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Reactions: Clark Gregg performs Britney Spears’ “Toxic” | Lip Sync Battle

This clip from the upcoming Spike Lip Sync Battle was one of the top trending topics and it peeked my interest because it has Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”) Not to mention “Toxic” is one of my favorite Britney Spears songs (yes, I am a Britney Spears fan. Calm down.) I had to check it out just to see what Agent Coulson was up to and I all I have to say is I wasn’t disappointed. Let’s see if Marvel will work in a Britney Spears themed throwaway scene in the next Avengers movie, or even have a cameo with the pop idol herself! It’s doable. We have time to work this in people! I can just see Agent Coulson whipping out some Britney Spears trading cards for the singer to sign.

If you really want to know what I think of this clip, check out the video below, and don’t forget to subscribe to the GeekGirl World YouTube channel! This episode of Spike’s Lip Sync Battle is set to air on Thursday April 21 at 10p/9c.

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Reactions: MTV Awards ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Exclusive Clip

During the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, viewers got a special treat to about a minute sneak peek at the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie out in theaters May 6. I didn’t watch the movie awards itsself, but I was definitely online when this clip hit the interwebs and couldn’t pass up another look at what is shaping up to be the blockbuster of the summer. It may be time to go on a complete media blackout as the clips and TV spots just seem to be coming for this one, and May is still a ways off, however, I’m hoping we haven’t seen ALL the goodies in these sneak peeks that keep dropping.

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, Captain America: Civil War stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Emily VanCamp, Tom Holland, Frank Grillo, Daniel Brühl, and William Hurt.

Want to know exactly what I really think of this latest clip? You’ll have to watch my reaction below to find out! Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Finale Recap: Eps. 221 & 222, “S.O.S. Part One & Two”

We’ve got an action-packed two hours of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale goodness today, kids, so hold on to your butts! Onward!

After stumbling out of her office shot, Jiaying lies to everyone at Afterlife that Gonzales said inhumans should be exterminated and, after asking Skye to stay with her and shunning Simmons’ offer for medical attention, orders Lincoln to get everyone to safety while Gordon “takes care” of Gonzales. Skye tells Simmons she should leave and she does as May reports to Coulson, Fitz, and Hunter that Bobbi’s quinjet never arrived at Afterlife so Hunter leaves immediately. Just then Simmons joins May and informs Coulson and Fitz that Jiaying was allegedly shot by Gonzales. They don’t know where Gonzales is and Coulson doesn’t buy that this is Gonzales’ fault. He orders May to find Gonzales and get everyone to clear out in an attempt to deescalate things. May tells the agents to be ready to leave when she returns from recovering Gonzales, and when the order is received by two nearby agents, Gordon and an inhuman crony teleport into the agents’ quinjet. The inhumans attack and when Gordon disappears with one of the agents, his pal takes a seat in the pilot’s chair.

Lincoln comes back to Jiaying to help her – just as the inhuman-piloted quinjet sends three rockets to Jiaying’s office, rocking the area. Jiaying melodramatically asks Skye why she’d let S.H.I.E.L.D. attack them and, as confused as they are about all of this, Skye denies any knowledge that this was going to happen. (She’s saying that a lot, lately.) The red-haired inhuman, Alisha, arrives and she and Lincoln take Jiaying away, but then a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent shoots the other inhuman present. Skye attacks, taking him down, just as May arrives to look for Gonzales. The two have words and then begin a knock-down, drag out fight. I’m loving badass Skye holding her own with May! When May gets the best of her, Skye uses her power to blast May beyond the gates of Afterlife, crossing a clear line.

On the ship, Oliver and Mack talk about what he’ll do once he leaves S.H.I.E.L.D. Mack reiterates that he won’t change his mind about his decision just as alarms go off throughout. Harris tells then that Gonzales is dead and they are to await instructions.

May wakes on the floor of her quinjet while Cal sings as Simmons reports to Coulson that they have no idea on who fired the missiles and were focused on extracting S.H.I.E.L.D. agents immediately. Weaver notes that the inhumans were also running for their lives, indicating a lot of confusion all around – and that something fishy is going on. May asks where Skye is, clearly pissed off at being attacked, and Simmons reminds May that none of this would be happening if Gonzales hadn’t struck them first, and everyone begins to argue about whether or not Gonzales would have (or could have) started the aggression. Weaver deads it by telling them about how she recovered the charm for Jiaying as a peace offering. Coulson agrees that this behavior is sloppy for Gonzales and, after ordering Weaver to assume command of the ship, suggests to May and Simmons that Cal might know why Jiaying would agree to a meeting only to attack S.H.I.E.L.D. and incite a war.

In one of their hospital suites, Jiaying has her bullets removed by a doctor while Skye, Lincoln, and Alisha look on. Lincoln schools Skye on Jiaying’s gift, telling her that yes, even though she heals from everything, Jiaying feels the pain of each injury, every time. He blames Skye for S.H.I.E.L.D. attacking Afterlife because she didn’t heed Jiaying’s warnings about them. Incredulously, Skye insists (again) that she had no idea any of this would happen. (I mean, she’s not Raina.) Jiaying says it’s her fault because she’s seen Hydra S.H.I.E.L.D. behave this way before and encourages Lincoln to understand that Skye is feeling betrayed right now, too. (That’s rich.) Then she kicks everyone out of the room.

