabby as she straddles him in the driver’s seat. Helena tells Jesse that even though she has “science baby” inside her, he will be her first – when she gets a call on her clone phone. They put their romance on hold for a little longer as Helena goes off to help her family.

And the votes are coming in as Alison and Donnie stand near the polls excited to see democracy in action. Rudy lurks nearby and spies on Alison and Donnie but isn’t seen as they head to the campaign bus.

Sarah and Felix return to the safe house with Mark just as she’s finished preparing the bath. Siobhan is surprised to see Mark but Sarah asks her to trust her.

Rudy slips into the crowd boarding Alison’s campaign bus and follows after her in a van.

In real time, Sarah reports to the gang that Rudy is, in fact, tailing Alison like Mark said (Siobhan still doesn’t trust him). And since part of Sarah’s plan includes a beat up Mark, she punches him a couple of times in the face.

Alison drives her campaign bus back to her own neighborhood, gets out behind her house and walks into the backyard as the bus drives away. Rudy suffers a short glitch but recovers and follows Alison into the backyard. He’s about to make a move to enter the house when he hears a noise in the garage. There, we see Alison duct taping screws to her hands like weapons and when Rudy goes inside he finds that it’s actually Helena. She tells him they’ll fight by prison rules and offers him duct tape for his knife. He declines and she’s like, “You’ll be sorry when I slice your bicep,” and they get to it.

Coady gets a video call from bloody-faced Rudy who says he came across Helena. He shows Kendall to Coady, claiming that Helena lead him to her, and we realize it’s Mark-as-Rudy. Looks like the Leda clones aren’t the only actors! He sends Coady their location and the trap is laid.

Helena continues to fight and taunt Rudy as he continues to glitch. She encourages him to hang in there because it’s almost over.

Coady, tailed by a few vehicles, arrives at “Rudy’s” location.

Helena takes advantage of Rudy’s glitching and drives one of her screwdrivers through his right bicep, just like she promised she would.

Outside the safe house, Coady waves a handful of armed soldiers on as they cut open the gate and move forward.

Rudy drops his knife as Helena removes her screwdriver from his arm and he falls to the ground.

And a man puts a bullet in Coady’s driver’s head. Then Ferdinand joins her in the back seat, telling her that she won’t find what she’s looking for there.

Still alive, the most feral clones have a heart to heart. Helena lies down on the floor next to him as Rudy tells her that when he was young he and his brothers would sleep together in a corner like puppies. She says she was made to be a killer when she was nine. He tells her the Castors had a purpose just like the Ledas, so she’s like, “No, because you’re a rapist,” as he bleeds out on the floor.

As Sarah has confirmed that the Castors (minus Mark) are down for the count and Ferdinand has apprehended Dr. Coady, Siobhan decides to have a little chat with Kendall about Kira. Siobhan uses the fact that Kira is technically Kendall’s niece to convince her to start spilling vital clone information and Kendall says it all goes back to Professor Duncan. Kendall says that five years after he harvested her, Duncan visited her again to tell her what he’d done and explain that he now feared for his life because of Neolution. Duncan told Kendall that he hid her identity from everyone because his science had been corrupted, so Kendall went to Siobhan to help hide Duncan and so Duncan could steer the one child who managed to escape monitoring, Sarah, to Siobhan’s care. Kendall and Siobhan share a tender moment at this when Sarah gets a text message that “they’re here.”

Delphine questions Dr. Nealon about where Rachel really is and who he’s working for. He tells her to turn on the monitor in the room and we see footage of Rachel in her tidy room yelling for someone to tell her anything. Then Nealon spills that he has always worked for Neolution, steering operations from the inside of Topside and the Castor organization.

Felix arrives at the safe house with Ferdinand and his body man.

Delphine says Neolution was nothing but pop science but Nealon says Neolution has infiltrated and run all aspects of Leda and Castor since the very beginning, calling them Neolution’s Adam and Eve.

Ferdinand greets everyone very cordially and instructs his man to get to the business of drawing Kendall’s blood.

Nealon brags that Topside will soon deliver the original’s genome to Neolution whether they realize it or not, but Delphine still isn’t clear on the “why” of it all. He chuckles at how misguided she is and presents her with a one-time offer to join Neolution. She declines, saying he’s “finished,” and calls the guards, but none come. Nealon’s mouth begins to bleed and he leaps out of his seat at Delphine. As he strangles her on a tabletop, a wriggling something begins to emerge from his mouth and he tries to drop it in her mouth, but Delphine shoots him in the chest just in time. Rattled, Delphine watches as the little wriggler creeps back into Nealon’s body and he tells her that she won’t live till morning before dying.

Ferdinand’s man finishes taking samples of Kendall’s blood and Sarah gets a phone call.

It’s Delphine, who is extracting the little wriggler from Nealon’s bloody mouth. She tells Sarah she can’t give the genetic material to Ferdinand because both Leda and Castor are run by Neolution. She says they’re all pawns and Sarah should tell Ferdinand that Rachel is alive and being held by Neolution. Sarah tells Siobhan and Ferdinand what Delphine has just said which perks up the ears of Ferdinand’s man. Ferdinand grabs Siobhan’s bat and, screaming that he hates Neolutionists with a fiery passion, beats his man to death. Ferdinand prepares to destroy his man and tells the rest that they’re now on the same side. He encourages them to leave and enact their plan to hide Kendall once more, saying they needn’t tell him where she’ll be but he’ll be in touch.

The whole of clone club meets at Bubbles and Alison serves them dinner when she gets the call about the election: she beat Marci Coates by 56 votes!

Delphine shows up at Shay’s place to apologize for terrorizing her. She hands Shay a Dyad business card to give to Cosima and says to tell Cosima that she can tell Shay everything if she wants and she won’t stand in their way then leaves. Shay looks at the Dyad card and the number 324B21 is written on the back.

At the dinner, Helena wonders if mother-sestra will be joining them (no), Cosima and Scott discuss the intricacies of a chimera DNA source, and Felix needs someone to say something understandable (Donnie thinks the beef is the bomb). Everyone toasts to Beth and then to Kira, and Donnie encourages Alison to make a toast. She’s proud of everyone working together to build a family together (and helping her win the election) and thanks Donnie especially for being a great husband (even if he was monitoring her). Cosima gets a call and steps outside.

Delphine needed to meet with Cosima but says she can’t stay, she only wants to make sure that they keep Kendall Malone hidden deep underground. Cosima’s like, “Mrs. S has that kind of thing on lock,” and Delphine is slightly relieved. Cosima tells Delphine that she knows why Delphine did all the sketchy things she did and she’s sorry for blaming her for having to do them and they kiss. Delphine tells Cosima to give her sisters all her love then drives away.

As Delphine pulls into a parking garage and exits the car once more, we see someone approaching her from nearby and she realizes she’s being followed. She stops and puts her bag on the ground, turns around to ask, “What will happen to her?” and is shot from a distance with a silenced bullet. The shooter approaches but we never see who it is before Delphine drops to the ground.

Rachel gets a visitor: Charlotte, the youngest clone. She’s wearing a leg brace on her right leg and tells Rachel that “she” said Rachel was to be her new mom. Who is she? Professor Duncan, Rachel’s mother. Duncan enters the room and welcomes Rachel home, to Rachel’s surprise.

Out in the snow, Kira see two snowmobiles riding toward her and runs to them, reuniting with Sarah. Siobhan and Kendall jump off the other one and Sarah relishes seeing her daughter again.

And that’s all folks!

All images courtesy of BBC America.

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Marvel’s Daredevil Recap: Ep. 111, “The Path of the Righteous”

Fisk, Wesley, Leland, and Fisk’s guards stride into the closest emergency room with a poisoned Vanessa asking for help. The medical professionals immediately spring into action as Leland continues to half-heartedly ask if he should be checked out, too, since he had the champagne as well.

Karen comes to visit Matt all, “What the hell, bro?” since Foggy won’t answer her calls. When he lets her in, she suggests they sue the negligent jerk who “hit” Matt but after noticing how wrecked his apartment is, she starts asking more important questions like, “Were you really hit by a car?” She correctly infers that Matt’s injuries are related to his visit to Vanessa (and Fisk) but he wants to just drop the subject. So Karen gets to the reason she’s there: the discovery of Fisk’s mother in the nursing home upstate. He tells her that it was reckless for her to visit the woman and Karen’s like, “Well I couldn’t reach you and didn’t want the opportunity to slip by.” She tells Matt what she learned from Fisk’s mom about how he murdered his father and she thinks they might be able to use that to convince people to look into Fisk’s past for criminal activity, but Matt isn’t so sure. He tells her to go to the office and tell Foggy about what she found anyway, though.

Foggy wakes up to a call from Karen and it’s clear he spent the night with his ex, Marci. He’s grumpy and tells Marci he doesn’t want to work with Matt anymore and she doesn’t care at all, wanting to avoid “getting sucked into the drama.”

Leland tells Wesley that Fisk is in no fit state to lead their joint venture and expresses concern at how someone would so publicly try to kill Fisk (risking his and Wesley’s lives in the process). Leland doesn’t think Madame Gao had anything to do with the attack and Wesley assures him that the Japanese aren’t responsible, either. A guard informs Wesley that three of the other people who ingested the champagne have died but Leland still wants to talk business. Wesley instructs him to reach out to Gao and, still jumpy, Leland agrees.

