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Apple Watch Series 4 Can Take An ECG For You

Apple unveiled its new Apple Watch Series 4 line of smartwatches today. This major design overhaul boasts a new, 30% larger screen that is practically edge to edge. Apple Watch users will be able to see more options in their watchOS 5 apps with this larger screen.

The digital crown will now include haptic feedback with the LTE red dot changing into an LTE red ring. The back of the Apple Watch is now ceramic and sapphire crystal.

Apple’s new dual-core 64-bit S4 processor was designed in house by the their silicon team for improved performance. The new Apple Watch will also have an updated accelerometer and gyroscope with built-in fall detection. The new fall detection will be able to trigger a call to emergency services in the event that you are immobile for a minute after a fall.

The biggest announcement, however, is the ability for the Apple Watch Series 4 to take an electrocardiogram or ECG. This is a first for any wearable product on the market and any ECG product offered over the counter to consumers. You can just open the app and press the digital crown to use the feature. The ECG app is FDA approved and backed by the American Heart Association.

With all these improvements, battery life for the Apple Watch Series 4 will be the same at 18 hours. New stainless and gold stainless finishes with be available and all existing bands will still work with the new watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 will be able for preorder on September 14, shipping on September 21, starting at $399 for the GPS version and $499 for the LTE version. Apple Watch S3 will still be available at a reduced price of $279. WatchOS 5 will be available to everyone starting September 17

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5 Reasons to Ditch the Plastic & Use Samsung Pay

The following article was not paid for or sponsored by Samsung… but if the electronics giant is reading this, we do accept donations. Wink Wink!

Do you own one of these Samsung devices?

If the answer is yes, then pound it my Samsung brotha ?.

Your device is compatible with Samsung Pay – the middle man you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Samsung Pay is a revolutionary application that allows you to load your debit cards, credit cards, and store rewards cards right onto your Samsung phone. With Samsung Pay, you can purchase items in store without the need of your physical card by simply tapping or scanning one’s phone on the POS pin pad.

Many folks will be hesitant to ditch their tiny rectangular plastic companions in favor of electronic ones, but before you discount the concept completely, check out five reasons why you definitely should try out Samsung Pay!

#5 It’s freeeeeeee!

There are no service charges or annual fees when you use Samsung Pay.

It’s literally freer than a majestic American bald eagle on the Fourth of July.

#4 You won’t need to worry about forgetting your wallet

Our phones have become an extension of our bodies, and for some of us, browsing cat memes on Tumblr is as essential as breathing. So I know, you know, and the whole world knows that a human being in the 21st century is not going to be leaving the house without their cell phone in hand.

It just doesn’t happen.

Forgetting your wallet, though? That happens. And in my case, more often than I care to admit (*cough* almost everyday *cough*)

With Samsung Pay, I have the security of knowing that I always have my debit card with me… even if the physical one is currently in the middle of a laundry wash cycle.

#3 Digital payments are securer than swiping

Your card information is stored in retail stores’ online systems the moment you finish your transaction. Hackers are able to steal your card number (and millions of other card numbers) by installing malware into retail stores’ security and payments systems. These hacks tend to occur during the holiday season, when shoppers are out in record numbers.

Remember that massive Target hack? Yeaaaaahhh.

Samsung Pay keeps your credit card information safe by using tokens to transmit your payment information to the store POS. This means that your card number and other sensitive information will never be shared wirelessly.

Worried about exposing your credit card information in the event that you lose your phone? Don’t be. Your Samsung Pay account is fingerprint secured, so you, and only you, can access and use it.

#2 It’s accepted basically everywhere

Like Android Pay and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay uses NFC (near field communication) technology to wirelessly process payments at terminals.

This technology is a standard feature in many modern POS terminals, but not all stores have switched over to the new technology.

Samsung Pay is the only digital wallet service to accompany NFC with MST (magnetic secure transmission) technology, which, long story short, means the app will work on normal (albeit archaic) magnetic swipe terminals.

Samsung’s patented MST technology doesn’t work 100% of the time (usually in old ma and pop stores where the clerk watches in silent, judgmental confusion as you hit your phone against their swiper like an animal), but it works often enough to make Samsung Pay the most widely accepted digital wallet service in existence.

#1 You shall be rewarded!

Samsung loves to occasionally reward its users with free gift cards (and I love to use them!).

As of this writing, all new users will receive a $10 Visa gift card after their first qualifying purchase (no minimum purchase!), and new and existing users will receive a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card after making three qualified purchases (again, no minimum!).

Make sure to put in a referral code before making your first purchase and you (and the person who referred you) will receive a $5 Visa gift card after your first purchase. Users can earn up to $200 by referring friends and family to Samsung Pay.