Hunter panics because he can’t get in contact with Bobbi and Fitz can’t either, so they come up with the idea to check security footage from before the attack for clues.

Skye visits Raina and wants to know what else she knows about coming events since she knew that Jiaying’s meeting would be a disaster. Raina says even if she were inclined to tell Skye what happened, Skye wouldn’t believe her because of the mistrust between them, but Skye says she doesn’t care about the past anymore. Raina says she’s mistaken there, because the past and present are intertwined just as they are and drops this little bomb: Raina is the thorn that protects Skye’s Daisy rose. She says it’s her destiny to help Skye become what she’s meant to be and, sick of riddles and metaphors, Skye moves to leave. Before Skye goes, Raina tells her that they’ll never speak again, but soon Skye will see that Jiaying is misleading the people of Afterlife, and Skye is destined to be their leader.

Gordon teleports to Jiaying’s hospital suite with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent he kidnapped from the quinjet, now bound and gagged. He tells her that he’s taken everyone who needed protection back to their homes and everyone else is awaiting her instruction. She says she’s confident that Lincoln will fight with them since he’s convinced S.H.I.E.L.D. is the threat and Gordon congratulates Jiaying on the successful execution of her plan. Jiaying says she’s hopeful that Skye will join them, but first he needs to heal. So Gordon brings the agent to her and, putting her hands on his face and apologizing, Jiaying steals his life force and heals herself.

May and Simmons bring Cal to Coulson and Cal tells him that he’s simply there as a gift from Jiaying, which no one buys, and Coulson sends him on his way. Simmons says she thinks Cal’s a Trojan horse and shows Coulson the nearly empty vials they found on Cal when they got him. She goes to the lab to analyze the liquid inside them and May tells Coulson they didn’t lose Skye to Jiaying, Skye made a choice.

As Fitz and Hunter review security footage, they see May leaving with Bobbi – and then May leaving again 10 minutes later with Weaver and the rest. They realize it’s Agent 33, aka Kara, and wonder what she’d want with Bobbi.

In a deserted and dilapidated building, Kara and Ward have Bobbi cuffed to a table. They tell her that if Bobbi will admit to betraying Kara by selling her out to Hydra, Kara can have closure and this’ll be over. Bobbi stonewalls him and then Ward pulls out some shoots, reminding her that she doesn’t like needles.

Skye visits Jiaying and marvels (haha) at how mobile and healthy she is. Jiaying reminds her that she has good doctors and a super special gift, so it’s not exactly weird. Skye’s more worried about all of the awful things that have happened and how they don’t make sense, calling it one of the worst days ever. Then she tells Jiaying that she spoke to Raina, who warned that more bad things would happen. Jiaying’s like, “But I thought you didn’t trust Raina?” and Skye says she doesn’t, that it was a mistake to visit her, and that Raina’s full of lies and will never change. Jiaying changes the subject and finally tells Skye that she wants the inhumans to attack S.H.I.E.L.D. Jiaying says if their people will ever be safe, she needs Skye with her and, giving her the charm she recovered from Gonzales, tells Skye to bring it back to her if she decides to join their fight.

Coulson lays out how Jiaying orchestrated the whole attack farce to May and Simmons and they note how it worked, like, really well, when Hunter and Fitz arrive to fill them in on what they now know about Bobbi. They show them footage of Agent 33 leaving with Bobbi and Hunter informs that the quinjet’s transponder went dark around Aranda de Duero in Spain and May offers to be his pilot there. Coulson knows Ward is behind this and both Hunter and May vow to kill Ward if they get the chance.

Meanwhile, Ward begins his torture tactics with Bobbi. He’s injected her with a paralytic and anesthetic to impede feeling and pain – so she can’t feel it when he shoves one of the shoots under a fingernail. He says the drug will wear off in a while and all the pain from the torture will flood in at once, like Kara’s memories eventually did, but reminds her that if Bobbi confesses, this can all stop. Not to be bullied, Bobbi tells her that she had to choose between selling Kara out or getting a dozen other agents killed and she made the tough decision. Not only that, she’d make the same choice again, and lets them know that any begging or pleading they hear while they torture her is a straight up lie.

Weaver and Oliver are upset that the inhumans have destroyed the device that helped them track Gordon and want to strike at them now. Coulson refuses and they clap back, saying that Skye could be over there giving Jiaying all their secret recipes, when Coulson notices Mack creeping up in the background. Mack says that he’s sticking around until this danger is resolved and it looks like he doesn’t know how to quit a job. Coulson asks for three hours to interrogate Cal to find out what Jiaying’s next move will be and Weaver agrees to continue gathering intel for themselves. Weaver tells Mack that she’s got guards on the alien rock in the basement, brushing off his concerns, and asks him, as the former chief engineer, to make the ship battle ready.

Cal is freezing his nips off in one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s cells when Coulson comes to ask him why Jiaying sent him. He tells Coulson that he’ll never understand what a father will do for their child and accuses Coulson of torturing him. Cal rehashes his need for vengeance and Coulson’s like, “Haven’t we moved past this already?” and Cal remembers all the destruction he’s wrought. Coulson wonders how he did it and Cal says, “With style.”

Coulson goes to see Simmons in the lab to see where she is on analyzing the liquid Cal took and so far, it’s a doozy. It’s a mixture of anabolic-androgenic steriods, a liver enzyme blocker, various metabolic enhancers, methamphetamines, gorilla testosterone, and a drop of peppermint. She thinks it’s an ill-conceived attempt at super strength and Coulson agrees that every attempt besides Captain America is ill-conceived. Simmons says one vial would send a normal person to the hospital but since Cal took three, he should be dead.

