Marvel’s Venom – Complete Venomized Set of 5 Pop! Vinyl Bundle


In honor of Venom’s 30th anniversary, your favorite Super Heroes and Villains are being
Venomized, and it’s safe to say the universe will never be the same.

Venom’s first victim, journalist Eddie Brock, is a natural choice for the Pop! Marvel Venom Series.

Similarly, Cletus Kasady and Carnage, despite being considered an “I” rather than a “we,” are another natural choice for the Venom series.

While it’s difficult to picture the Hulk any color but green, he makes Venom’s signature
black costume work for him. Captain America manages to retain his usual red, white and blue
color scheme even as Venom. And Iron Man’s determined to fly, even as Venom’s captive.

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