Free money? You’d have to be bat-shit crazy to say no to that.

So what are you waiting for? Download Samsung Pay today and get your first $5 reward by using referral code F21F03 !

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Unboxing: NYCC Nerd Block

New York Comic Con is coming up in October, but the NYCC exclusive Nerd Block is already here!

The exclusive box was released in limited circulation by Nerd Block and ReedPop.

A limited-edition curated collection of epic NYCC collectibles and gear for serious convention nerds! The Limited Edition NYCC Block contains 10 amazing collectibles as well as an officially licensed T-shirt designed by ShirtPunch. In total, this block has SIX EXCLUSIVES – including an Infinity Gauntlet exclusive! Retail value of over $90, for only $39.99! – NerdBlock

My box was delivered over the weekend while I was out of town, so I asked my boyfriend to stop by my house and pick it up for me. After all, I couldn’t have $90 worth of NYCC merchandise sitting on my doorstep for an entire weekend!

Had I known what was in the box, I probably would have left it for the thieves on purpose.

Here’s what I got:

NYCC T-Shirt

I was hoping that the provided t-shirt would be a NYCC design, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The design is charmingly plain, and the shirt is soft and of good quality. Women’s graphic tees tend to run small, but I found the size (a women’s small) to be a true fit.

Now do I wear this or my favorite geeky tee to Comic Con? Decisions, decisions.

Rating: 5/5 ripped Hulk shirts.


I didn’t expect to see a pin in a box full of NYCC exclusives, but okay. I’ll roll with it.

The pin is designed to look like a New York City sewer grate (aka a Ninja Turtle door), and surprisingly enough, it’s extremely sturdy! The addition of a second clasp provides an extra opportunity to stab yourself. Yass!

Rating: 4/5 Spongebob Squarepants band-aids.

Gryffindor Socks

Master has given Meggy Harry Potter socks… Meggy is free!

I love Harry Potter. I love socks. Mix the two together, and I’m officially enthralled.

These Gryffindor socks are incredible cute, but unless you have a child’s shins and calves, the print will stretch and become distorted. They’re a little snug, as well, which is sure to be a huge issue for anyone with large calves.

Rating: 3.5/5 Quidditch goals

Revolution Issue #1

It wouldn’t be a comic convention box without a comic, now would it?

Revolution is a brand new Transformers comic book series by IDW publishing. The cover art looks incredible, and after a quick browse through the actual comic, I’m pleased to say that the interior artwork is stunning as well.

I haven’t paid much attention to Transformers since Michael Bay butchered the series, but I’m excited to dive into this comic none the less!

I’ll be reviewing this comic at a later time, so stay tuned!

Rating: 4/5 Chevy ad placements and Victoria’s Secret models

Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer Dashboard Spring

This dash accessory has the shape of Slimer down, but the ghoul’s eyes are too small, too red, and way too creepy for my taste. It does glow in the dark very well, and the spring is, well, springy.

I’m too terrified of this Slimer to keep it in my own vehicle, but I definitely know my big brother would get a kick out of it! #regift

Rating: 2/5 crossed streams

The Walking Dead projection key chain flashlight

This key chain light is decorated with The Walking Dead‘s logo and projects the series iconic “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” when flashed onto a surface.

It’s a neat little gimmick that is sure to get old quick, but the light is bright enough to act like an actual flashlight when you’re fumbling for something in the dark.

Kind of lame, kind of cool, kind of going on my lanyard.

…For now

Rating: 3/5 chained walker pets

Ninja Turtle Shoelaces

Never have I ever rocked crazy shoelaces, but I’m totally ready to rock these Ninja Turtle ones!

The pattern is cute, the colors are vibrant, and the material seems sturdy enough for shoe laces.

They’re totally tubular, dude!

Rating: 4/5 pepperoni pizzas

Voltron Wallet

I don’t watch Voltron (sorry – I was a 90s baby) but now that I own a Voltron wallet, I guess I have to.

The design is nice, but the wallet itself is nothing special. It’s a standard canvas wallet that nearly anyone can design online. It’s cheaply made, and since there are no clasps (button, VELCRO, magnet) to keep the wallet closed, it awkwardly flops around and exposes your goodies. No bueno.

I don’t think I’ll ever use this – It may as well be a cheap paperweight.

Rating: 2/5 classic 80s cartoons

Infinity Gauntlet

Speaking of paper weights…

Included in the NYCC Nerd Block was an Infinity Gauntlet paperweight.

The gauntlet is adored with infinity crystals, but annoyingly enough, they are not perfectly centered in their designated spot. Even so, the gauntlet is beautiful and well designed.

I shall gaze upon this gauntlet each time I need to be motivated to take over the universe.

Fun fact: apparently you shouldn’t microwave this collectible. Plans ruined.