Bobbi begins to feel the pain of the shoots in her fingers and tries to appeal to Kara by telling her that Ward is trying to mold her just like Bakshi did. Ward says he’s helping Kara heal and Bobbi keeps prodding: she says she knows just how Ward started her off with an easy mark just like he was started off. Kara tells Bobbi that she knows all about Ward’s past because he told her everything and was able to remake himself after his terrible past, which is why she loves him and will always stand with him, no matter what.

Jiaying meets Raina on a bridge, saying she should have heeded Raina’s warning about S.H.I.E.L.D. Raina tells Jiaying that she didn’t foresee her being attacked or she would have said something, and Jiaying says she’s grateful for Raina’s visions anyway as she’ll make a valuable adviser. Raina scoffs at this, saying that even though she isn’t destined to lead the inhumans like she’d always wanted, she knows now that it’s her responsibility to expose Jiaying’s plan to everyone. She tells Jiaying that the inhumans’ salvation lies with Skye, not either of them, and that instead of running away from her fate, she has realized that she’s become the angel her grandmother always said she’d be. Raina says angels are not only guardians but heralds of the truth and stupidly tells Jiaying that she’s about to go rat her nefarious plan out to everyone, so Jiaying stabs her in the throat – as Skye looks on from the treeline.

Jiaying lies and tells Skye that Raina threatened her and Skye realizes the truth about everything. Jiaying says she started a war with S.H.I.E.L.D. so the inhumans would have an advantage and Skye is outraged that Jiaying would kill a man who came in peace. Jiaying counters that if S.H.I.E.L.D. had left them in their isolated, peaceful seclusion like she intended, this wouldn’t be happening, and says S.H.I.E.L.D. must be destroyed. She tells Skye that she needs her to be on her side so that Skye can one day protect the inhumans like she has. Skye’s like, “You call killing Raina and starting a war protection? They need protection from you!” So Jiaying has one of her lackeys crack Skye over the head, then dispose of Raina.

After inexplicably pouring a glass of water over himself, Cal tells Coulson that Jiaying and her people just want to live in peace. Coulson thinks killing a high ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is a weird way to get people to leave them alone, but Cal refuses to believe that Jiaying could do anything that might hurt Skye. Coulson asks Cal about the vials and he said it was his own experimental concoction to mimic inhuman powers in himself, but he was always missing something. He says the formula made him unstable but it was worth the risk, and that he’s there to take out as many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents he can.

Hunter and May have landed in Spain and inspect the quinjet Bobbi and Kara landed in and note that they didn’t crash. May sees evidence of a fight and they wonder what Ward could want with her, but agree that Bobbi can handle herself until they find her.

And back in their torture room, Bobbi is feeling the excruciating pain emanating from her splintered fingertips when Ward returns. He tells Bobbi that they’re similar because they both keep their real selves buried deep inside. He says it’s why Coulson never suspected she was working with Gonzales behind his back and why she never saw Ward coming after her. Waving another shoot at her, Ward tells Bobbi once again to admit she betrayed Kara and she finally calls him out as a hypocrite who has done the same and worse to his own team. She calls him a coward and with a move I didn’t see coming she jumps up and smashes his head on the table and frees herself.

They have a two-person brawl as they fight out into the hallway, through doors and windows and into other rooms and back into the hallway. Kara catches up to the two of them and the three have bloodied each other good when Ward knocks Bobbi down with one final punch to the head. Then he breaks her leg and tries one more time to get her to admit she betrayed Kara, but, still defiant, Bobbi says she’d do it all again. Ward hands Kara his gun to kill Bobbi, but she says it’s not right because Bobbi doesn’t care if she dies and isn’t sorry. So Ward has another plan for her.

Oliver calls Mack to check his progress and Mack says he’s going to run a systems check. Right after Oliver passes, Gordon, Alisha, and another inhuman teleport into the ship. Alisha asks Gordon where “the others” are and he says, “Already in place.”

Cal is losing it as Coulson tries to convince him not to hurt anyone because Skye won’t be happy with him if he does. Coulson guesses that Jiaying uses Cal to cover up her dirty work and accuses her of being the real monster, not Cal. As he overreacts, Cal goes into cardiac arrest so Simmons has him brought to medical immediately.

She tries to revive him but can’t, so, at Coulson’s insistence, she tries something else: adrenaline. Cal falls off the table and rises as a Mr. Hyde-looking creature and he realizes that adrenaline was the missing factor from his super strength cocktail. He begins breaking things and Fitz suggests they ice him. Simmons, naturally, suggests they could always kill him with real bullets, but Coulson won’t kill Skye’s father. Cal breaks out of the medical room and the icers don’t work so Coulson tells Fitz and Simmons to run. Destroying the lab as he goes, Cal advances on Coulson, telling him that Jiaying loves him because he’s obedient. (Yikes.)

Mack overhears Gordon and the gang talking about locking up an unconscious Skye and decides to follow them after noticing they’ve put power-inhibiting bracelets on her.

