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Book Review: The Glass Gauntlet by Carter Roy

“I’m not my father’s biggest fan. Not just because he ordered a flunky to kill me the last time I saw him…And not because of his secret identity as the head of the Bend Sinister…All of that is bad enough, but even worse? He stole a person’s soul.”
The Glass GauntletThe Glass Gauntlet picks up where The Blood Guard (Book #1) leaves off. Ronan, Greta, Sammy and Dawkins are dodging the Bend Sinister, finding new places to hide and clever ways to communicate. A piece in a chapter about communicating through an abandoned massively multiplayer online game (MMO) stole my nerdy heart.
Some of the best moments in the book are the attention to detail. Though I don’t care for Dawkins, I do find it amusing that he wore a YOLO T-shirt with the last “O” crossed out. There is a mention of Minecraft, a phenomenon amongst children (and adults), which made me appreciate Roy’s knowledge of his audience.
Unlike the first book of the series, high octane action transpires near the beginning after only minimal exposition. This structural shift is complete when the children, Ronan, Greta and Sammy, are enrolled in a school to test their intelligence. This is where it gets a little boring. The chapters seem to drag on a little bit. Admittedly the results of this school are predictable and throw the kids into a Maze Runner-like situation.
The dialogue and exposition are simple, even for the elementary grade levels. The characters don’t exhibit any development. These characters could actually be the same archetypes from the first few chapters of the first book and Sammy may as well not even have existed. Despite these critiques, the overall story is enjoyable for its target audience. If you or your little ones are looking for something very quick and fun to read, this is that book.

Carter Roy author photo credit JDZ Photography
Carter Roy author photo credit JDZ Photography

Carter Roy lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, a spiky cat, and far too many books. Visit or follow him on Twitter: @CarterRoyBooks

The Glass Gauntlett
Author: Carter Roy
Age Range: 10 – 14 year
Grade Level: 4th – 8th
Series: The Blood Guard Series (Book 2)
Hardcover: 261 pages
Publisher: Two Lions (August 18, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1477826262
ISBN-13: 978-1477826263


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