Rating: 4/5 guardians of the galaxy

Disco Spiral digital print

What the fuck is this shit?

A terrible and strangely imagined digital print of an X-Men villain nobody cares about…and it’s not even autographed!

Say hello to the recycle bin, Spiral. May you be reborn as a Chipotle catering menu.

Rating: 0/5 mutant dance parties

Overall rating: 2/5 ridiculously long panel lines

Disappointment has a name, and it’s Nerdblock.

I purchased the New York Comic Con Nerd Block in hopes of getting my hands on highly coveted exclusive toys and accessories without waiting in line for hours, but nobody in their right mind would ever wait in line for the items I received.

These are the items you definitely would find in the Comic-Con clearance bin, and I paid 50 fucking dollars for them. Some of the items were neat, don’t get me wrong, but I essential paid $50 for $20 worth of low quality merchandise.

I feel incredibly ripped off and deceived. If I could return it all to Nerdblock for a refund, I would.

Never, ever again.


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Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 Devices Amid Explosion Concerns

Samsung Electronics is recalling all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after finding that their device’s battery has the potential to catch fire or explode.

Videos and photographs of charred Note 7 devices began surfacing online shortly after the device’s August release, and Samsung has said in an official statement that the company was able to confirm 35 cases where Note 7s have caught fire or even exploded.

“There was a tiny problem in the manufacturing process, so it was very difficult to figure out,” Samsung Mobile president Dongjin Koh explained during a news conference. “It will cost us so much it makes my heart ache. Nevertheless, the reason we made this decision is because what is most important is customer safety.”

The Note 7 features a 3,500mAh lithium-ion battery, which is designed and manufactured by Samsung. However, due to heavy product demand, Samsung has enlisted third-party companies to help manufacture the battery used in the Note 7. Samsung believes that a faulty battery cell created by one of their third-party suppliers is to blame for the device fires, but the company has refused to name supplier responsible.

“We are currently working with [our battery suppliers] to protect our customers’ safety first and foremost,” noted a Samsung Mobile public relations representative.

Over 2.5 million Note 7s have been sold globally since the device launched 2 weeks ago, and it is estimated that 24 out of 1 million units may include a faulty battery.

No injuries resulting from battery malfunctions have been reported, but the company has decided to pause the sale of all Note 7 devices until the problem is resolved.

Customers who already bought Note 7s will be able to exchange their smartphone for new one in about 2 weeks, Koh estimates.

The recall effects Galaxy Note 7 owners and prospective owners in The United States, South Korea, and 8 other countries. Customers in China will not be effected by the recall and sale suspension, as the company uses a different battery supplier for that market.

GeekGirl World will update this story with Note 7 exchange directions when news of the process becomes available.

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The Galaxy S7 Edge is an Impractical Waste of Money

If you’ve decided to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone but can’t decide between the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, then I have some simple advice for you: buy the normal Galaxy S7.

I own the Galaxy S6 Edge, and to be honest, purchasing that phone was one of the worst financial decisions of my life, and if I owned a DeLorean i’d go back in time and purchase the normal S6 instead.

Now I know that the S6 Edge and S7 Edge are wildly different in terms of power and internal features (the S6 Edge does not offer expandable storable, for instance), but these phones are nearly identical in terms of exterior design, and that design is what ultimately led me to hate the Edge series.

I’ll be damned if I let another Samsung lover go down the road that I did, so before you make any rash decisions, check out my 4 reasons why you should purchase the normal Galaxy S7 over the S7 Edge:

Both phones have nearly identical specifications

When it comes to power and performance, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are basically the same phone.

Both phones boast a powerful Snapdragon 820 quad-core CPU and each have 4GB of RAM*. They each also have the same 12-megapixel camera with phase detection, as well as a 5-megapixel front camera. This is a decrease from the S6 variants which had 16-megapixels, but truthfully, high megapixels are essentially meaningless unless you plan on creating cardboard cut-outs.

There is one major technical difference between the two S7 variations, though: the battery.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is slightly bigger the normal S7,  Samsung was able to throw in some extra battery space. The Edge has a 3600 mAh battery, while the normal S7 has only a 3000 mAh battery. This means that you’d generally get a longer battery life out of the S7 Edge.

Extended battery life on the S7 Edge sure is good news, but that’s not the only thing you should take into consideration…

The S7 Edge is far more vulnerable

Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are water resistant, which is a great upgrade from the S6 series (oddly enough, Samsung did not make that series water resistant, even though the S5 series was).

Both phones also feature Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on both sides of the device. This damage-resistant material is extremely durable and shock absorbing, but a gigantic downside is that it’s not even remotely shatterproof.

