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How to Romance the ‘Deadpool’ Fan in Your Life this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but more importantly, so is Deadpool.

So if your sweetheart is a fan of the fowl mouthed anti-hero, then consider merging the two events together by having a geeky day full of  love, fun, laughs, and untimely dirty jokes.

If you don’t even know where to begin to make this a reality, fear not! I’ve created a 4-step process to help aid your loving, violent journey this Deadpool Day:

Step 1: Pick out the perfect card

Let’s be real here, it just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a flat, folded dead tree with generic expressions and sentiments written all over it.

Getting your love a card is something you’re pretty much socially obligated to do, but if you really want to give your geek a Valentine’s card that will make them laugh and smile, then skip the drug store and head to the most beloved place on earth: the internet.

There are plenty of cute and hilarious Deadpool inspired cards on Tumblr and Pinterest, but just in case you’re illiterate with those websites (or lazy – no judgement), Google Images works fine as well.

Just pick out your favorite one and print it out! Bonus points if you use photo paper. Or you could just make Walgreens do it – that works too.

Funko Deadpool Fabrikations Plush $19.99 – Amazon

Step 2: Procure the perfect gift

If there is one thing that geeks love more than their fandom, it’s incredible merchandise related to it.

So instead of purchasing one of the many cliche Valentine’s gifts that every retailer pushes on you (think boxed chocolate, flowers that will realistically die in a week, and ridiculously over-sized and useless teddy bears), consider getting your Deadpool fan one the following items instead:

  • Framed ‘vintage’ Deadpool comic books from the 1990s
  • Collectible figures and plushes from Funko
  • Clever and hilarious graphic tees
  • A replica of Deadpool’s katanas (which would be awesome mounted on a wall)
  • Deadpool socks (I mean, who doesn’t love socks!?)
  • Deadpool inspired wall art to compliment their home or room

But okay, maybe still get those chocolates. Yum.

Step 2: Din din

Time to make the chimi fuckin changas.

Honestly, If you’re having a Deadpool day with your love and you’re not eating this yummy Mexican dish, then you’ve totally failed at life.

Make a reservation at a classy Mexican restaurant for you and your love, or opt for a romantic night in by preparing this famous Mexican dish yourself.  If you end up doing the latter, then just know that there are plenty of amazing chimichanga recipes available online that will satisfy even the most restrictive diets (plus, there’s vegan options!)

Step 3: The Movies

This is where you obviously take your love to see Deadpool. Crucial.

Step 4: Set the mood & let your imagination fly

Now that you’ve seen Deadpool and have exhausted yourselves with fangirling (or fanboying) throughout the day, it’s time to simmer down and get straight up funky.

Let the passion between the two of you burn hotter than any fire by attempting to recreate Deadpool’s seductive fireplace pose for your lover. Put on your best cosplay outfit, get a sweet, sweet bottle of wine, and let them know that the fire isn’t the only thing that’s stoked.

…Or just spend the night eating Haagen-Dazs together while watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. That works, too!

The night is yours, my geeky lovers. Enjoy it, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!





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