Claire (!) has come over to check on Matt’s wounds and has to stitch the gash in his abdomen again after he tore the stitches trying to move around too soon. He tells her meditation helps with pain control and healing but she says he still needs to take it easy or she’ll be stitching up his corpse next. Claire suggests that he gets some kind of armor which reminds him of the armor in the lining of Fisk’s suit he saw in the warehouse. As she’s prepares to leave, Matt offers Claire a drink but she says she can’t stay because she needs to pack to get out of the city for a while. He continues to pry and she finally tells him that nothing has changed about how she feels about his nighttime activities so she’s moving on. Claire says she’ll always be there to give him stitches and stuff but that has to be it.

Karen meets Ben on the dock and he’s upset with her for taking him away from his wife to go on a wild goose chase. He lays into her for lying about why they really went upstate but she presses that Ben should print the story about Fisk killing his father. Ben tells her it’s a bad idea because in the end, Fisk can just turn it all into a sob story and use his mother to back him up, absolving him in the eyes of the public and getting them nowhere in prosecuting Fisk. Then Ben clues Karen in on the spiked champagne from the benefit and points out how Fisk has people in the media on payroll to cover it up as they both conclude that someone is trying to kill Fisk.

Wesley joins Fisk as he waits for news about Vanessa in the hospital. Fisk is a mess at the prospect of Vanessa dying and Wesley says he sent Leland to speak with Madame Gao to see if she can shed some light on the situation. Fisk implores Wesley to find the person who did this so he can “look into their eyes as he salts the earth with their blood.” So he’s pretty serious about his vengeance. He tells Wesley to personally make arrangements so that if Vanessa recovers she can be sent away someplace safe. And in a rare show of humanity to someone other than Vanessa, he thanks Wesley for…well, I don’t know what, exactly. But Fisk doesn’t run around thanking people. Anyway, the doctor finally emerges and tells Fisk that Vanessa will pull through and Fisk goes in to see her while Wesley leaves to handle some business.

Matt, his wounds, and his feelings turn up at Holy Eucharist but Father Lantham isn’t for dancing around the subject this time. He talks to Matt about trying and failing to kill Fisk and how he feels about that, but Matt evades the question. Lantham says that he knows who he is and what he does, but he’s unsure how he’s doing it, and Matt says it’s from the accident in his youth which both gave him heightened senses and put the Devil in him. Father Lantham isn’t so sure Matt’s crusade isn’t just both his good and bad sides manifesting themselves as he treads the path of the righteous.

Back at home, Matt tries to meditate but keeps flashing back to the particularly brutal parts of his fights with Nobu and Fisk. He’s distracted but the flashbacks have given him an idea, so he pulls out his trunk and becomes the man in the mask once more.

Turk Barrett runs through several streets and alleys and Matt finally stops him on a rooftop after Turk trips. Matt tells Turk he wants information about who makes Fisk’s suits. When he threatens to throw Turk off the roof, Turk spills about the connection.

Fisk gets a call from his mother while he sits with Vanessa but ignores it. Instead, he steps outside to speak with Wesley (who is telling someone “we’re on the same page” over the phone). He asks Wesley to returns his mother’s call to see what she needs and Wesley obliges, natch. Leland arrives and Fisk slips back into Vanessa’s room before Leland can talk business with him. Stepping aside, Leland tells Wesley that he spoke with Madame Gao who he thinks doesn’t appear to have been responsible for the attack. Brushing that topic aside, Leland presses Wesley about Fisk’s recent absences from the business, claiming that the person who came after Fisk will come after him again and take advantage of the void in the market. Wesley says Fisk will return when he deems it appropriate and sends Leland home to wait for an update. Then he calls Fisk’s mother back and his first name is James? Okay. And Marlene spills about her recent visitors.

Matt breaks into a garage and after looking around a bit we can see it’s the same place Fisk brought Leland to get fitted. Matt takes a quick look around, immediately coming across the super durable fabric from the lining of Fisk’s suits, just as a man arrives. The man walks directly to the fabric hanging on his dummy and senses it’s been messed with and Matt shows himself from the shadows. Matt asks if the man works for Fisk and, instead of answering, the man begins to throw Matt all around his garage.

Wesley wraps up his call with Marlene by telling her he will have Fisk call her as soon as possible. Then he asks for one of the guards gun and keys, ordering him to be the gatekeeper to Vanessa’s hospital room while he’s away and to tell Fisk that he won’t be long should he come looking for Wesley.

The man in the garage continues to beat Matt senseless and they both alternately gain the upper hand by incorporating more than one dangerous object lying around the garage. The man is very strong and a skilled fighter but Matt regains control when some chains allow him to flip and kick the man to the ground. After he is defeated, the man begins to sob, saying that Matt shouldn’t be there because “Mr. Fisk is gonna be mad and hurt her.” Matt surprises the man by using his name (Melvin Potter) and asking who Fisk is going to hurt. We learn that Betsy, who helps Melvin with his memory, is under constant threat from Fisk as part of the consequences of Melvin letting anyone into the garage that Fisk didn’t bring there personally. Matt gently calms Melvin, telling him that they have that in common, but instead of working for Fisk he wants to stop him. Melvin perks up at this and tells Matt that he’s made many suits for Fisk lined with his special fabric. Matt asks Melvin to make him a costume out of the material so that he can help keep people like Betsy safe and Melvin’s on board.

Karen finds Foggy drinking his sorrows away at Josie’s and joins him for one. She tells him he’s a dick for ignoring her calls all day and he says basically the same things Matt said about the information she uncovered when she and Ben visited Fisk’s mother (that the woman’s old and has a faulty memory and no one will care). Foggy asks about Matt and she tells him that Matt asked about him, too, and they go back and forth as she tries to pry out of him what their problem is. Foggy says he and Matt are going through a rough patch and that although he wants to talk to her about it, he can’t. Karen reminds Foggy that Mrs. Cardenas’ tenement building was torn down that day, telling him that he and Matt need to hug it out and move on because Fisk is still out there destroying Hell’s Kitchen, then leaves him there to finish his bottle.

As she walks home, she leaves Matt a message about her run in with Foggy and tells him they need to get their shit together. (Seriously.) Then she calls Ben and explains what little she knows about the rift between Foggy and Matt, saying she thinks everything is about to fall apart. He tells her that the only way he can continue to do what he does is to keep putting one foot in front of the other to do his part and she thanks him for being there for her and caring. Then we see Ben’s been looking into Fisk’s past – via old photos of Fisk’s father’s failed campaign posters. When Karen gets to her building, she is immediately grabbed from behind by a man.

Fisk talks to Vanessa about his lack of personal faith or religion. He goes into all the ways he was exposed to it and how it seemed it should be, but he never could believe in praying. Fisk promises Vanessa that, since he can’t pray for her and mean it, he will make the person who did this to her pay.

Karen sluggishly wakes up in a chair at a table. The building around her is empty and behind her, Wesley says he almost thought she wouldn’t wake from the drugging. He sits at the table across from her and says he wants to chat. Wesley says that he originally thought Karen wouldn’t be a problem after the Union Allied article since she signed the non-disclosure agreement and was supposed to go away. He says her choice not to do that brought her to the building now, and she’s like, “I’m not scared of you.” Then he pulls out the gun and puts it on the table before asking her if she loves Hell’s Kitchen. He confesses that he doesn’t and hates a great many things about it, but he stays because Fisk needs him. Wesley says Fisk might love Hell’s Kitchen as much as he loves his mother, and he was surprised that Marlene remembered her. He says Fisk would be disturbed to find out Karen had found out about his mother let alone gone to see her, so he’s taken it upon himself to handle the situation. When she finally gives him the “if you’re gonna kill me, kill me” kiss off, Wesley says he’s not there to kill her, but to offer her a job.

Fisk leaves Vanessa’s room and, after requesting some coffee, wonders where Wesley’s gone off to.

Wesley says he wants Karen to convince Ben that she was wrong about Fisk being a villain and that he’s a great guy, and then give the same speech to anyone else she’s talked to about the Union Allied scandal. Karen holds tough again, saying she’d rather die first, so Wesley’s like, “Oh, I didn’t tell you? We’ll kill everyone you love first and let you watch as they all die knowing it’s your fault. And then we’ll kill you.” Wesley’s phone rings and Karen makes a quick grab for the gun and she’s got him dead to rights.

On the other end of the call, Fisk waits by Vanessa’s bedside for Wesley to answer. Karen’s eyes glaze with the power of her position and Wesley bluffs about whether the gun is loaded. He takes a step to get up and Karen fires a shot into his chest! Then, to make sure she’d done the whole “kill someone in self-defense” thing right, she shoots him a few more times. Wesley’s phone begins to ring again in front of his body, now slumped in the chair, and Karen hastily wipes her fingerprints from the gun and table before hightailing it out of there.

The Questions: Who is behind the spiked champagne? Will Matt and Foggy finally be able to bury the hatchet and restore their friendship and Nelson & Murdock? Will Karen tell anyone about killing Wesley? And what in the world will Fisk do without Wesley?

