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Face Off Ep 6: Extraterrestrial Enterprise

This week’s Foundation Challenge uses inspiration from 60’s sci-fi shows like Lost in Space, Buck Rogers, and Star Trek. The guest judge is Michael Westmore for his extensive work with the Star Trek franchise. Each artist chooses a landscape and model to create their retro alien using Michael Westmore’s advise to not rely heavily on prosthetics, but to use paint to really highlight the features.

Evan’s avatar-ish alien and Jordan’s green and orange bombshell alien are his favoritesface1 with Evan’s coming out on top, winning him immunity.

Ve and Neville join Michael Westmore in the lab, each having had a hand in the evolution of the Klingon race. This evolution plays a pivotal part of this weeks spotlight challenge because the artists must now take their 60’s retro alien, and evolve their design into a modern day sci-fi alien. The three will be coming around to each artist to give input on their designs, and the proper way to show the evolution in makeup.

Ben hates his foundation makeup, and feeling very uninspired for the spotlight because of this, is worried he may not be able to turn it around. When it’s time for Michael Westmore to visit them in the lab he brings with him Jonathan Frakes!! (Each artist totally geeks out, there may even have been some tears.) He and Michael Westmore visit each artist, and advise on their sculpts thus far.

Stevie has a lot of little things in her sculpt that they recommend changes on to make the look more cohesive. They particularly don’t like her “cute” nose and give her tips on how to make it better. Meg runs out of time with her mold and is forced to use polyfoam for her cowl on day 3. She is the self-dubbed “queen of the bottom 3,” and is worried this week will be her last if she finds herself once more in bottom looks. All of her painting must be done in last looks.  

Guest judge with Glenn, Ve and Neville is none other than Michael Dorn! Worf!!! (omg omg omg!)

This week as each makeup is revealed, they morph first into the foundation look, and then evolve into the modern makeup the artist has created. Mckenzie dismisses Kevon, Evan, Nora, Meg, and Ricky as the artists that are “safe” this week, leaving Stevie, Scott, Jasmine, Ben, Jason, and Jordan as the best and worst.

Glenn tells Stevie her makeup is one of the best paint jobs in terms of technique has has seen on the show thus far which looks as though it comes as a shock to her. Scott’s underground water alien is “stunning” according to Ve and Neville particularly likes the sculptural elements in her face. Jasmine’s makeup has fundamental sculpt flaws and although Michael Dorn loves the top of the head, he feels the nose and lip have gone awry. Ben really managed to transform his original design and created an incredibly successful makeup with realistic skin texture. Glenn tells Jason he has a massive amount of technical errors in his sculpt. Jordan had one of the top two looks during the foundation challenge but now Ve is disappointed in where he took his makeup, while Glenn advises that building armor which helped his character last week did not help him this week as more time should have been spent on his sculpt and paint.

The winner tonight is Ben who originally thought he would just be “polishing a turd” managed to create a seamless, believable alien. Jason will be packing his makeup kit tonight with just too many flaws in his look tonight for the judges.

Let us know what you thought of the looks this week and just how excited you were for the guest judges!

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