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So… About that ‘Official First Look’ of Emma Watson as Belle…

There’s a photo of Emma Watson dressed up as Belle for her latest role in the upcoming Beauty and The Beast live action movie out there and the internet is going absolutely bonkers over it.

But that’s not surprising – it’s Emma freaking Watson after all.

The photo in question shows Watson donning that iconic yellow ball gown made famous by the original 1991 animated film, all the while giving the camera her best smoulder.

This ‘official first look’ was reportedly released at Disney’s D3 (according to countless websites) during their extremely brief Beauty and the Beast presentation, where Watson herself did make a small appearance (via a prerecorded video).

You can feast your eyes on the photo for yourself thanks to this tweet from OK! Magazine:

But there’s just one teensy weensy problem: the photo is a total fake.

It turns out that the image was created by visual artistĀ Prateek Mathur as fan concept art for the film. Mathur (who is surely getting some awesome free publicity right now) even posted a video online to show how he created it (see below).

Well I’m sure the editors over at Ok! Magazine and similar publications are feeling pretty embarrassed and silly right now! And let’s not forget about the thousands (if not millions) of Watson and Disney fans out there that were fooled.

The moral of the story is a tale as old as time: don’t trust the internet.

Well… unless it’s, you know… us. We have your back.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters in 2017.

What do you think Belle’s dress will really look like? Let us know in the comments!



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