All images courtesy of Marvel and Netflix.

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Microsoft Releases Epic 6-Minute ‘Halo 5’ Campaign Demo, Intros Warzone

Microsoft’s press conference for E3 was absolutely overflowing with awesome news. Kicking everything off in spectacular fashion, we were treated to a campaign demo of Halo 5: Guardians that is over six minutes long! Here’s the clip:

Once again we have a Halo game that looks and acts like a Halo game, but this time, everything is SO BIG. Like, grandiose. The demo follows Spartan Locke as he and his unit search for Master Chief – and engage in some serious combat while they’re at it. There are huge explosions, large spacecrafts, and formidable (and enormous) looking enemies that are sure to give even the most seasoned Halo vet a run for their money. With seamless drop-in, drop-out cooperative play being a huge selling point this time around, it’s easy to see why Microsoft began their conference with a bang.

And don’t forget the other awesome thing about Guardians: the addition of Warzone, the new multiplayer mode. Here’s a taste:

Microsoft expects Warzone to be the real game changer for Halo 5, calling it “player versus everything.” The set up is two teams of 24 – one led by Master Chief and the other by Spartan Locke – engage in explosive head-to-head battle in an environment four-times the size of any Halo map we’ve ever seen.

Have I mentioned Halo 5: Guardians is going to be epic? Look for it to hit stores October 27, 2015.

Images and videos courtesy of Microsoft.

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First Look at Trailer for ‘Fallout 4’

Bethesda did not disappoint with game trailers at their pre-E3 conference last night! The trailer for the fourth installment of their Fallout series is so nuanced and layered, you’ll notice something new each time you watch it. Take a look:

You’ve got your callback to the first Fallout game with the “Please Stand By” imagery, your standard post-nuclear apocalyptic house and surroundings, plus flashbacks to just before this fallout as we follow a dog’s explorations. Following a klaxon, the dog runs through a neighborhood and the clip interweaves shots from the once-developed streets and bridges with their currently deserted and bleak counterparts. More and more, we see what now passes for life here: various robots, weird scavenging creatures of different kinds, small groups of people living in a tent city, and mutant zombies affected by the fallout, natch.

As we’re following reaches his destination we see the city, which appears to be Boston, in all its former resplendence and glory – and then the bomb goes off and ruins everything. Continuing to explore, the dog comes upon an inactive mech in a garage and then a lone human walking down the street with a rifle. The man and the dog bond and they walk off together.

Yeah, Fallout 4 is going to be all about survival, but did you expect anything else? If the man at the end is any indication, he’ll be your player and the dog will likely be your companion at some point in the game so good luck keeping him alive! Ooh, and how about that mech? He’s got to figure into the story line somewhere, or else why did the trailer focus on him in the end? This is going to be a fun one.

Fallout 4 is due out November 10, 2015 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Image and trailer courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

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Trailer for New ‘Doom’ Game Hits E3, is Super Violent

To get a jump on this year’s E3 conference, Bethesda Softworks released a trailer for their upcoming Doom sequel at their pre-show conference!

Lucky for us, it was a combination of video and game play because they do not skimp on the gore. Check it out for yourself:

The trailer gives us the same first-person perspective Doom fans know and love and piles on all the surprise creatures, demons, hellfire, and chainsaws you can handle. Bethesda has yet to mention any kind of multiplayer facet to the game, but they say we can expect a new feature called “Doom Snapmap” which allows players to make game maps or even tweak the game’s rules to their liking while they play. So awesome!

While this title is definitely going to be more than my anxiety can handle, it’s sure to be a hit with all you first-person gore fans out there – and those of you who have been eagerly awaiting news on all things Doom. Look for the release in spring 2016 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Images and trailer courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 309, “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow”

All of the action is coming together in the penultimate episode of this season of Orphan Black! Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix have landed in England to search for the Castor original. First stop, Siobhan’s old neighborhood in London. They stop in a pub to meet Terry who has helped Siobhan procure a gun and who gets them some welcome pints. Sarah’s like, “What, no foreplay?” and Siobhan’s like, “Um, no. This Castor original needs to go, and I’m going to take him out.”

Dr. Coady performs her weird logic test on Rudy who is having some difficulty with it now. He is frustrated and wants to know how long he has before he goes the way of his brothers. Coady assures him that someone will crack Duncan’s code any day now and they’ll save him.

As Gemma practices her karate moves, Helena looks on and gives her some encouragement. She tells Gemma that being small can be a good thing and walks her through a quick and violent takedown perfect for smaller folks. Gemma’s clearly uncomfortable and Gracie walks in and thankfully puts a stop to the demonstration. Remembering that she’s to be a mother, Helena agrees that she’s walking a different path now.

Terry and Siobhan recount to Sarah and Felix the story of how Terry helped steal Sarah from the orphanage all those years ago. It becomes apparent that they had several safe houses back then, but Siobhan wants to get back to business. She shows Terry the decoded note that Rachel wrote and it doesn’t make much sense to him, except the number at the end. He says the original is or was likely a guest of Her Majesty (I enjoy that analogy) and is older guy from the number sequence. Terry tells Siobhan that he’ll speak to a friend and it shouldn’t take long to put a name to the number.

In a sort of daze, Gracie finds Alison in the garage and Alison immediately begins ticking off orders to her. When Gracie tells Alison she has a doctor’s appointment, Alison graciously gives her the day off – but only then does she wonder where her husband is.

Donnie wakes up on the floor of the stock room of Bubbles and surveys himself in a bedazzled mirror: his left eye is swollen shut and he’s got blood dripping from his nose. As he tries to patch himself up, he gets a call from Alison. He spins some lies about his whereabouts since last night and Alison asks him to mind the store today while she campaigns, and he agrees.

Cosima drinks some tea while Shay showers and then she decides to read the file that Delphine gave her. Initially it’s relatively innocuous: ID, form, creepy surveillance photos of the two of them. Then Cosima reaches the part of the file about Shay’s military affiliation – and Shay finishes her shower and enters the room. Cosima stuffs the file back into her bag and makes and excuse about having to do paperwork at the lab before leaving. Shay looks a little taken aback.

At Bubbles, Donnie hears a knock on the door as he cleans up the stock room from his fight with Jason. It’s Jason’s Do Dirt Dude, Lionel, and he wrecks all of Donnie’s progress. Lionel’s searching for the pills because Pouchy wants them back as Jason no longer vouches for Donnie and Alison. While he messes up the stock, he finds Helena’s stashed babies and, deciding that it looks important, decides to keep it until Donnie squares up with Pouchy.

Cosima goes to visit Scott and they look through the file together. He’s unconvinced that Shay is a spy but Cosima thinks the fact that Shay noticed Dr. Moreau when Cosima brought her to visit the lab – right before Rudy showed up – is a dead giveaway. Not to mention, Shay brought up Sarah alleging that Cosima sleep talks; Cosima is adamant that she doesn’t do that creepy shit. Scott wonders if Shay knew that Cosima had been sick again, as Rudy did, and Cosima confirms this. She feels terrible for being so blinded and for putting the others at risk.

Felix doesn’t love English food so much and they reminisce about Siobhan’s youth. Just then, three more of her cronies happen by: Christy, Kieran, and …. . Apparently, the four were in a band who played at the pub every Friday night. Thinking about the good old days, everyone agrees they should put on another show.

Terry lets himself into a creepily still and dusty building as he calls Siobhan. He leaves a message that he’s got something for her and leaves word how she can find him and then is startled by a truly creepy guy sitting on a dilapidated couch in the next room. Not to be out-creeped, Ferdinand emerges from the shadows behind Terry and it quickly becomes apparent that Terry has made some sort of deal with Topside. Terry tells Ferdinand that Siobhand and her two kids just arrived and when he alleges he doesn’t know why they’re in England, the creepy couch man wraps an electrical cord around Terry’s throat, strangling him.

As Siobhan and the band begin their set, Terry continues to be choked but puts up a fight – even after being shoved through a window. Terry puts up an admirable fight at Ferdinand watches idly by, but the creepy guy gets the upper hand and has Terry crawling and spitting out teeth soon enough. Ferdinand says, “You will tell me what I need to know,” and the creepy guy approaches them, swinging the electrical cord around his head like a lasso.

Sarah congratulates Siobhan on a great performance, then wonders aloud if they really have to kill the Castor original. Siobhan is like, “Girl, do you remember how they’re out there sterilizing women? YES, he has to die.” Then she notices her missed call from Terry. As she calls him back, Ferdinand and the creepy guy interrogate Terry as the guy beats him across the face with the electrical cord. Getting no answer, Siobhan tells Sarah to grab Felix so they can head over to see him.

Helena is having a good old time mixing soaps and and singing into a wooden spoon. Gracie arrives to tell Helena that she’s off to her doctor’s appointment, but the goodbye she gave her looked more like she’s running away. Through the windows of the garage, Helena notices Donnie sneaking back into the house and sneaks up on him as he raids the cabinets. She wonders why he’s so beat up and he lies poorly about what happened to him. She tells him to sit and promises to fix him and make the pain go away – maybe in exchange for some truth – and Donnie is putty in her hands.