In all fairness, most phones on the market do not boast shatterproof glass, either, but those phones have the luxury of hiding behind a case with relative ease. The Galaxy S7 will do well against drops when properly secured in a case, but the Galaxy S7 Edge has a major disadvantage here due to the fact that, case or not, the phone will always be exposed.

The Edge’s dual-edge display must be completely exposed in order to fully utilize the phone’s touch capabilities, and case makers such as OtterBox and Spigen have yet to develop a product that is able to fully product the exposed portion of the phone from drops. If you really want to make sure that your S7 Edge is 100% protected, then investing in a hefty protection plan is really your only option.

Well, either that or purchase the normal Galaxy S7.

The Edge is a total nuisance

The Edge’s curved screen and dual-edge display is beautiful, no doubt, but it loses its novelty after about a week of use and provides many challenges for the user in the long run.

One of those challenges is video streaming. The display curves over the side of the phone, distorting the image and creating a glare from outside light sources, which, as you could imagine, is extremely frustrating to deal with when watching Netflix or Hulu on your phone. That distortion can also affect the user experience when reading ebooks or articles online, but it’s not as noticeable or annoying as the video distortion.

As far Edge feature utilization is concerned, there really is no utilization.

One of the dual-display’s main features, the color notification beacon, is impossible to see if your phone has a case on it, as that case will generally block the notification light. In addition, the notification bar will be hard to read for most people, as it’s very slim. It’s far more convenient to simply click on your phone and view the lock screen to see what’s new, and truthfully, most people will rely on this method rather than the notification bar, which renders the entire feature essentially useless.

Image credit: Gawker media

The side popup menu is a nifty little addition to the Galaxy S7 Edge, but it’s far too easy to open it by accident while playing games or scrolling through Tasty videos on Facebook. The menu feature can be disabled, but for casual users who don’t dive much into their phone settings, this is a huge annoyance.

$$$$ $$$ $$$$

If you purchase the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge outright, these phones would cost you $694.99  and $794.99, respectively. But let’s be real, most people will not be purchasing the phone through that route.

So here is basically what you need to know: when going through a carrier plan such as AT&T Next or Verizon Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge will always cost you more per month on your cellular bill.

The question you need to ask yourself, then, is whether or not the Edge is worth that higher price.

…You already know my answer.

Am I being too harsh on the Galaxy S7 Edge? Weigh in below!

* U.S. general specifications. Processor specifications may vary by country and carrier.
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Crew Demolishes Wrong Home, Blames Google

Rowlett, Texas resident Lindsay Diaz has had a pretty rough couple of months.

A devastating tornado last December left Diaz and her 8-month old daughter temporarily displaced, their home too damaged to reside in. But while the damage to her home was no doubt devastating, the structure itself was deemed repairable. This news was a godsend to the underinsured Diaz, who could not afford the high premiums that come with demolition and rebuilding.

Diaz’s contractor was ready to submit a building permit to the city to begin the repair process, when suddenly, Diaz received a phone call from a frantic neighbor.

“My neighbor called me. She was hysterical and crying. She said, ‘I hope you’re sitting down. Someone demolished the house by mistake.’ I was so upset, and I was just hoping that it was a bad joke – that someone was messing with me. But I got there, and it was just a slab. They took everything.”

The demolition company responsible for this horrifying blunder, Billy L. Nabors Demolition, has not apologized to Diaz for destroying her home and all the pricey and priceless items within it (including her vintage Coca-Cola collection), nor have they claimed any formal responsibility.

Instead, the company is pointing the blame at an unlikely source: Google.

The demolition crew directed themselves to their job site using Google Maps, verified the house number over the phone upon arriving at the location, and then they demolished the house that existed on that property. The team did everything they were supposed to do step-by-step, so how on earth did Diaz’s home end up getting demolished?

Diaz’s home (7601 Calypso Drive) and the intended demolition target (7601 Cousteau Drive) each exist at the end of the their respective street with only 344 feet separating the two (as seen in the graphic below), so it’s fair to assume that this isn’t the first time visitors looking for house number 7601 have made this mistake. Only difference is, those visitors didn’t show up with wrecking equipment.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.08.41 PM

The tornado knocked down street signs in this neighborhood, so services such as Google Maps and Apple Maps became essential for visitors and contractors attempting to reach their destination. But a Google Maps error mistakingly directed anyone looking to find 7601 Cousteau Drive to Diaz’s house instead (as seen in the graphic below).
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.04.15 PM

Based on all of these factors, the accidental leveling of Diaz’s house by Billy L. Nabors Demolition doesn’t appear to be negligent, and truthfully, it’s understandable why the company would be upset with Google. But as far as legality is concerned, would the demolition company even be able to successfully sue Google for damages?