Hunter finds a trace on Bobbi’s cell phone and May thinks it may be a trap. Hunter doesn’t care either way and both of them still want to kill Ward so they’re cool with it. They call Bobbi’s number and, sure enough, it’s a setup. Ward and Kara have rigged Bobbi to a chair with a rifle behind her so that she will have to watch as whomever comes through the door of the room next is shot and killed in front of her. They think this is a more appropriate punishment for her and leave, and Bobbi immediately begins to struggle against her bonds.

On the ship, the guards who watch the alien stone are attacked by Gordon. Several of the agents go down and Gordon brings in two friends to take the agents hostage.

Mack and his axe run into Alisha, who divides herself into four identical people, one of whom goes after Mack with a gun.

Lincoln uses his ability against an agent before frying an electrical box and running into one of the Alishas. Another Alisha is in a conference room kicking another agent’s butt and gives herself some backup.

Weaver sends an SOS to Coulson who misses the transmission as he, Fitz, and Simmons play a cat-and-mouse game to capture Cal. Coulson finally gets Cal pinned by his SUV and says they’re going to talk.

Gordon and a couple of Alishas give the all clear and report to Jiaying that they have successfully taken over the ship. Jiaying removes one of the terragen crystals she made, saying now it is time to begin.

Coulson continues to try to convince Cal to help him protect Skye. He tells Cal that he’s not really a monster but a good man with a big heart and his daughter is just like him in that way. Cal says he just wanted his family back together before revealing that after he put Jiaying back together, she was never the same. He says that before Whitehall tortured her she was anguished when taking the life forces from the elders who gave their lives to her, but after that, sacrificing a whole village to her wasn’t even enough. Cal admits that she lost her regard for human life so he tried to show his worth by always protecting Skye. Coulson pounces on this, noting how this whole war puts Skye in huge amounts of danger and, after freeing himself from the pinned SUV, Cal asks to help.

On the ship, Mack sneaks up on an Alisha and helps Skye escape. He says its up to the two of them to retake the ship because they’ve been taken over by inhumans. She says, again, that she never meant for any of this to happen and asks Mack to act with caution because a lot of the inhumans there have been manipulated by Jiaying and aren’t bad people. Mack doesn’t care about their intentions and comes to the point: he needs Skye to flex her hacking muscle again.

Jiaying orders an inhuman to take the terragen crystals to a fan room that would distribute the gas from them to every room on the ship. Then Lincoln shows up to inform Jiaying that an emergency beacon was just sent out and she asks Weaver and the others to expand the beacon so that all of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s forces show up and they can take them all down at once. Oliver refuses to take part in her plan so Jiaying has him taken to a room and sealed in with a terragen crystal and two inhumans and everyone watches as he turns to stone. With this, she forces Weaver to expand the beacon and Lincoln is crestfallen.

Mack and Skye immediately catch on to Jiaying’s plan and vow to try to take them down. Simmons monitors Cal and Fitz notices that the distress beacon has spread to all channels. Coulson also catches on to Jiaying’s distraction and wants May and Hunter on board for this but Fitz says they’re still incommunicado.

And May and Hunter break into the building where Bobbi is being held and Kara worries about May’s presence screwing up their plan. He says he’ll take care of May because he owes her.

Hunter comes nearer to the room Bobbi is in and she struggles against her bonds once more. He eases a door open, but it’s a red room, not the one where Bobbi is being held.

Kara and Ward take out a couple of agents when May catches up to Kara and opens fire. May instructs everyone to go to the south corner of the building and tell them not to drop their guard until they see her, giving Kara an idea to play dress up.

Hunter spots blood outside the door to the room Bobbi is in and opens the door. As he does Bobbi hurls herself to the left and catches the bullet in her shoulder. Hunter rushes in and removes her from the chair as May overhears the shot.

May comes around the corner and Ward shoots her three times. It isn’t until she calls him “baby” that he realizes it was Kara and as she dies her face reverts. The real May finds Hunter and Bobbi and they make an escape.

As Lincoln stares at the changeable alien rock, Gordon tells him that it’s better that it be in their possession so that it won’t be lethal to their people. Lincoln calls Jiaying out for murdering Oliver and Gordon says she’ll simply do whatever it takes to protect their people, which Lincoln knows better than most. Gordon reminds Lincoln of his life before she found him and how far she went to save him, and says that S.H.I.E.L.D. would do the same thing.

Skye fills Mack in on Jiaying’s behavior and he likens it to his mother all of a sudden watching Fox News (HAH!). She upsets that she fell for Jiaying’s act and he tells her not to beat herself up over it. She goes to begin hacking and he goes off to find a saw. Just in case.

Fitz tells Coulson that he invented a disrupter that will contain Gordon to a single space and Coulson is happy to have something tangible to show all the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents when they show up to join the fight.

Simmons reports that Bobbi is stable but not very good just as she arrives for surgery and whisk Bobbi off.

Skye makes her way to the control room and is caught by Lincoln, who immediately attacks her. She tries to convince him that he’s on the wrong team and tells him how Jiaying manipulated everyone into this war. Initially he doesn’t believe her but he begins to see the sense in what Skye’s saying when she says Jiaying widened the distress beacon so that she could kill S.H.I.E.L.D. Lincoln gives in and tells Skye that the crystals are in the fan room and Mack knocks his ass out before going after the crystals, saying he’s in a “crack heads first, ask questions later” frame of mind.

After stabilizing Bobbi, Hunter and Simmons stand by her, and May gives her ex-husband, Andrew, a call. He notes that she hasn’t made a call like this since Bahrain. She agrees and tells him that she wants to tell him things she should have said and he tells her to get home safe.