Cosima arrives back at Dyad to speak to Delphine, who musters all of her smugness to tell Cosima, “I told you so.” Delphine asks why she’s back at Dyad since she quit, and Cosima reminds her that she said she couldn’t quit Dyad. Cosima owns up to her mistakes and apologizes for not trusting Delphine, and Delphine asks what Cosima’s not telling her now. So Cosima tells her that Sarah’s in London on a mission to kill the Castor original as they speak and needs to know who gave them the book. Delphine’s like, “I’m on it.”

Helena has mixed up a concoction to make Donnie’s bruises better, just like they used when the nuns used to beat the demons from them in the orphanage! She tells him that he must have much more interesting stories, though, like ones that star drug dealers and large sums of money…and a fight, perhaps? Donnie regrets getting involved with Jason and as he explains what he must do to make things right again, he casually mentions that they took Helena’s tank from under the counter. Immediately, she tries to control her temper but asks where they are, promising to take care of things. Donnie reminds her that she walks a new path now and she doesn’t think Alison will like how things have turned out. He says that it’s up to him to take care of his family, which includes Helena now, so he’ll fix it.

Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix arrive at Terry’s to find him badly beaten and still tied to the chair. He swears he told them nothing of use and Siobhan tasks Sarah and Felix with finding something to stop all the bleeding. Terry says again that he told them nothing, but says there’s something she should know and whispers to her. As Sarah and Felix come back, Terry dies and Siobhan tells them that they’re done and are going home. She hands over her gun and tells them to go back to the pub and wait for her. On the way out, Sarah spots and swipes a phone lying on the floor.

Outside, Sarah tells Felix that they aren’t going to the pub and whips out the phone. She thinks that calling Terry’s people might jangle loose the bit of information he discovered before he was killed and calls back a number that appeared twice in the recent call log. The man answers gruffly and, pretending to be Siobhan, Sarah sets up a meet in the square in an hour. Felix isn’t thrilled with the plan but knows he needs to go with her, and across the way, Ferdinand and his creepy couch guy keep tabs on them.

Felix again expresses his wariness and Sarah’s plan gets even shakier: if the guy they’re meeting gets spooked by Sarah not being Siobhan, she’ll use the nice new gun to intimidate him. Then, a taxi arrives for “Siobhan” and Sarah and Felix climb in back.

Donnie takes Helena with him over to Pouchy’s to return the pills. Leaving her in the car, he and his beat up face walk inside and he tries to make nice in this really aggressive environment. As he is getting no reaction from anyone (apart from fish-eyed stares), he puts the merchandise down and only asks to have Helena’s tank back. Luisa wonders why he wants it back if he “doesn’t know what’s inside,” so Donnie spills that it’s embryos – but he lies and says they’re for him and his wife. He tells Pouchy that if he gets the tank back (along with a reimbursement for the pills) they’ll be square. This is hilarious to the gang, who all laugh in Donnie’s face. Just then, Helena shows up at the door disguised (slightly) as Alison. She does a bad job disguising her accent but Luisa hands the tank over anyway. But instead of giving Donnie the money back, Pouchy and Luisa inform Donnie that he and Alison will now be laundering his money through Bubbles (like they had planned to do), so Donnie and Helena-as-Alison high tail it out of there – until Luisa threatens Oscar and Gemma. Helena pushes Donnie outside and locks him out and turns on the group, saying they “should not threaten babies.” Oh damn.

Smug Delphine pays Shay a visit – along with two guards. She bullies Shay into taking a seat and it looks just like the beginning of an interrogation.

The taxi driver pulls into an empty alley and forces Felix and Sarah out of the car before roughing Felix up. After clearing up their actual identities and connections to the real Siobhan, the taxi driver realizes he was also one of the guys who tracked and hid Sarah all those years ago. Sarah remembers he’s Kassov and asks him what he told Terry. Kassov hands over a print out on a prisoner named Kendall Malone, imprisoned for aggravated homicide in 1978. Felix notices a current address on the paper and they ask to be taken there.

Donnie tries to smooth the situation over with Alison over the phone, telling her everything is fine – until Helena walks out of Pouchy’s warehouse absolutely covered in blood and holding the shear from the paper cutter and a black bag. Donnie asks her what she’s done and she’s like, “I just got a refund, that’s all,” and they leave in a big hurry.

Now barefoot, Shay tells Delphine again that she’s not a corporate spy. Delphine remarks that Shay sure has a lot of nice stuff and when Shay says it’s none of her business how she earns money, Delphine retorts that it is her business if she’s bankrolled by Castor. This confuses Shay but one thing becomes clear: this must be why Cosima was acting weird. She tells Delphine she’s acting like a Single White Female and Delphine runs a bath and pulls a razor blade out of her boot ominously.

Elsewhere, Helena runs water, too – to clean off all the blood on her hands. Donnie hides the money in their deep freeze and tells Helena she should shower before Alison comes home. Helena thanks Donnie for saving her babies and leaves the garage, just in time for Alison to arrive home. Seeing his face, she asks what happened and he’s like, “Well, for starters, we’re rich now…”

Delphine shuts off the bath and begins to tell Shay about a girl she knew who tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists in the bathtub. Helpful as always, Delphine says the girl did it wrong: she should have cut the metatarsal arteries on her feet, too. Suddenly it’s clear why Shay’s barefoot. Gulp.

Runaway Gracie calls Cosima to thank her for helping her and gives her a message for everyone: “I’m sorry.” Turns out, Gracie was the mole for Castor. They told her she could help save Mark if she handed over Dr. Moreau and she did it so she could be with the man she loves. She hangs up when Mark and the man on the bench pull up to retrieve her, leaving Cosima reeling over her mistake at suspecting Shay.

Speaking of Shay, she maintains her innocence as Delphine continues to threaten her. Just then, Delphine gets a call from Cosima clearing up the confusion and she looks right pissed she’s not going to get to kill Shay.

As they arrive at the address on the print out, Kassov says he thinks he shook a tail they had a ways back. He points Sarah and Felix in the right direction and drives away, leaving the two there. Sarah thinks finding Kendall asleep makes for ideal assassination conditions and assigns Felix lookout duty while she does the dirty work.

A couple of blocks away, Kassov pulls his taxi over and gets an unexpected fare: Ferdinand.

Back at Dyad, Delphine takes a call from Ferdinand who clues her in to his current doings and whereabouts. He accuses Delphine of keeping secrets from Topside since Sarah’s supposed to be in Dyad’s custody. Delphine encourages him to come visit her so they can straighten things out and as he exits the taxi, we see Kassov in the front seat with his throat cut ear to ear.

Sarah creeps inside Kendall Malone’s address and finds a stack of mail confirming it is his residence. She pulls her gun out as she nervously makes her way down the hallway and Felix waits impatiently outside. When Sarah reaches the bedroom she finds it empty – bed still made and all – and we see a car pulling up near Felix outside. With her back turned, Sarah is startled by an older woman wielding a knife. The woman backs Sarah into the kitchen as Sarah tries in vain to convince the woman she’s not there to hurt her. She pulls her gun out (torpedoing that argument) and they notice a shadow approaching the door as the woman asserts that she is Kendall Malone. Then Siobhan walks in and tells Sarah to lower her gun, greeting the older woman as “mother.”

In a tense standoff in the kitchen, we learn that dear old mum killed Siobhan’s first love, John, which is why she went to prison, but what neither Siobhan nor Sarah understand is why Professor Duncan would direct them to her in a search for the Castor original. Kendall drops the knife and says she knew this would crop up eventually, but she hoped she’d be dead already.

Outside, Felix is freezing his bollocks off when he notices a car approach. As the car shuts its headlights off, Felix hides in a shadow.

Kendall says Duncan came to Newton testing inmates for “cancer research,” but she never believed the lie. She knew Duncan was looking for a male donor and he found one – her. Apparently, Kendall had absorbed her male twin in utero, giving her two sets of DNA.

Felix hurriedly texts Sarah that someone might be there and Siobhan turns on the stove preparing to blow the whole place to bits – then turns the gun on Kendall. They have to destroy every scrap of DNA, after all, including the living original. Sarah is horrified that Siobhan is willing to kill her mother and reminds her that if Kendall is the Castor original and has two cell lines, that means she’s the Leda original, too, but Siobhan doesn’t lower her gun an inch.

The Questions: Will Gracie be safe with Mark and the man on the bench? How will Delphine lie her way out of this one when Ferdinand arrives? What will Alison do when she finds out exactly what Helena did? And is Siobhan really going to kill her own mother? (Slash, Siobhan essentially raised one of her many aunts! How crazy is that?!)

All photos courtesy of BBC America.

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Marvel’s Daredevil Recap: Ep. 110, “Nelson v. Murdock”

Alright, things are getting really real on Daredevil. Honestly, if you’ve gone ahead and watched the rest of the season, I wouldn’t even be mad. No blame, no shame. But keep coming back to relive your favorite OMG moments!

A severely battered Matt wakes on his couch. He is absolutely covered in cuts and angry looking bruises. He even has stitches in some important abdominal areas. As he struggles to lift himself off the couch, Foggy tells him he wouldn’t do that if he were him, but maybe he would because he really doesn’t know this guy who’s supposed to be his best friend. Foggy says Claire came by to stitch him up after but what he really wants to know is, is Matt really blind?

