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Orphan Black Season Finale Recap: Ep. 310, “History Yet to Be Written”

Is it just me or did this Orphan Black season finale sneak up on us? Nine episodes already?! Ah, well. We’ve gotten SO MUCH information about the Leda and Castor clones this season that I’m not even mad. Let’s see what the finale has for us!

Rachel dreams about her father as she recovers from surgery and wakes in an empty but meticulously decorated room. After Dr. Nealon doesn’t respond to her, she climbs into her wheelchair and grabs a note on the table. It must have said, “You’ve got a new eye,” because she then grabs a hand mirror and removes the bandage over her left eye to reveal…an enhanced eye that is not an exact copy of Rachel’s eye after all.

Sarah, Felix, and Art join Scott at a warehouse of sorts that Art says is so tied up in police bureaucracy that they’ll be safe hiding out there. Scott is building what looks like a quarantine room and Siobhan escorts Kendall inside, threatening to incinerate her if it looks like Castor is about to get their hands on her. Sarah intervenes but she, Felix, and Scott walk away still worried about impending attacks from Castor and Topside.

Rudy struggles to keep a hold on himself as he waits for Coady and Mr. Benchman (yeah, that’s the actual name we’re rolling with). When they arrive, Benchman confirms his lack of faith that Rudy will live much longer with a placating “We appreciate your service” and Coady tells Rudy that she has another assignment for him. She tells Rudy that Sarah found and apprehended the Castor original, but since neither she nor her buddies can be located, he’ll have to strike at the only one who hasn’t gone underground: Alison.

Alison holds a small rally and giveaway near a school bus to continue to solidify support for her campaign and Marci Coates comes by to try to shit stir, as usual. Alison doesn’t let Marci bother her or her megaphone and continues to campaign.

And at the Hendrix home, Donnie has a surprise for Helena. She wonders if he’d planned for them to ride Alison’s election school bus, but he has something much better for her: Helena’s bar boyfriend, Jesse (remember him?).

Shay hears a small knock at the door and it’s Cosima (sans Delphine) come to apologize for accusing her of being a spy. Leaving the door open for Cosima, Shay tells her that Delphine is nuts and threatened to bleed her out in her bathtub which shocks Cosima. Cosima is still confused as to why Shay would lie about herself and Shay’s like, “Says you! I don’t even really know who you are at all, do I?” Shay tries to get Cosima to tell her the truth, but when Cosima says she can’t, Shay gives her the boot.

Delphine slips a small gun in her jacket pocket as Ferdinand arrives at Dyad. After a bit of banter, Ferdinand demands that Delphine turn over the original so he can return her to Topside and be Delphine’s boss. Delphine says that’s not how it’s going to work and Sarah walks out, telling Ferdinand that she’s going to offer him a deal.

After realizing that Sarah wasn’t held in the basement when he last visited but pretending to be Rachel, Sarah bargains some of Kendall’s DNA to Ferdinand in exchange for his killing off Castor, calling him the lesser of two evils. Delphine tells Ferdinand about Coady weaponizing the Castors and Sarah offers to give Ferdinand Coady as well, making sure to threaten to incinerate Kendall if he tries any funny business (everyone wants to incinerate Kendall!). He thinks she’s bluffing but Sarah’s all, “I’m immune, so…”

Back at the safe house, Cosima arrives to take blood and tissue from Kendall, but Kendall doesn’t like the look of her at all. Brushing that aside, Cosima is friendly and gentle with Kendall and encourages her to remove the ridiculous white suit she’s wearing. When Cosima tries to make conversation by telling Kendall that the clones call each other sister, Kendall flies off the handle, saying she doesn’t give a flip what those copies of her have to say and threatens to gut Cosima if she touches her. Cosima tells Kendall that she has her to thank for her life and that she’s her last chance at a cure, so Kendall finally relents and allows Cosima to take her blood.