Inspired by Hunter and Bobbi, Simmons goes to Fitz to ask him to be safe and see if he wants to talk about what he said to her at the bottom of the ocean. He rebuffs her slightly, like, “This is completely the wrong time and there’s nothing to discuss.” She says maybe there is and cries a little at his departure.

May disapproves of including Cal on their mission but Coulson is convinced that Cal is simply focused on saving Skye. Just then Fitz notices a communication that must be from Skye saying that the beacon is a trap, so Coulson orders every quinjet but their own to turn around, saying he and his team will sort this out.

Jiaying notices the order and realizes that Skye must have tipped them off and sends someone to check on her. She tells Gordon that if S.H.I.E.L.D.’s not coming they don’t have to wait to break the crystals and kill everyone, they can go ahead and do it now.

Coulson and his crew land on the ship and admonishes them to find and recover all hostages. He tells May to take control of the ship’s functionality just as Fitz uncovers Skye’s last message which reveals Jiaying’s Crystals + Fan Room = Dead Humans plan. Cal offers to go after Jiaying while Coulson and the rest work to recover the crystals and May’s like, “You brought him.”

Gordon teleports into the fan room and finds Mack waiting with his axe.

Skye catches up to Jiaying just as she orders her lackeys to collect any people who live after exposure to her crystals. Skye realizes that Jiaying will murder anyone who gets in her way and Jiaying escapes, leaving Alisha to multiply and keep Skye busy.

Mack and Gordon fight and Gordon senses that Mack has been exposes to something Cree. Before he can reach into the crate containing the crystals, Mack throws his axe at Gordon and he teleports away.

On her escape route, Jiaying is surprised to run into Cal. He tries in vain to convince her to stop what she’s doing, and she says she’s trying to protect Skye. Angry that he would come back on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s side, she has Gordon teleport Cal to a locked room.

Coulson and Fitz make it to the fan room where a relieved Mack tells them that Gordon has been trying to steal the crystals. Fitz immediately goes to work setting up his disrupter and Mack advises Coulson against guns in that room because ricochets are a sucky way to go out.

Skye puts it down against the Alishas but they eventually get the upper hand as May spots Lincoln. As the Alishas kick and pound Skye, May and Lincoln arrive and save her and Lincoln removes Skye’s power inhibiting bracelets. Skye goes after Jiaying and May and Lincoln stay behind to fight the Alishas.

Gordon reappears in the fan room and Fitz catches him as he tries to teleport again. Taking advantage of the situation, Coulson takes a swing at Gordon and he, Mack, and Fitz converge on him with their various blunt instruments.

Skye catches up to Jiaying just as she and her guys are about to board a jet with the crystals. Jiaying tells the guys to load the jet and Skye tries to stop her. They feed each other reasons why the other is wrong, and Skye says Jiaying’s point of view boils down to hate and that she won’t let her do this. So Jiaying uses her ability to begin draining Skye’s life force. Just as her eyes begin to gray and she’s looking very much like a zombie, Skye muster up enough of her ability to force the jet into the ocean.

Lincoln and May keep kicking Alisha butt and realize that they’ll keep coming if they don’t get the alpha. So Lincoln electrocutes her and poof, they’re all down.

Coulson, Mack, and Fitz continue to fight with Gordon, and after disappearing from behind Coulson and reappearing behind Fitz, Gordon is impaled on the pipe Fitz wielded. As he falls, a crystal falls from Gordon’s hand and Coulson dives to catch it. When he does, his hand immediately begins to turn to stone – and Mack uses his axe to sever Coulson’s arm before the stone spreads.

And Skye and Jiaying use their abilities against each other in a beautifully deadly tug of war. Skye is turning into a zombie again and Jiaying’s wounds are all bleeding. Cal approaches them and says they don’t have to fight, then tearfully kills Jiaying.

Coulson meets with Andrew for an update on his team’s after action reports. Andrew says that Bobbi’s heavy morphine regimen gave him a good read on her, and she wakes up to find Hunter at her bedside. He says taking a bullet for him was stupid, but better her shoulder than his head, right? She has a lot of surgeries ahead to get back to 100% and she admits to him that she can’t do this anymore.

Andrew notes that Mack isn’t quitting and Coulson says he basically strong armed him since Mack cut his arm off without asking and all. He’s got a plan for Mack and put him in charge of all of the alien artifacts they have because he maintains a healthy mistrust of them. Simmons and Weaver talk about dropping a probe into the box with the changeable alien rock and Mack is like, “NO ONE IS OPENING THAT BOX OR PUTTING ANYTHING INTO IT, EVER.”

Coulson wonders if May actually asking for time off has anything to do with Andrew and Andrew plays coy. He says that it’s time May rediscover the world outside of S.H.I.E.L.D. and judging from her new red lingerie, I’d say she agrees.

Andrew gives Coulson his recommendations for Coulson’s new project, and Coulson is glad that he thinks Skye is “ready for this.”

Cal and Skye share a goodbye. He’s happy that she’s more interesting than he ever thought she would be and thankful that he got to know her. He says he knows he’s going away for good, but she promises to come visit.

A bartender tries to make chit chat with Ward as he pines over a photo of Kara and is rudely rebuffed. Three guys enter and report that they’ve found no evidence that there’s still any Hydra leadership at all. Ward insists they look for more names, but the mouthpiece is like, “You’re not in charge of me!” so Ward attacks him with his shot glass. Ward tells the other guys they work for him now, who fall right in line, and tell them their mission is closure.