Flashing back to college, Foggy (plus a bunch of shaggy hair) and Matt meet for the first time and Foggy goes down his list of “things I can tell just by looking at you”: Matt is blind, and as his last name’s Murdock, he must be that kid from Hell’s Kitchen who saved the man crossing the street all those years ago. Matt downplays the situation but Foggy thinks he’s a hero and takes to Matt immediately. Assuming that hanging with Matt will undoubtedly score him access to ladies he would otherwise never have a shot with, Foggy suggests they go meet some at a coffee shop.

Back in Matt’s apartment in the present, Matt has explained the “world on fire” to Foggy, but all Foggy can hear is that Matt has had some kind of visual acuity all along and feels super betrayed. Foggy’s pissed that he told Claire about his vision and vigilantism, but Matt insists he had no choice but to clue her in when she found him in the dumpster. Then Foggy asks Matt if he had anything to do with the building explosions like the news has been alleging, but Matt says everything – including his current state – is Fisk’s fault (well, part Nobu’s fault, too). Just then, Karen calls Matt and Foggy guilts him about not wanting to get her involved. When she calls Foggy’s phone after not getting an answer from Matt, Foggy tells her that he’s looking after Matt, who has been in a car accident. He rushes her off the phone, telling her to stay at the office, but Foggy isn’t happy. He wants to know every detail of what Matt’s been keeping from them.

Fisk meets Madame Gao in a lovely garden where she says what happened to Nobu was “unfortunate.” She says he was prideful taking on the man in the mask himself, and asks if Fisk has found the man in the mask yet. Gao expresses concern that Nobu’s clan will be out for revenge soon and Fisk is like, “I know that already.” So then she gets to the point, asking, “What happens when your ambition turns to me?” Fisk assures Gao that she has always had his respect, but this doesn’t assuage her. She says when she met him, he was of a single mind, determined to make the city better, but now he’s got two minds – and the second one is clouded by love. He needs to choose between being the savior or oppressor, light or dark, and must choose wisely or others will choose for him.

Ben visits his wife, Doris, in the hospital and lies that the doctors think her heath is improving. She asks him about his work and when he tries to brush it off saying he should focus on being with her, Doris says he wouldn’t be Ben Urich if he wasn’t chasing down leads for a story. As she convinces him that he has learned from his youthful recklessness and become a responsible and careful reporter, her eyes glaze over and she forgets their conversation and greets him anew. Shirley arrives to speak with Ben and tells him that she did everything she could, but the extension he filed for was denied. :(

Foggy goes through Matt’s stuff and finds his vigilante gear. Matt tells him the Internet helped him acquire everything and Foggy wants to know how Matt can fight so well, because he definitely didn’t learn it from his dad. Matt says an old man named Stick taught him how to fight and helped him realize that his blindness wasn’t a disability. Foggy presses, wanting to know exactly what Matt can do, so Matt gives him a taste: Matt can tell that Foggy hasn’t showered since yesterday morning, that he had onions in his lunch yesterday, that his heart beats faster every time Matt says anything more, and on. Foggy is completely weirded out and gets pissed when he realizes that Matt has always known every time Foggy lied but played along instead of confronting him. He wonders if anything between them was ever real.

In another flashback, the jovial buddies drunkenly walk around campus talking about their futures as lawyers and weighing the importance of Spanish over Punjabi. As they take a breather on some steps, Matt comes perilously close to revealing his abilities but is able to cover it when Foggy asks him when he had his first drink. Matt recalls the sip of scotch his father gave him before stitching his eye up after a fight that he lost, and Foggy thinks Jack would be proud of Matt today. They dream about futures as successful defense lawyers before heading back tot heir dorm.

At work, Ben peruses a pamphlet on hospice and it looks like that’s the next step for Doris. His editor, Ellison, stops by his office to ask why Ben gave his most recent assignment to another reporter and Ben brushes it off as a personal matter. Then Ellison gets to the point: there’s going to be an opening on the Metro desk at the end of the month and he thinks Ben should take the position, dangling the “better benefits” in front of him as incentive. Ben says he’ll think about it.

Back at the office, Karen calls Foggy again and notices a box on her desk. Ben surprises her, having slipped in through the unlocked front door. He tells her that the box is hers now, and it contains everything he has on the Fisk/Confederate Global story. Ben tells her that the story can’t be the most important thing for him right now because of Doris’ health, that he needs to take some time off to look after his wife at home. Struck with an idea, Karen asks Ben to take a ride with her up north to a nursing home she’s heard about and he agrees.

As Wesley helps Fisk finish dressing at his apartment, Owlsley expresses his displeasure at how Fisk indirectly dispatched Nobu, and Fisk tries to convince him to speak to Madame Gao on his behalf. Owlsley isn’t into this idea, because although he never really liked Nobu, he also sees how Fisk has changed since he began seeing Vanessa. In the end, though, he agrees to speak to Gao.

Matt dresses as Foggy speaks with Mahoney. Mahoney said that the junkie who killed Mrs. Cardenas jumped off the roof of the shooting gallery he frequented, and Foggy wants to know if Matt did it. Matt says he only told the guy to go turn himself in and that he didn’t kill him, it was Fisk. He also assures Foggy that he’s never killed anyone although he did go to the warehouse intending to kill Fisk. Foggy is disgusted at Matt’s presumption and Matt says sometimes the law isn’t enough.

Flashing back again to their intern days at Landman and Zack, Matt and Foggy sit in on a settlement and witness a sick man being railroaded by the firm. In their tiny office, Foggy tells Matt that he heard they’re going to be offered permanent positions, but Matt is hesitant because what happened today wasn’t right. He challenges Foggy to consider whether he wants to be part of litigation that defends corporations and, seeing the logic in Matt’s argument, Foggy begins to pack up his stuff so they can go save the world together.

And in the present, as Foggy hesitates to ask Matt something, Matt reminds him that he knows when he lying – and can tell from his breathing patterns when he wants to say something.

On the way north, Karen and Ben discuss the advanced stage of Doris’ Alzheimer’s. Karen expresses her sympathies and Ben thinks Doris would like her, saying he wishes he’d taken her to meet Doris when she was a little more lucid. Then they arrive at the nursing home.

Inside, Karen signs a visitor’s log and Ben wants to know what they’re doing at this opulent nursing home with its grand staircases. She tells him to hang in there and have a look around with her.

Foggy yells at Matt for recklessly running around town picking fights in costume. He wants to know how Matt goes from getting heightened senses as a child to vigilante. Matt says that listening to how the city suffered every night eventually spurred him to do something after many years of turning away from things. He heard a girl crying over her father who was abusing her after her mother was asleep and after realizing social services and police wouldn’t or couldn’t help, he followed the man one night and beat him to a pulp. As he made mince meat of the man’s face, Matt told him if he touched his daughter again, he’d know and he clearly loved the empowerment he felt from getting some justice for the little girl. Foggy thinks this is evidence of Matt simply needing an outlet for his violence and Matt’s like, “Yeah, I don’t want to stop.”

Karen and Ben wander around Saint Benezet (which is so much more awesome than my apartment building, btw) and Karen “randomly” wanders to a door and knocks so that she and Ben can “get a feel for the place.” The occupant, Mrs. Vistain, lets them in but realizes – after she puts her glasses on – that she doesn’t know Ben and Karen, but amicably answers their questions anyway. We find out that the woman has been at Saint Benezet since her husband died, but he wasn’t her first husband – he was her third. The first, she says, “tried so hard, but he drank, you know?” Karen asks if she had any children with her first husband, and Mrs. Vistain reveals that her sweet boy is none other than Wilson Fisk. Then, because she got used to spilling the beans, I guess, Mrs. Vistain begins to tell Karen and Ben about Wilson’s involvement in the death of his father.

At a benefit, Fisk, flanked by Vanessa, gives a gruff speech about being the kind of guy who steps forward when his city is in a time of need. He glad hands after getting off stage and runs into Owlsley who says, “It’s all taken care of.” Senator Cherryh approaches and pulls Fisk aside to talk about zoning, and Wesley, Vanessa, and Owlsley discuss Cherryh in their absence. As they talk, a man, and then a woman hit the floor, foaming at the mouth. The only thing they have in common is the champagne they were drinking, which Leland drops when a third man hits the floor. Fisk orders Wesley to get the car – just as Vanessa, too, hits the ground from ingesting the champagne.

Foggy continues in on Matt and argues that Matt has put Karen and himself in danger by keeping this from them. Matt tries to convince Foggy that if he doesn’t continue, Fisk will win out – exactly the way he won over Mrs. Cardenas. He tells him that they don’t live in a world that’s fair and he’s just trying to make it a better place. Foggy thinks he sounds an awful lot like Fisk and worries at Matt’s potential for murder. Then he throws down a couple of consequences that could have emerged from Matt’s deception: Matt could go to jail, and Foggy could have been implicated in his deeds. Foggy can’t move past this and questions his entire friendship with Matt and leaves Matt to break down in sobs.