Here is what Google Map’s terms and conditions has to say about this matter:

When you use Google Maps/Google Earth’s map data, traffic, directions, and other Content, you may find that actual conditions differ from the map results and Content, so exercise your independent judgment and use Google Maps/Google Earth at your own risk. You’re responsible at all times for your conduct and its consequences.

So no, the company will not be able to successfully file a suit against Google…. but that hasn’t stopped people from trying in the past.

In 2010 a woman sued Google for issuing her walking directions that led her onto a highway, where she was subsequently struck by a car. Google Maps walking directions were in Beta stage at that time, and Google did issue warnings about their accuracy, but come on.. it doesn’t take a genius to realize that walking onto a highway is probably a bad idea.

If the demolition company does decide to file a lawsuit against Google, then only one person in this story would suffer: Lindsey Diaz.

“I was hoping for an apology – ‘I’m sorry my company did this, we’ll make it better,’ and instead he’s telling me how the insurance is going to handle it, and telling me that it’s going to be a nasty fight.”

The company wants to protect their reputation, but a lawsuit would only throw Diaz and her family into a legal quagmire, hindering her from getting settled into a new home quickly. Diaz, not the company, is the victim here, and regardless of whether or not the demolition company feels 100% responsible, the fact remains that they did in fact demolish her home.

Lindsey Diaz and her family are owed a debt, and the first payment is simple: an apology.

Billy L. Nabors Demolition, it’s your move.

Leave your thoughts below.

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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Geek in Your Life

If you’ve procrastinated doing your holiday shopping for the geek in your life until now, then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you: your options are pretty slim.

You no longer have the luxury of purchasing presents online if you want them to come in before Christmas, so you’re now forced to face the crowds and lines in the world of retail, where nearly everything by now has been picked over to death.

So, to make your last minute holiday shopping a little less stressful, I’ve spitballed 10 ideas for some geeky gifts that may just be perfect for your loved one! And, to make shopping even easier for you, all of these gifts can be found in nationwide retail stores! Just don’t blame me if they’re out of stock – you’re the one who waited until the last minute!


Attack on Titan Zip Up Hoodie

Available at: Hot Topic
Price: $50-56

Help the Attack on Titan fan in your life stay nice and warm this winter with a Scout Regiment hoodie! Hot Topic has quite a few different variations of the hoodie seen to your left, some with winged sleeves, some without. These hoodies may be a little pricey, but they are made of decent material and will stand not only the test of time, but the dreaded washing machine.

The former goth chain also has a variety of other Attack on Titan swag, including wallets, tanks, keychains, and full cosplay outfits.


Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.41.23 PMAdult Coloring Books

Available at: Barnes and Noble, Target, Michaels
Price: $4-$15

Adult coloring books are a hot trend lately, and honestly, who doesn’t love to color?! Couple a coloring book with a tall beer or glass of wine, and you’ve got yourself the perfect night in.

I have found that Barnes and Noble has the geekiest selection of coloring books aimed at the kid-at-heart (such as the Sherlock one I have featured here), but Target and Michaels also have a decent array, albeit not as geeky.

Bonus points: get them some amazing colored pencils to go along with it! Or wine. Wine is always good.

Star Wars R2-D2 8-pc. Measuring Cup Set

Available at: Kohls
Price: $14.99 (originally $29.99)

Why not bring a little fun into the kitchen with this absolutely adorable R2-D2 measuring cup set?

It includes a 1/4-cup measuring cup, 1/3-cup measuring cup, 1/2-cup measuring cup, 1-cup measuring cup, 1/4-teaspoon, 1/2-teaspoon, 1-teaspoon and a 1/3-teaspoon

You can rearrange the pieces when the set is not in use and store R2 on your counter, making this set truly a functional piece of fandom.

Funko Pop! Figures

Available at: Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Game Stop, Best Buy, etc.
Price: $8.99-$25

Funko Pop! figures are cute, geeky, and they’re kind of everywhere.

Even if the geek on your list isn’t a Pop! collector, these figurines are sure to find a special place in your loved one’s home or office. Almost every major fandom has been recreated into chibi form by Funko, and the figurines range from mini to large, the standard size measuring at a height of 3.75 inches.

Honestly, as far as last minute geeky gifts go, this is the easiest one to pick up.

That Video Game They’ve Been Raving About

Available at: Game Stop, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sears etc.
Price: $59.99 (average price for new)

I feel like this is the really obvious choice to make around Christmas, but it’s still an effective one if the geek on your list is a gamer. Plus, retailers have a HUGE supply of games this time of year, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the latest and greatest ones in stock while you’re out doing your last minute shopping.