Sarah and Felix arrive at room 207 in a sketchy building (thanks to Art) and he kicks the door in quite impressively to reveal Mark and Gracie inside. Sarah confronts Gracie about giving the Castor affiliates the book and chides the couple about being blind to Coady’s motives. Mark says he and Gracie just want to enjoy the little time he has left together before the gene takes him out, too. Seeing an opportunity, Sarah tells him that she wants to take Coady out of the game, leaving Mark free to be with Gracie, but he needs to tell her what Coady’s next move is going to be first.

Siobhan has little love for Kendall left and laughs at Kendall when she decries her poor treatment. By way of a bath, Siobhan tells Kendall that she’s preparing a sulfuric acid bath for her which puts Kendall on edge. Siobhan is finally ready to get revenge for Kendall killing John (even though Kendall maintains she didn’t start the fight that ended in his death, only finished it) and assures Kendall that if it seems like Castor is about to get their hands on Kendall, she will put Kendall in the bath.

Delphine tells Dr. Nealon that Ferdinand thinks Rachel is dead and has been nosing around, so he offers to move Krystal-as-Rachel to a private facility right away. As Delphine looks “Rachel” over, she notices that she’s wearing acrylic nails, causing Krystal’s hand to fly up and backhand Delphine so hard she hit the floor. Krystal sits up in a panic, freaking out at 1) recognizing Delphine from the salon and 2) being in a recovery room with bandages over her eye. Delphine shoos a nurse away and calms Krystal down and peels the bandage off Krystal’s eye to confirm that she’s isn’t Rachel. Krystal continues to freak out while Delphine sighs in exasperation.

Meanwhile, Rachel tries out her new eye and realizes she can see incredible depth and detail. She notices finches in the room and shouts for someone to tell her what exactly is going on.

Helena and Jesse sit in his tow truck while she catches him up on the highlights of her life since they last saw each other: break self and sestra out of prison, get new mom (Mrs. S), move in with other sestra and make soap, teach children karate. He loves her adventures and is so happy to see her again that they make out and get grabby as she straddles him in the driver’s seat. Helena tells Jesse that even though she has “science baby” inside her, he will be her first – when she gets a call on her clone phone. They put their romance on hold for a little longer as Helena goes off to help her family.

And the votes are coming in as Alison and Donnie stand near the polls excited to see democracy in action. Rudy lurks nearby and spies on Alison and Donnie but isn’t seen as they head to the campaign bus.

Sarah and Felix return to the safe house with Mark just as she’s finished preparing the bath. Siobhan is surprised to see Mark but Sarah asks her to trust her.

Rudy slips into the crowd boarding Alison’s campaign bus and follows after her in a van.

In real time, Sarah reports to the gang that Rudy is, in fact, tailing Alison like Mark said (Siobhan still doesn’t trust him). And since part of Sarah’s plan includes a beat up Mark, she punches him a couple of times in the face.

Alison drives her campaign bus back to her own neighborhood, gets out behind her house and walks into the backyard as the bus drives away. Rudy suffers a short glitch but recovers and follows Alison into the backyard. He’s about to make a move to enter the house when he hears a noise in the garage. There, we see Alison duct taping screws to her hands like weapons and when Rudy goes inside he finds that it’s actually Helena. She tells him they’ll fight by prison rules and offers him duct tape for his knife. He declines and she’s like, “You’ll be sorry when I slice your bicep,” and they get to it.

Coady gets a video call from bloody-faced Rudy who says he came across Helena. He shows Kendall to Coady, claiming that Helena lead him to her, and we realize it’s Mark-as-Rudy. Looks like the Leda clones aren’t the only actors! He sends Coady their location and the trap is laid.

Helena continues to fight and taunt Rudy as he continues to glitch. She encourages him to hang in there because it’s almost over.

Coady, tailed by a few vehicles, arrives at “Rudy’s” location.

Helena takes advantage of Rudy’s glitching and drives one of her screwdrivers through his right bicep, just like she promised she would.

Outside the safe house, Coady waves a handful of armed soldiers on as they cut open the gate and move forward.

Rudy drops his knife as Helena removes her screwdriver from his arm and he falls to the ground.