In a more recent flashback, Matt is covering his latest fighting injuries with a lie about getting hurt taking out the trash at Josie’s. Foggy sketches a mockup of the Nelson and Murdock sign that they’ll hang at their firm (when they officially start one). He tells Matt that he’s nervous, but he trusts him and he’s with him, for better or worse. Mirroring the moment they met in college, Foggy is excited about their new frontier together and they toast to the future.

At their offices, Foggy boxes up his stuff and throws the new Nelson and Murdock sign in the garbage before leaving.

The Questions: What will Ben and Karen do with their new dirt on Fisk? Did Leland have something to do with the poisoned champagne at the benefit (he looked real shaky in that scene)? Is Vanessa going to die? And will Matt and Foggy be able to repair their friendship?

All images courtesy of Marvel and Netflix.

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iZombie GIF Crash Course: A Guide to the First Season

So I’ve been crushing hard on CW’s new dramedy, iZombie. I would love to have been recapping it, but Tuesday night was Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. night and you know how that goes. But, in honor of tonight’s season finale, I wanted to clue you geeks and girls who haven’t been watching in to this very layered take on the zombie trope while also giving you regular viewers what you want: GIF recaps of your favorite moments! (Caution: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!)

iZombie is based on the Chris Roberson Vertigo comic title of the same name but has some notable differences. The CW show features Liv Moore, a recently minted doctor and assistant coroner who has a devastating secret: she’s a zombie.

But she’s not menacing, I promise! Well, not all the time. See, she does need brains to survive, but she’s not out there killing people to get them. Instead, she uses her sweet work hookup to nab some brains from the bodies who pass through the morgue.

Her boss, Ravi Chakrabarti, is devastatingly handsome figured her out immediately and decided to help her continue to pass for human.

He also helped convince Detective Clive Babineaux that Liv is a psychic when, in reality, she gets flashes of memories and vicariously adopts character traits from the owners of the brains she chows down on.

Now she and Babineaux solve crimes together! Each week, Liv eats more brains and her changeable behavior is a constant source of comedy. Observe:

Stoner Liv

Drunk Radio Host Liv

Super Upbeat High School Cheerleader Liv

And on. Meanwhile, Liv’s ex-fiancee, Major Lilywhite (yes, that’s really his name!), still wants to be with her and is also really, really, ridiculously good looking. He and Ravi move in together and cultivate a most-excellent bromance.

The season really got going when Major began investigating the disappearances of several homeless teens as Liv and Clive delve into suspicious deaths surrounding energy drink manufacturers, Max Rager. Not to mention the other zombies in town! Blaine is the first one Liv meets – and he’s also the one who made her. Awkward!

Blaine has also figured out a way to make money as a zombie: he runs ill-gotten brains through his restaurant, Meat Cute. (Yeah, it’s adorably punny.) As Major investigates the missing teens, he finds a connection to Blaine’s brain courier service and checks himself into a psychological facility! I mean, finding a cooler full of brains would give me weird ideas, too.

Yes, just when you think you’ve got this show pegged, it does something wholly awesome with the characters. Like Ravi, who thought he was going to go all undead from a zombie rat bite. And Liv’s brother applying for a job at Meat Cute.

Not to mention last week’s explosive episode! Liv’s best friend and roommate, Peyton is treated to something I thought she’d be the last to see: Liv in full-on zombie mode fighting another zombie to the death in their house.

And Major discovers the existence of zombies and vows to kill ’em all.

Then he gets kidnapped!

Oh, my heart. I don’t know if I can handle tonight’s finale. I just hope Major doesn’t die. #RaJorfolyfe

Tune in to the season finale of iZombie tonight and let us know what you think! 

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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 308, “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method”

Delphine has gone for a manicure and her aesthetician is…a Leda clone. The clone describes an experience where she was seduced by a guy and then brought to a hotel room where another identical guy waited (sound familiar?). She’s sure she, like, almost ended up in the back of a van, but tells Delphine that you can’t crush the human spirit.

At Helena and Sarah’s favorite cantina, a very banged up Dr. Coady questions the proprietor about the twins. She denies having seen them and walks away, leaving Coady to have drinks with…the man from the bench. Coady laments the loss of the Castor DNA and the man tells her that he has a source “inside Leda.” Coady deduces that Castor and Leda are connected.

Admiring her fresh manicure, Delphine remarks to Dr. Nealon that Krystal Goderitch, the Leda manicurist, remains blissfully ignorant about her origins and Castor. Nealon tells Delphine that three candidates are currently vying to be Krystal’s next monitor (unbeknownst to her), but Delphine wants to talk about their problem at home: Rachel. She thinks Rachel’s a liability and wants to find a long-term solution for her.

Cosima shares her tub bleeding episode with Sarah via Skype but is more concerned about Sarah after her ordeal at the Castor base. Sarah suggests that her functional immunity to the Castor defect might help Cosima but Cosima tells her that she shouldn’t worry about the setback because Delphine’s scientists are on the case. Then Sarah changes the subject to Cosima’s love life, who is reluctant to discuss it but says her current situation is what she needs right now. Sarah says she needs a way forward, a leg up, and tells Cosima that she’s been thinking about finishing what Beth started. She worries about losing another sister, so as Shay arrives home, Cosima tells Sarah to call Scott to get the deets on “something big” they’ve been holding back before hanging up.

Felix is over for a visit with Alison and Donnie and Donnie is not into the idea of taking in Helena along with hiring Gracie. He tries to convince Donnie that Helena, who’s good with kids, could be just fine with a couple of lessons on social skills. Upstairs, Helena tries on socks and gets to know Gemma. Gemma asks about Helena’s canister and Helena says it’s where she keeps her babies. Very much the child, Gemma says she’s silly and throws some undies in Helena’s face and they have a clothes fight. Donnie continues to resist but Alison says the plan is to have Helena assist them in making soaps. He still doesn’t know why Helena can’t just stay with one o her other sisters and Felix is all, “It’s your turn so you’ll do it or I’ll put all your dirty laundry in the streets!”

Shay tries to help Cosima through relaxation and breathing techniques and Cosima asks if Shay knows anything about near-death experiences. Shay says she thinks before we die we see a bit of what we left (aka, “life flashing before your eyes”) and that if we’re lucky, we can find our way back. Then she realizes that Cosima needs to get to work and they tease each other about the experiments and tests being conducted at Dyad.

In another video call, Scott shows Sarah Dr. Moreau and tells her the Duncan wanted them to have it. He also fills her in on how Rachel can decipher it and will only do so if she can speak with Sarah. Sarah agrees that not telling Delphine about this was a good move and decides to go ahead and talk to Rachel.

Delphine surveys Rachel and Scott’s game of Agricola and calls Rachel’s progress “disappointing.” Rachel tells Scott Delphine sees her as a threat and Delphine’s like, “Yeah, and how did you deal with threats when you were in my position?” When Delphine leaves, Scott and Rachel Skype with Sarah and Siobhan. Sarah gets straight to business but Rachel won’t give up info so easily. Scott says Rachel thinks Delphine is going to try to eliminate her, so Rachel wants to parlay her ability to decipher the book in exchange for Sarah and Siobhan getting her out of Dyad. Reading from a paper, Scott says, “She wants a quiet life…in Taiwan,” and Rachel even has an idea on how to do it: Sarah can steal Krystal Goderitch’s identity and help Rachel escape Dyad. Sarah wants some assurances, and Scott reveals that Rachel deciphered one of the pages in the book already. The passage says, “In London town we all fell down, and Castor woke from slumber.”

This was enough for Sarah who, with Felix on the phone in the background and Siobhan looming, decides the only way forward is to help Rachel. Gracie arrives at Siobhan’s and Siobhan tells her to pack her things to leave for Alison’s, but she hovers on the stairs eavesdropping. Sarah is convinced that there’s something pertinent to Ledas in that book and Felix says Scott and Cosima have a way to get Rachel out of Dyad using Scott’s gaming group. Siobhan thinks springing Rachel will destroy their alliance with Delphine, but Sarah knows that if the information in the book is valuable Delphine will be forced to bargain with them, anyway.

Cosima shows Shay around the lab and embarrasses Scott with awkward jokes about lesbians. He and Cosima whisper about their new covert mission being a go while Shay admires his tabletop gaming collection (woop woop!). Scott invites Shay to join his gaming group just as she comes across the encoded Dr. Moreau. Cosima quickly recovers it and smoothly hands it off to Scott to hide in his backpack – but not before Delphine can show up and make things even more weird. She needs to talk to Cosima and Scott offers to show Shay out. Delphine essentially asks if she and Cosima can put aside their beef to work out a problem, because she’s got some bad news.

In the back room of Bubbles, Donnie teaches Helena how to make soap but Helena is more interested in him. She says Alison has good taste in men, having chosen one as strong as a baby ox. He cracks a joke in her accent and she finds it so hilarious that it makes him a little uncomfortable. Letting Helena take over stirring, he leaves the room to re-confront Alison about Jason Kellerman kissing Cosima-as-her. He thinks she might have kissed Jason back if it hadn’t been Cosima and she denies it badly, saying that she’ll clear things up with him. Just then Gracie arrives for her first day on the job at Bubbles.