If video games aren’t your forte and you need a suggestion about what to get them, the following new releases are your best bet:

  • Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4/Xbox One/PC)
  • Fallout 4 (PS4/Xbox One/PC)
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (PS4/Xbox One/PC)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS4/Ps3/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC)

Just make sure they don’t already have the game, of course.

Hayao Miyazaki Swag

Available at: Hot Topic
Price: $4 and up

Hot Topic has an excellent selection of clothing, toys, and accessories based on classic Hayao Miyazaki films (such as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivery Service). Their clothing is available in both men’s and women’s options, and if you’re shopping for the latter, then I highly suggest checking out some of the absolutely adorable dresses that they have for sale.

Now this is a bit off topic from the theme of this article, but if you really want to impress the Miyazaki fan in your life, then I highly consider purchasing his collected works on Blu-Ray. This collection is exclusive only to Amazon, so unfortunately it wouldn’t arrive until after Christmas, but it would make one hell of a belated present. Just some food for thought.

Star Wars Jewelry from Kay

Available at: Kay Jewelers
Price: $34.99 – $249.99

Every kiss begins with Star Wars? Okay, that may have been lame, but the Star Wars collection at Kay Jewelers definitely isn’t.

Jewelry has historically been the ultimate last minute gift to get for your loved one, but with this new Kay collection, that stereotypical choice will have a delightfully geeky twist. The collection includes earrings, bracelets, bracelet charms, and necklaces.

P.S: I hope my boyfriend is reading this.


A Drone

Available at: Best Buy
Price: $39.99 -$1350.00

A flying machine that your loved one can use to take aerial shots of the roof and spy on the neighbors?

Uh, yes please.

Drones provide hours of fun, and many come standard with video cameras capable of capturing the many aerial adventures you will have. The ones with the best cameras and controls are going to cost you a small fortune, but a mid range drone without a camera can easily be rigged with a GoPro (or similar) camera.

Best Buy has a large selection of Drones for the holiday season, and they start for as little as $39.99! But of course if you do just so happen to have the means to purchase your loved one a drone costing over $1000, then please be my secret santa. Oh, and get them that drone… duh.

Fleece Super Hero Suit

Available at: Target
Price: $17.48- $24.99

Winter is officially here! So if your loved one has a thing for super heroes (or super villains), then you might want to consider getting them a fleece suit to keep them warm throughout the harsh winter months.

Target carries a selection of these suits, with styling options including Batman, Superman, Ninja Turtles, Captain America, Darth Vader. Sizes are available for men, women and children.

And want to know the best part? Almost everyone has a Target near them, and almost every Target carries these superhero fleece suits, making them the absolute perfect last minute gift.

Pretty Much Anything Star Wars

Available: Almost everywhere
Price: Depends

When in doubt, go with Star Wars presents.

Nearly every retailer is carrying some sort of Star Wars swag, be it toys, clothing, bedding, or even soup. So if your geek is a Star Wars fan, then I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that they’ll love.

From my own experience, I have found that Target and Kohls have great deals on officially licensed clothing, and their selections extend far past graphic tees. Plus, many of these clothing items even come with collectible tins!

I’m sure there are countless other last minute geeky gifts that I haven’t thought of, so please comment below with your suggestions! Happy hunting, and happy holidays!

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Mac OS X El Capitan: Top Features Reviewed

Good news, Mac owners: Apple will be releasing a brand new operating system to replace OS X Yosemite this fall! The new operating system will be named OS X El Capitan, which directly translates to “the captain”.

Now I know the name may seem random to some, and I personally found it strange at first considering how I refer to myself as El Capitan after four-or-so Captain and Coke cocktails, but I’m pretty sure that the Apple executives didn’t decide the new OS X name over cocktails (although I can’t rule it out, either!).

The name actually is a nod to OS X Yosemite, as El Capitan is a vertical rock formation located within Yosemite National Park.

That tidbit of information aside, let’s get down to what’s really important about OS X El Capitan: the features.

We’ve assembled a list of the top features that Mac owners can expect to see this fall, plus we’ve given our two cents regarding their actual worth:

1. Enhanced Multitasking with Split View

El Capitan will allow you to split screen your applications with Split View, essentially letting you do two tasks at once. You know, because clicking those little buttons at the bottom of the screen to switch applications was soo tedious.

The concept is fantastic on paper, but I have serious doubts that it will see much use.

Going through the motions to activate the feature is a task in and of itself, and the majority of Mac users will undoubtedly continue to open and close their applications by use of the dock and Mission Control

This isn’t to say that people won’t use the feature, as it will definitely come in handy for some professionals who are constantly glued to their computer with several different minor tasks and need to constantly switch between, say, Excel and Word. But as far as the average consumer is concerned, I honestly can’t see Split View being fully utilized for more than a week once El Capitan is installed.