Cal is now Dr. Winslow, veterinarian. It’s apparent that he’s been put through the Tahiti Program as Skye pays him a visit to check that he’s happy in his new life. She goes back to Coulson and they talk about the team of powered people that she’s to head up. Skye says that she thinks their team needs to be kept anonymous and Coulson agrees. But he takes care to remind her to always remember that they’ll never get ahead of the effects of their past actions, and boy do we get a taste of that in the next few shots.

We dive into the ocean and see the crystals that dropped in when Skye pushed the jet off the ship. The case has opened and the crystals melt into the water, where it is absorbed by fish, who are harvested for fish oil supplements, which are put on the shelf for anyone to purchase.

Fitz tries awkwardly to ask Simmons out to dinner as she inspects the changeable alien rock. In his nervousness he hits a lever on the box and tells her that they will make their arrangements when she’s finished before leaving just as awkwardly. Pleased, Simmons notices the door to the box slightly ajar – just as the changeable alien rock liquefies, grabs her, and solidifies once more.

The Questions: I can’t even with questions, there are so many! I’m reeling. While I try to wrap my head around the far reaching consequences of everything that just happened, let us know what you thought about this finale in the comments!

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Ep. 218, “Frenemy of My Enemy”

In San Francisco, Fitz breaks into a sprint after seeing two men trailing him. He runs to the top of a building and disappears from sight immediately – because Coulson’s helijet was invisible. Deathlok lifts them out of there as Fitz hands Fury’s toolbox over to Coulson while marveling at his short stint as a field agent once more. Coulson plans to find out what the new heads of Hydra, Strucker and List, know about the powered man who took Skye – and he needs to make a deal with Ward to do it.

And at Hydra’s secret base, the body of Ethan Johnston is taken to the lab for testing as it is determined that he is not Gordon. Back on Lai Shi, Jiaying meets with Cal in his bunker of captivity and he’s on cloud 9. He’s so happy to have his family back but knows that his being there when he doesn’t possess the genetic marker for abilities puts Jiaying in a tough spot. He promises to stay in his bunker and keep quiet until his family meets again, and she offers to let Cal travel with Gordon to retrieve some of his belongings to bring back to Lai Shi, but there’s something she isn’t saying to him.

Skye and Lincoln are playing backgammon but she’s still preoccupied with dinner with her parents. She’s still taken aback that there was no nasty surprise from Cal but she’s worried that Jiaying plans to send Cal away, permanently. Luke suggests she speak to Jiaying about her concerns.

Bobbi and Mack train together and she’s going hard. She’s very strong and giving him fighting tips and after one last flip to the mat, Mack taps out. Bobbi begins to express some concerns about their pursuit of Coulson, putting a tail on Fitz, etc. She knows Hydra is still out there and, despite his secrets, Coulson isn’t the enemy. Mack thinks she’s sounding like Hunter, but he agrees, saying they simply need to get the toolbox open.

With knowledge of the impending arrival of a laser to cut the toolbox open, Simmons confesses her plot with Fitz to May, saying May is the only one she can trust anymore. May says she’ll handle it.

In Tijuana, Agent 33 speaks to her mother on the phone in a restaurant, thanking her for a photo of 33, presumably so that she can realistically imitate (and wear) her original face. Her mother says something about some men who called, causing 33 to panic – just as Coulson and Deathlok approach her. And in his car, Ward gets a call from 33, but it’s really Coulson asking for a meetup.

(Can I just take a moment to say how much I love bad-guy Ward? He’s so much more interesting and complex than Ward from Season 1 and drives the story in really compelling ways.)

As they wait for Ward to arrive, Deathlok asks 33 if she has any more masks like the one she’s wearing and she gives him a short negative. Just then Ward makes it to the restaurant and tells her to calm down, that if he were going to be killed Deathlok would have handled that already. But he hasn’t, which means that Coulson needs him for something. Perceptive! Deathlok tells Ward to submit to a search and scans his whole body, spotting with his technological vision a number of weapons stashed on Ward’s person. Ward is instructed to get rid of them and, in an amusing little cutaway, Ward piles all six of his hidden weapons on the table before being pointed in Coulson’s direction.

Smugly, Ward takes a seat in Coulson’s booth and Coulson gets right to it. He tells Ward that he’s after Strucker and List, and Ward reminds Coulson that he’s not Hydra anymore. Coulson’s convinced that Ward still might “know someone who knows someone” and he’s like, “But didn’t you call me ‘a deluded son of a bitch’ the last time I tried to help you?” Coulson says if Ward helps him he’ll let him walk after being put through the Tahiti protocol. Ward says the Tahiti protocol – in which his memory would be wiped – sounds more like a threat but Coulson says Tahiti would only remove the bad parts of Ward, allowing him to start over free and clear with Agent 33. So Ward says he might know a guy.

Simmons gives us an Oscar-winning performance as she continues to try to trick Bobbi into thinking she’s working on the real toolbox but May spills that she already told Bobbi everything: Fitz made a duplicate and stole the real box when he left and Simmons has been covering for him. Simmons clearly feels betrayed as Bobbi explains that unless they find another way to find Coulson, she might have to rat on her to Gonzales. May suggests that Simmons tap into Mike Peterson’s feed to find Coulson, and Simmons makes it clear that she’ll do it so that she can exonerate Coulson and Fitz. Coolly, she tells May she’ll keep her updated.