Helena stashes her babies on a shelf in the office and Gracie greets her. They’re both very stilted and weird with each other as Gracie apologizes for losing the baby (what?). Helena tells Gracie not to worry and assures her that she can be an aunt to Helena’s babies, and then she embraces her.

Sarah and Felix stake out Krystal and discuss the game plan for stealing her identity. Felix tries out the bluetooth as Sarah makes sure he knows to steal Krystal’s wallet and knows how to unearth her passwords. He’s a little miffed at her lack of confidence (he’s a hustler, too, Sarah) then heads into the nail salon where Kyrstal works. With an American accent and distinctly masculine affectations, he approaches Krystal for a mani-pedi and she’s pleased to help him.

Scott arrives home to find Rudy in his apartment holding his cat, Denise. Uh oh. As he passive-aggressively threatens Denise, Rudy asks Scott if he’s got any good books to lend him. Like, a copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau, perhaps?

Krystal tells Felix her crazy Castor story with all the same inflections and intonations from when she told Delphine, and Felix continues to flirt with her. With a round of “What’s Your Porn Name?” Felix discovers that her first pet’s name is Muffin and her mother’s maiden name is Slowikowski. Sarah prods him to find out a school name, but Felix notices Krystal withdraw a little. She tells him that she’s weirded out by the fact that her boyfriends always tend to leave her after two years and how hotel security guards were wielding submachine guns and she feels lost, like she’s missing something. Felix wants to tell her everything but Sarah tells him not to, so he goes to the restroom to save face. Sneaking around the staff room, Felix finds the wallet in Krystal’s purse, but also a cute pink book filled with investigation notes; looks like Krystal’s been looking into the Castors already. Back out front, Felix tells Krystal that he’s got to run and before she can go into an emotional tailspin, he reminds her – in his British accent (aka, his “truth voice”) – that she’s a survivor and she’s one of a kind. Back in the car, Felix feels like crap for stealing from Krystal and Sarah empathizes. With a fresh swipe of lip gloss, Felix and Sarah hightail it out of there.

Delphine shows Cosima evidence of a dead Polish Leda clone and tells her that she’s going to need another stem cell infusion from Kira in a month. Cosima refuses to keep harvesting Kira so they put their heads together to figure out how to identify the rest of the synthetic sequences when Scott calls Delphine, apparently in a panic.

Jason shows up at Bubbles and Alison tries (badly) to discuss the kiss from the campaign mixer. Neither can say much, so Jason steals another kiss. She tells him that his behavior is inappropriate considering 1) she’s married, and 2) they’re in business together. He offers to be discrete and she tells him that he needs to go.

At Scott’s place, Delphine chides him and Cosima for not telling her about the book. She’s highly upset that they didn’t trust what she’d do with it, because now the only copy is in the hands of the Castors. Delphine wants to know how Rudy knew exactly what to look for, and Scott reveals that Rachel can read it. Delphine is flabbergasted that they’d have taken this information to Rachel but didn’t tell her.

Donnie sits in the basement counting pills when Alison comes back home. She says that she and Jason discussed their kiss, which was a mistake, and they’ve moved on. Gracie comes downstairs for linens and Alison quickly takes her back upstairs to find them, lest she discover the secret drug business the Hendrixes are running. When she’s gone, Donnie finds Alison’s phone in her jacket and goes through it.

As she closes up the salon for the evening, Krystal is surprised by Dr. Nealon, who says, yes, she can help him.

Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix are up to speed on the currently developing news about the Castor’s acquisition of Dr. Moreau and there’s a knock on the door. It’s one of Scott’s board game buddies dropping off a package: it’s a copy of the book! With her on the phone, Sarah asks if Cosima is sure she wants to go through with her plan behind Delphine’s back, but Operation Get Rachel Out of Dyad is still on.

Delphine confronts Rachel (and Scott) about the leak to Castor, but Scott’s like, “How? She doesn’t even have the Internet.” Angry, Delphine says she should have let Rachel die before she gets a phone call and leaves. Rachel asks Scott to “play Agricola,” so Rachel gives them an hour before he’s due back in the lab.

Cosima grabs a print out before leaving and the guard outside Rachel’s room’s enthusiasm over Scott’s involvement in this prison break plan borders on reverence. He tells Rachel and Scott that he downed four cameras on the security route and swipes them to a a gassed up handi-van on the 6th level. Scott texts Cosima an update, just as she hands the print out to Delphine in her office: it’s her resignation letter, effective immediately.

Jason breaks into Bubbles looking for Alison but finds Donnie, who texted him to meet. Donnie is gobsmacked that Jason would think Alison would skip out to meet up in the stock room. Jason tells Donnie that it doesn’t matter that he’s married to Alison; if he wants Donnie’s wife he’ll take her because Donnie works for him. (WHAT.) This elicits a genuine gob smack from Donnie and Jason takes the bait and punches Donnie, finally leaving with Donnie laid out on the stock room floor.

Delphine tries in vain to get Cosima to reconsider quitting by playing on her paranoia: how will Cosima ever know if someone – like Shay, perhaps – is spying on her on behalf of Dyad unless she maintains contact with Delphine? Cosima sees right through this manipulation and implores Delphine to let her go if she won’t be with her and switch her allegiance.

Scott brings Rachel safely to Siobhan’s house and Sarah lays out Rachel’s new identity on the kitchen table. Then Sarah gives Rachel their photocopied Moreau and says if she doesn’t decipher it cover to cover, she’ll send Rachel back to Delphine. So Rachel gets to work.

Cosima tells Delphine about how she almost died the day Delphine left to Frankfurt but never told her because Delphine doesn’t believe in those things. This leads to a tender but ill-advised kiss, and Delphine apologizes, reiterating that Cosima should have trusted her with the book. Uh oh.

Felix and Scott read along as Rachel decodes the book and here’s what we’ve got so far: “In London town we all fell down, and Castor woke from slumber. Find the first, the beast, the cursed. The original has a number.” Then Rachel writes the number H46239 and Dr. Nealon bursts in with a couple of armed guards. He takes the book from Rachel but she’s like, “It’s my book!” before collapsing in a seizure. Back at Dyad, Delphine is concerned as Nealon assured her Rachel would be safe if Scott and the rest moved her.  He says he thought she could and gives Delphine the book, then rushes into the elevator to get Rachel to surgery, and he and Rachel share a sneaky side eye.

In Delphine’s office, Cosima and Scott wait anxiously for news about Rachel and show us once again how hindsight is 20/20 as they regret not making two extra copies of the book since Delphine was on to them the whole time. Delphine and Dr. Nealon approach and Nealon says that Rachel suffered an intracranial bleed that caused him to induce a coma, but Rachel may never recover. Cosima tries to explain again why they didn’t include her, but Delphine reminds her that because they didn’t, the Castors now have the book and they might have cost both camps the one person who could actually read it. She essentially fires both of them and tosses Cosima a file on Shay for “while she’s on the outside.”

While reciting the rhyme from the book, Siobhan suggests that maybe their next move should be to visit London. It’s the only solid(ish) lead they have, and Felix is wide-eyed at the prospect of going home.

In Rachel’s recovery room, Dr. Nealon speaks to her over the phone and we discover that the Rachel inside Dyad isn’t Rachel at all – it’s Krystal! He’s pleased that neither Sarah nor Delphine are aware of Rachel’s escape and Rachel prepares for surgery to get a new prosthetic eye. As Rachel is being put under, a British doctor picks up the phone to thank Nealon, and he tells her that Rachel is in her hands now.

The Questions: Who exactly is the man on the bench’s mole inside Leda? Has Alison and Donnie’s connect gone bust now that Jason and Donnie have duked it out? What will Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix discover in London? And who is the new doctor on the block?


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Marvel’s Daredevil Recap: Ep. 109, “Speak of the Devil”

You’re back for week nine of Daredevil recaps? What patient Netflix viewers you are! Thanks for sticking with me, dear hearts. On to the episode!

Things are getting thick quick! The episode starts with an awesome fight. Matt, along with his sticks, fight a ninja-type in red, who gains the upper hand. He trips Matt up like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, complete with a “get over here!” moment. As the camera zooms in, you can tell from the eyes that the red ninja is Nobu. (Or maybe I can tell from the eyes? Hard to say.)

A pensive looking Matt parks on a bench outside Holy Eucharist and Father Lantom approaches, offering some quality confession time, so Matt takes him up on the offer (as long as it includes lattes and a less formal, communal dining room setting). Lantom begins by trying to get Matt to admit that he’s the man in the mask, but Matt asks him if he believes in the literal Devil. So the priest begins a tale about his younger days in the seminary when he believed the Devil was just a construct. He says theologians reinterpreted mentions of “satan” in the Bible for propoganda, which actually means “adversary” in Hebrew. But then, when working in Rwanda, Lantom saw the Devil in the militia, who forced Hutu villagers to murder their neighbors and whose commander viciously murdered a respected village leader and his family. So, yeah, Lantom believes in the actual Devil.