2. Mission Control Receives a Face Lift

Mission control is an excellent feature on Yosemite, but it has its flaws. One of the more notable flaws is the fact that small open pages (such as dialogue boxes) tend to get stacked and hidden behind larger ones, making them difficult to see in Mission Control.

Apple has eliminated this problem with El Capitan, and has made Mission Control even easier to use by simplifying its appearance and organizing different content with tabs located at the top of the screen (as seen below).

They’ve also made it easier to make room for important new tabs. All you need to do is drag any window to the top of your screen, and drop it into a new desktop space.

This upgrade means that you wont ever have search all over the place for the tab that you’re looking for when you’re trying to quickly maneuver between tasks, which is honestly about damn time!

3. Spotlight Upgraded

The update to Spotlight is, in my opinion, the most exciting and practical upgrades that El Capitan has to offer.

Apple sent Spotlight to school to pick up some new tricks, and soon it will debut smarter and faster than ever, bringing weather updates, stock information, advanced search using natural language (like Siri), and new search sources.

You’ll also be able to change the size of the search window, allowing for more information to be shown.

These upgrades will pretty much make Spotlight your go-to tool, eliminating the need to open up either your web browser or the finder in order to find what you’re seeking.

4. Mail Inbox Upgraded

Mail will now dissect your emails and give you suggested contacts and events to add to your schedule, which when you click on will be added to the designated application on your Mac (which is perfect for lazy people like myself who would forget to jot that information down).

In addition, Apple has streamlined the full screen experience, allowing you to juggle multiple emails at once and keep everything organized.

New swipe controls have also been implemented, meaning that you can swipe right to mark an email as read or unread, or swipe left to delete, a process that will be extremely familiar for iOS users.

These new features really are incredible, but they aren’t the changes I was hoping to see in the Mail platform for El Capitan.

I am one of the millions of people with an personal email address, but to honest, unless I’m accessing my non-gmail work email accounts, Mail tends to be unused in favor of the Gmail web browser. I currently don’t see this changing with El Capitan’s update.

Gmail lets you divide your emails with their “Primary”, “Social”, and “Promotions” tabs, which makes shifting though emails and mass deleting them a complete breeze. This is especially great for me, as I can easily find important work emails without being flooded by promotions from TGI Fridays (which are actually great, but I digress).

Apple implementing a similar feature into the Mail platform would be a complete game changer, simplifying how we view and organize our mail.

Honestly, the lack of such a feature ultimately makes the update to Mail rather disappointing.

5. Notes Now Has ALOT More Depth and Usefulness

The Notes application is great when you want to quickly jot something down but you don’t want to wait for Word to open. But Notes doesn’t have much depth. It’s a literal e-version of a yellow notepad, and that’s it.

Now you finally can do much more.

The El Capitan update will bring checklists to Notes, allowing you to create grocery lists and to-do lists (which you’ll be able to check off once a bullet is completed).

You’ll also be able to draft your lists at home and take them out on the go with you, as Notes will work with iCloud, meaning you can send your information right to your iPhone or iPad.

6. Third Party Editing Comes to Photos

Apple has streamlined Photos (which replaces iPhoto, for those who still have it) in order to make location and facial tagging easier and more efficient, but that’s really just a minor change. The biggest upgrade for Photos as part of El Capitan is the integration of third party tools.

You’ll be able to enhance your photos further by downloading third party editing tools (that of course support Photos) from the Mac App Store. You’ll be able to download plenty of texture effects and new filters!

This is great for the average person just looking to tweak their photos, but people serious about photo editing and manipulation should still rely on the big boy programs (think Photoshop).

7. New Tools Come to Safari

The update to Safari is something to really get excited about!

You’ll be able to FINALLY mute tabs, stopping those pesky ads from spewing their nonsense without embarking on a manhunt for the source once and for all.

Also new is the ability to use AirPlay to share web video without sharing your whole screen (kind of like how Chromecast works). All you need to do is click the AirPlay icon that appears on compatible web videos and your video will show up on your TV. And just as an FYI, you will need an Apple TV for this to work.

Finally, you’ll also be able to pin the websites you use most often, keeping them active in the background. They’ll be located right on the left side of your tab bar.

8. Public Transport Info Comes to Maps

Now you’ll be able to map out public transportation routes, with detailed walking, subway, train, bus, and ferry directions.

You’ll also be able to send all the information about your route to your iPhone so you can get directions while you’re on the go.

But even with these updates Apple is STILL behind on the times when it comes to the world of navigation. In addition to the public transport addition (which is excellent, albeit not a new concept) it would have been excellent to have seen an upgrade to the actual, well, maps.

Apple has tweaked Maps drastically since it debuted (which many will agree began as a rare failure by Apple), but there is still plenty of work to be done.