Fitz is having trouble wrapping his head around making a deal with the devil to find Skye. Hunter says that this is part of the job, but when Fitz asks if he’d work with Bobbi again “for the job” he’s like, “Hell, no!” He goes on to tell Fitz that this situation is a little different in that they have really limited options to carry out their mission, so they just need to stay one step ahead of Ward to make sure things don’t go belly up.

On Lai Shi, Jiaying and Gordon discuss the possible scope and utilization of Raina’s possible precognition. Gordon is excited that Raina might be the first of her kind, as he was. He thinks that with Raina’s power, they might be able to know ahead of time when there might be a threat to Lai Shi but Jiaying is quick to remind him that they still don’t know the nature of Raina’s ability yet. Skye arrives to discuss Cal when Gordon leaves. Skye tells Jiaying that just leaving Cal won’t be safe for civilians because they both know he’ll flip out and start wrecking things if they toss him like a bag of garbage. Jiaying says those people aren’t her concern and Skye’s like, “Well, they’re mine. I’m a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.” Jiaying knows that the longer Cal stays the more attention he will attract and says that sometimes being in charge means making the tough decisions.

Deathlok brings Ward and Agent 33 to Coulson, telling him that he got the package just as they said, but both Deathlok and Coulson express distrust for them regardless. Inside the car, Ward and 33 express similar sentiments as Ward realizes Coulson’s hiding something due to the very conspicuous absence of his right hand, May. Ward ignores this, though, promising Agent 33 that Coulson’s end game is irrelevant as he will help them achieve theirs. He says that soon they’ll be able to build a life together again and Deathlok breaks up their reverie to get the mission started. The four move to the car’s trunk and open it, revealing a bound and brainwashed Bakshi. Ward tells him that he is to obey Coulson’s orders and Bakshi says he’s more than happy to comply.

Skye pays Cal a visit in his bunker. He says he’d planned to visit her but didn’t want to overdo it and mentions that he’ll be visiting the mainland, offering to bring her back some of her favorite things. Skye asks if “home” is China and Cal’s like, “God, no!”, going on to say that he was only in China as part of Doctors Without Borders. He only stayed in China because he met her mother, but he’s really from Milwaukee. He tells Skye that he and Jiaying had wanted to raise her there so Skye offers to accompany him on his trip home tomorrow and Cal is pumped!

Skye then goes to see Jiaying once more, trying to convince her that to simply abandon Cal in Milwaukee would be a cruel thing to do, adding that he will most certainly lash out in dangerous ways. She says she empathizes with Cal after the dinner Jiaying convinced her to attend, saying that she just wants Jiaying to let her go with Cal to soften the blow and let him know that he hasn’t lost them forever.

On the helijet, Fitz has his hand on his gun and we find out that Bakshi has a meeting with List. Hunter’s not so sure they should trust “Stepford Bakshi” but Ward insists that Bakshi has been instructed to act exactly as he would have before he’d been brainwashed. Hunter reaches out to quell Fitz’s tension just as Ward decides to catch up with him. Fitz blows, leaping out of his chair toward Ward but is restrained by Coulson and Hunter. Fitz is certain that Bakshi will betray them when he’s back with Hydra but Deathlok will accompany him to stamp out any funny ideas. Ward is concerned that Bakshi was instructed to come alone, but Bakshi is very adept at talking his way out of sticky situations.

As she views the construction of Mike’s eye, Simmons is approached by May for a status update but Simmons is not feeling her. May says they were going to find out anyway but Simmons is mad that 1) she didn’t even get credit for the plan she made which Fitz merely executed, and 2) May so casually threw Fitz under the bus. She accuses May of siding with them but May says she only did it to protect her. She says that they have to get into the box to get to the bottom of the colossal lies Coulson’s been telling, but Simmons still isn’t good with treating him like a criminal because he was trying to protect Skye.

Gordon drops Skye and Cal off in Milwaukee, telling Skye that he’ll return when she’s ready. Cal reveals that he didn’t actually live in Milwaukee but had his medical office there, saying that he just wants to get pastries and get to know Skye. As Cal realizes the city has changed in the several years since he’s been there, Skye asks him about Jiaying. He says that she was a doctor as well and wanted to finish medical school there in Milwaukee, and they planned to send Skye to the charter school nearby. Cal gets swept up in memories of Skye’s childhood that never came to pass then snaps out of it, saying that memory lane isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.

On a jet belonging to Echidna Capital Management, Bakshi and Deathlok meet with List. Coulson, Fitz, Hunter, Ward, and Agent 33 keep a watchful eye on the meeting via Deathlok’s video feed. List asks Bakshi how he managed to survive the widespread assassinations of the heads of Hydra, and he says he assumed it was List or Strucker as they both still have their wealth and power. Bakshi tells List that he was captured by the U.S. government and Deathlok broke him out and offers him to List as a sign of good faith. Ward insists that Bakshi is doing what he has to in order to gain access to Strucker but Hunter thinks they’re being sold out, leading to a standoff in which everyone has a gun (or knife) trained on someone in the helijet. Not a good time for this, guys!