Ben is pissed that Fisk undercut his story and that his editor loves him so much, and Karen and Foggy thinks they should keep digging. Ben thinks that’s how you get beat up when Matt arrives and agrees with him. Then Ben shares that he got a visit from the man in the mask – along with the documents that were on the thumb drive he got from the “man.” After discussing the connections between Fisk, the Russians, the man from the bowling alley, Hoffman, Blake, et al, the gang decides to pursue connections from Confederated Global to Westmeyer-Holt to Fisk and leave the rough stuff to the “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.”

Fisk reviews construction plans for Hell’s Kitchen as Wesley catches him up on public opinion and upcoming meetings. Fisk wants to know where Hoffman is and no one knows, but Wesley promises that he’ll be found. Wesley adds that the man in the mask is an active target for authorities when Nobu barges in, breaking a guard’s hand in the process. He’s clearly pissed off and when Wesley doesn’t accurately translate his words to Fisk, we learn that Nobu speaks English! Nobu tells Fisk that he hasn’t held up his end of their land deal and doesn’t want to hear Fisk make excuses as to why he hasn’t gotten the full city block he was promised. Fisk offers another block, since the one originally designated for Nobu is held up by a tenement building (presumably Mrs. Cardenas’ building), but Nobu doesn’t want that, either. Nobu says that even he has those he must answer to, and tells Fisk to do what he needs to do to clear his block quickly. Fisk tells him that is Nobu could go ahead and get rid of the man in the mask, it might make it easier for Fisk to give him what he wants, so they make a deal to draw out their foe by tugging at his heart strings so someone from Nobu’s organization can take care of him.

Back at their offices, Foggy, Matt, and Karen talk through their case and all the dead ends they’re turning up. Just then they get a visit from Mrs. Cardenas who says Fisk has doubled the payouts to her and her neighbors and some of them are thinking about taking it. Foggy tells her to stand firm and she says that she won’t take the offer and will do her best to convince enough neighbors to stand with her to make a difference. After she leaves, Matt says Karen and Foggy shouldn’t have encouraged Mrs. Cardenas because they’re naive about how dangerous Fisk is. They decide that knowing your enemy is the best move against Fisk so they have to keep digging – quietly – to find hard evidence. Then Matt takes off to visit Vanessa at her art gallery to try to get to Fisk.

As he enters the gallery, he notes several armed guards as Vanessa greets him. They banter about his need for art to impress the ladiez and she describes a painting to him: it sort of looks like the way Matt sees the world, “a world on fire.” Then, apropos of nothing, he asks about the art choices of her boyfriend, so she’s like, “Ask him yourself.” Fisk – and more guards – walk in and Matt barely controls his anger. Vanessa introduces the two and guides a strained and layered conversation about art and the tenement case. As Fisk goes on about his dedication to making the city a better place, Matt grows more and more uncomfortable and eventually makes a rushed exit.

Looks like he needed some spiritual guidance, because he went to see Father Lantham at Holy Eucharist. Lantham says he was worried Matt would go do something foolish, and Matt says he hasn’t done anything – yet. He recounts his visit to the gallery and says he only learned that Fisk has someone who loves him and would mourn his loss. Lantham says judgement and vengeance are best left to God when murder isn’t in one’s heart, and Matt’s like, “How do you know I’m not a murderer?” He grapples with the notion of allowing Fisk to ruin Hell’s Kitchen and Lantham reminds him that there’s a lot of ground between doing nothing and killing. Lantham says that committing a murder can be as harmful as poisoning a public well, that the consequences of the action will spread to one’s friends and family. He doesn’t believe Matt truly wants to kill Fisk, but that he went to Vanessa looking for a reason (or a way) not to.

The next day, Matt returns to the office and tells Karen that he didn’t get the info he needed from his visit with Vanessa. She says that she and Foggy had better luck and identified the guys who attacked them outside Mrs. Cardenas’ building via their contracting licenses – and they work for Westmeyer-Holt. But, after reaching out to Ben, they discovered that the guys are off the map, just like Hoffman and Tully, so they won’t be able to use them to flip on Fisk. Then, to boost morale, Karen presents Matt with the new Nelson and Murdock plaque to mark their business officially and they gush over the good they’ll do for the world. Karen answers a call to the firm and from the sound of it, it’s bad news.

Karen, Matt, and Foggy positively identify Mrs. Cardenas’ body at the morgue, and Mahoney tells them that a known junkie was seen fleeing with Mrs. Cardenas’ purse. Mahoney says she died from multiple stab wounds before ambulances could arrive on the scene and a broken up Karen tells him that Cardenas had no next of kin, only them. Foggy offers to take care of the funeral arrangements and while he and Karen hug, Matt gets white-knuckle pissed.

Back to the fight from the beginning of the episode! The man in red uses his weapon to cut Matt several times and after Matt kicks him in the face he is revealed to be Nobu (was this really meant to be a surprise?). Nobu says it’ll be an honor to kill such a worthy opponent and proceeds to cut and slice Matt some more before hooking and dragging him across the floor.

The gang gathers at Josie’s for some somber drinking and Matt tells Foggy that maybe the idea of a criminal element at Cardenas’ building was a load of bull, suggesting that Fisk had her killed. Speaking of the devil, Fisk shows up on TV saying he knew Cardenas’ building was unsafe which is why he offered her and her neighbors payouts to leave. He goes on about the awful things in the city threatening good people – calling out the man in the mask for being a coward. Karen’s in her cups and wishes Fisk would get buried by a pile of raw sewage, or barring that, that the man in the mask would knock his head off. Matt takes this opportunity to make an exit and Karen tells him that he has to believe that Fisk will get what he deserves.

Back home, Matt stares at the trunk in his closet with his father’s boxing gear and memorabilia inside before opening it before reaching into the false bottom for his own crime fighting gear. He hits the streets and pummels several people as he asks about the junkie who “killed Mrs. Cardenas.” Finally someone talks and Matt shows up at a shooting gallery and finds the man just after shooting up. Then Matt finds Mr.s Cardenas’ purse and snatches the man, who thought Matt was a hallucination, up and starts beating him up. He asks the guy who paid him to kill Mrs. Cardenas but after more punches to the head, the guy reveals that he was approached by two guys who took him to Pier 81 for the job. Matt tells him to turn himself in to Mahoney and threatens to find him again if he doesn’t.

Then Matt arrives at the warehouse at Pier 81 – and it’s the scene of his knock down, drag out fight with Nobu. He finds the place largely empty but for some city plans on a table, then begins to hear a faint, slow heartbeat. Nobu drops down into the room and they remember each other from the docks. It becomes clear that killing Mrs. Cardenas was Fisk and Nobu’s plan to lure Matt via his emotions all along. Matt says he came there for Fisk but will settle for Nobu and Nobu starts the fight by throwing several daggers at Matt, who blocks them with his sticks. Up close, the two kick and strike each other until Nobu catches Matt across the face with a well-placed punch.

Back at Josie’s, Foggy and Karen are rapidly approaching wasted so she helps Josie cut them off. Foggy feels responsible for what happened to Mrs. Cardenas and feels like he’s failing at helping good people by following the rules. He wonders what can be done to someone who owns everything and everyone, and Karen says they’ll do the only thing they can: make them pay.

And Matt flips himself out of the hook and drag to boot Nobu in the chest, sending him flying into a wall. They are both hurt and a fluid leaks copiously onto the floor at Nobu’s feet. With some last words, Nobu throws his final strike at a downed Matt. Matt flips out of the way just in time to grab and throw one of his sticks at the lamp above Nobu, sending sparks flying down at the flammable liquid on the floor and burning Nobu alive. Then Fisk comes in with Wesley and a guard, like, “Ooh, thank you! That was so necessary, I just couldn’t figure out the least messy way to get it done.” Fisk confirms everything we already knew about his plan to lure Matt by killing Mrs. Cardenas and seems to enjoy goading him.

Matt is very hurt and can barely stand, but he isn’t impaired enough that he can’t threaten to kill Fisk. Fisk is like, “Come at me, bro!” so Matt does – but maybe he shouldn’t have. With heavy, swinging blows, Fisk strikes Matt a few times, but honestly, that’s enough. Matt’s down again and uses Nobu’s weapon to strike at Fisk, only to discover his suit is lined and the blade didn’t penetrate it. Enraged, Fisk, throws Matt into a desk and pounds on him like a gorilla before throwing him through a table. Fisk tasks Wesley with killing Matt, but with another precise throw of a stick, Matt saves himself before leaping out of the building into the river below, bleeding heavily. Fisk orders men on the dock to kill Matt should he resurface and says he’ll let Nobu burn.

Drunk Foggy shows up at Matt’s apartment vowing to make Fisk pay for what happened to Mrs. Cardenas. Then he hears a crash inside and goes to the roof entrance to get into the apartment. As he creeps down the stairs, Foggy notices all the broken furniture and grabs a weapon (smart!). Just then, Matt stumbles out of his bedroom dressed as the man in the mask and falls to the floor. He grabs a phone to call the police but hangs up after staring at the face a little longer. Moving closer, Foggy looks his friend over and removes his mask, discovering that the man in the mask was Matt all along.

The Questions: Is Karen getting a taste for vengeance? How will Matt come back from this latest defeat against Fisk? Will we get to see Claire again (please say yes)? Should Owlsley and Madame Gao be watching their backs? And how does one make someone who owns everything and everyone pay for their misdeeds?

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