Let’s not be directed off a cliff, please.

9. Mac Meets Metal

With all these new updates coming with El Capitan, Apple has created a new graphics core in order to speed up your Mac and make the transition to El Capitan streamlined:

Metal is a new graphics core technology that gives games and apps near-direct access to the graphics processor on your Mac, delivering enhanced performance and a richer graphical experience. Metal speeds system-level graphics rendering by up to 50 percent,4 as well as making it up to 40 percent more efficient.5 Metal allows the main processor and graphics processor to work more effectively together, boosting high-performance apps. And Metal is designed to be great for games, improving draw call performance by up to 10x and paving the way for new levels of realism and detail. –

My only question is this: will that actually speed up your Mac? Unfortunately, many Mac users experience a drastic slow down of their device after upgrading their software (something I experienced first hand, and still experience, when I upgraded to Yosemite).

And it’s not just Mac users who see a decrease in speed and performance when upgrading, iOS users experience this same thing, as well, when they upgrade their device.

I personally think Apple is guilty of purposely slowing down devices with the updates in order to piss people off so we all cave in and purchase a new device. It does make sense financially, you have to admit.

So while El Capitan does sound great so far with all the features and what-not, I highly recommend that Mac users wait a while before upgrading to see what experiences other Mac users reported after upgrading to the new OS X.

These new features may just be a small perk to an overall nightmare upgrade, but only time will tell.

NOTE: There currently is no official release date for El Capitan, but the public is able to beta-test it.

What do you think of El Capitan? Is there anything you really think Apple should have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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Windows 10, The Apple Watch and Sleepy Hollow – GeekGirl Daily

On Monday’s edition of the GeekGirl Daily, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be available on Wednesday, July 29, however, it’s streaming on the Xbox One console now. Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for 1 year for current Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. That is a huge deal considering there is usually an upgrade fee with the Windows operating system. The price point for new users is $119 for the home edition and $199 for the pro edition, and even that pricing is not too shabby. That’s not enough for a hardened Mac user like me to switch to PC again, but I might consider getting PC as a backup, and I can always just check it out on my Xbox One.

Speaking of Apple, the Apple Watch isn’t doing too well, and I wonder why. The price point is kind of ridiculous and pretty much alienated their core demographic. For an accessory that does everything your phone does except call independently coming in at $550-$1,100 for the standard edition is a bit much. And I think everyone can agree that the Apple Watch Edition starting at $10,000 is a bit of a joke considering only the bezel and buckle are in gold. Here’s hoping that when the Apple Watch 2 or S or whatever they decide to call the next iteration will have some nice features that will make consumers want to buy it other than just being an apple product.

Segueing into TV news, fans are raging over the casting of Nikki Reed as Betsy Ross in Sleepy Hollow, and I totally agree with them because Why? Why do we need her? The casting notice made mention of this incarnation of Betsy Ross being the “Mrs. Smith” to Icabod’s “Mr. Smith”, which already lets me know I’m not going to like this season at all. Not to mention they are throwing in some pointless crossover with Bones, a show that is dying a slow death when Sleepy Hollow is already on life support. Pretty much if I don’t like what I see in the season premiere, I’m not sticking around for the cross over episode, and I think the majority of the fanbase will agree with me.

Thanks for watching, remember subscribe to our YouTube channel for more GeekGirl Dailies!

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360 Degree Virtual Reality Camera in the Works!

Jaunt, a start-up company pioneering in the field of cinematic virtual reality (VR), announced today the launch of NEO, a series of professional-grade camera systems specifically designed for capturing fully immersive, 360-degree cinematic VR experiences.

The NEO system will include the following features:

  • High quality, high resolution, full 360° capture
  • Custom optics specifically designed for 3D light-field capture
  • Large format sensors with superior low-light performance
  • High dynamic range (HDR) imaging
  • Fully synchronized global shutter sensor array
  • Time-lapse and high frame-rate capture
  • Compact and weatherproof form factor
  • Stunning 360 degree industrial design by LUNAR
  • Extensive tool set for configuration, rendering, and asset management

Arthur van Hoff, co-founder and CTO of Jaunt, spoke briefly about this news in their official press release:

“NEO is the culmination of several years of research, its image quality and ease-of-use will allow creatives to focus on producing awesome content without the complexity of cameras built from off-the-shelf components not designed for VR.”

The first “NEO” camera systems will be available solely to Jaunt’s partners this August. They promise to increase production later this year.

Jaunt was founded in 2013 and is the leading developer of the hardware, software, tools, and applications to enable cinematic VR.  They work with content creators, gifting and training them in the power of virtual reality. They are headquartered in Palo Alto, California, but the company also works in Los Angeles, where they produce branded and original VR content.



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