They yell at each other but Ward tries to get through to Coulson, saying that as a powered person, Deathlok is the only way to get to Strucker. Fitz and Hunter notices that Deathlok’s weapons targeting system is gearing up to kill everyone on the jet. Coulson tells 33 – whose name is Kara, thankyouverymuch – to stand down and she’s like, “I don’t work for you anymore.” As Deathlok’s systems prepare to fire, they call a truce and Fitz is able to instruct him to play along in the nick of time. List’s assistant informs him that another incident involving the energy signature they have been tracking has been discovered and he plans to put Bakshi’s loyalty to the test. Coulson and the rest decide to tail them.

Back in Milwaukee, Cal laments all the things killed by the Internet: bookstores, video stores, old fashioned ice cream shops… Skye says the Internet didn’t kill ice cream and suggest they get a couple of 40s, and Cal realizes his daughter a quippy quipster. In front of a liquor store, Skye bumps into a guy causing a Cal flare up, but she apologizes to the guy and sends Cal into the store for some ice cream. We then see that she stole the guy’s phone – which she uses to call May. She tells May that they need to send S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to her location immediately because Cal will be dangerous when she leaves him. May has a lot of questions but Skye has no time to answer them. Skye dumps the phone, line open, into a garbage can, allowing it to still be tracked and as Cal offers her a choice of ice cream flavors, Mack and Bobbi realize that Skye isn’t being held hostage but is playing along. They offer to take a team to retrieve Cal. And on the street Cal, thinking that Skye is growing bored with him, offers to take her to see his office. That’s when we see Lincoln watching them from a short distance away.

Jiaying asks Gordon if he’s heard anything from Lincoln about Skye which he has not, but he says there’s a more pressing issue to address: Ethan is missing. He and Jiaying think he might have been taken and while Gordon is fixated on the “how,” Jiaying is more concerned with the “who.”

On the Echidna jet, Bakshi wonders why they’re landing already if Strucker is in Eastern Europe. List reveals that Hydra has been tracking several incidents of quantum entanglement (in which particles can exist in two places across great distances). He says that they have discovered a quantum entanglement bridge and have been tracking the powered person who created it, who Coulson and Co. realize must be the same guy who took Skye and who we know to be Gordon. It’s then that they piece together that they must be after Skye, but only half of them know why.

Cal and Skye arrive at his office building which is quite shabby and has a pest problem. Skye notices on his office door that Cal’s last name is Johnson, meaning that her name would have been Daisy Johnson in another life. Inside, Cal’s office has remained slightly dated but mostly intact, and Skye wonders how it can all still be there. Cal tells her that he owns the building, saying that he wasn’t rich but she would have had a nice life. He says that he’s only been back to the office a few times over the years to hide or retrieve things and Skye calls it a “stash pad.” Cal shows Skye his grandfather’s toolkit from WWII that he used to reassemble Jiaying and he begins to express his hopes for them to be a family again. Skye cuts him off, saying that Jiaying is a different person who is responsible for lots of people and she herself is an adult now so it does him no good to fantasize about this life that can never be. Just as Skye tells him that she’ll still visit him and Cal asks her where she’s going, they hear a noise out in the hallway. Cal grabs a knife from the toolkit and they go into the hall and find Lincoln.

Skye wants to know what he’s doing there and Cal goes from zero to 60 in two seconds flat. He wants to know why Jiaying would send him there to make sure everything’s cool, yelling that he is Skye’s father and of course they’d be cool. Downstairs, Bakshi, Deathlok, and some Hydra agents arrive and they want to acquire the teleporter. Apparently, the signature they tracked was from Gordon dropping Cal and Skye off. Then Cal realizes that Skye was planning to leave him and freaks out, throwing Lincoln into a wall and a file cabinet. At that sound, Bakshi sends Deahtlok up to do his work.

Cal continues to spiral down, flipping out at Lincoln who warns Cal to calm down. A Hydra agent rounds the corner and Lincoln uses his ability to stun him. Cal instructs Lincoln to get Skye out of there as three more agents arrive. Skye wants to help but Lincoln advises against it as her ability could bring the whole building down. Deathlok makes it up to the 10th floor and spots Skye so Coulson and Co. head in to find her. Lincoln tries to use his ability on Deathlok, lifting him off the ground, but Deathlok warns him against it as they fight. In the helijet, Fitz reports that someone is trying to hack into Deathlok’s video feed and Coulson and Ward move to find Skye as Hunter is shot. Up on the 10th floor, Coulson and Ward find Deathlok fighting with Lincoln who send them around the corner after Skye. Bakshi arrives, spots the two on the floor in the hall, and throws a device that releases a blue conical energy way and knocks both Deathlok and Lincoln unconscious. Skye finds her way to a roof access door but doubles back, finding Coulson and Ward wrapping up a butt kicking. Just then Gordon arrives to take Skye away and Cal tags along with them and Coulson laments losing Skye again. Kara helps Hunter limp over to Coulson and Ward as Ward recounts how high the deck is stacked against them right now: Deathlok’s down, powered people are on site, Hydra’s storming the building, and their only backup is Fitz. Not a great situation.

A day late and a dollar short, Bobbi and Mack show up at Cal’s office building and survey the wreckage, noting dozens of standard Hydra-issue bullet shells littering the ground. They find Coulson in Cal’s office and he tells them he doubled back after Hydra left, then surrenders to them.

The Questions: What is Ward and Kara’s end game? What is Raina’s actual ability? What will happen to Deathlok and Lincoln in Hydra custody? Will Simmons ever be able to trust May again? And will Fitz try to kill Ward again? (My bet is yes.)

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