And a man puts a bullet in Coady’s driver’s head. Then Ferdinand joins her in the back seat, telling her that she won’t find what she’s looking for there.

Still alive, the most feral clones have a heart to heart. Helena lies down on the floor next to him as Rudy tells her that when he was young he and his brothers would sleep together in a corner like puppies. She says she was made to be a killer when she was nine. He tells her the Castors had a purpose just like the Ledas, so she’s like, “No, because you’re a rapist,” as he bleeds out on the floor.

As Sarah has confirmed that the Castors (minus Mark) are down for the count and Ferdinand has apprehended Dr. Coady, Siobhan decides to have a little chat with Kendall about Kira. Siobhan uses the fact that Kira is technically Kendall’s niece to convince her to start spilling vital clone information and Kendall says it all goes back to Professor Duncan. Kendall says that five years after he harvested her, Duncan visited her again to tell her what he’d done and explain that he now feared for his life because of Neolution. Duncan told Kendall that he hid her identity from everyone because his science had been corrupted, so Kendall went to Siobhan to help hide Duncan and so Duncan could steer the one child who managed to escape monitoring, Sarah, to Siobhan’s care. Kendall and Siobhan share a tender moment at this when Sarah gets a text message that “they’re here.”

Delphine questions Dr. Nealon about where Rachel really is and who he’s working for. He tells her to turn on the monitor in the room and we see footage of Rachel in her tidy room yelling for someone to tell her anything. Then Nealon spills that he has always worked for Neolution, steering operations from the inside of Topside and the Castor organization.

Felix arrives at the safe house with Ferdinand and his body man.

Delphine says Neolution was nothing but pop science but Nealon says Neolution has infiltrated and run all aspects of Leda and Castor since the very beginning, calling them Neolution’s Adam and Eve.

Ferdinand greets everyone very cordially and instructs his man to get to the business of drawing Kendall’s blood.

Nealon brags that Topside will soon deliver the original’s genome to Neolution whether they realize it or not, but Delphine still isn’t clear on the “why” of it all. He chuckles at how misguided she is and presents her with a one-time offer to join Neolution. She declines, saying he’s “finished,” and calls the guards, but none come. Nealon’s mouth begins to bleed and he leaps out of his seat at Delphine. As he strangles her on a tabletop, a wriggling something begins to emerge from his mouth and he tries to drop it in her mouth, but Delphine shoots him in the chest just in time. Rattled, Delphine watches as the little wriggler creeps back into Nealon’s body and he tells her that she won’t live till morning before dying.

Ferdinand’s man finishes taking samples of Kendall’s blood and Sarah gets a phone call.

It’s Delphine, who is extracting the little wriggler from Nealon’s bloody mouth. She tells Sarah she can’t give the genetic material to Ferdinand because both Leda and Castor are run by Neolution. She says they’re all pawns and Sarah should tell Ferdinand that Rachel is alive and being held by Neolution. Sarah tells Siobhan and Ferdinand what Delphine has just said which perks up the ears of Ferdinand’s man. Ferdinand grabs Siobhan’s bat and, screaming that he hates Neolutionists with a fiery passion, beats his man to death. Ferdinand prepares to destroy his man and tells the rest that they’re now on the same side. He encourages them to leave and enact their plan to hide Kendall once more, saying they needn’t tell him where she’ll be but he’ll be in touch.

The whole of clone club meets at Bubbles and Alison serves them dinner when she gets the call about the election: she beat Marci Coates by 56 votes!

Delphine shows up at Shay’s place to apologize for terrorizing her. She hands Shay a Dyad business card to give to Cosima and says to tell Cosima that she can tell Shay everything if she wants and she won’t stand in their way then leaves. Shay looks at the Dyad card and the number 324B21 is written on the back.

At the dinner, Helena wonders if mother-sestra will be joining them (no), Cosima and Scott discuss the intricacies of a chimera DNA source, and Felix needs someone to say something understandable (Donnie thinks the beef is the bomb). Everyone toasts to Beth and then to Kira, and Donnie encourages Alison to make a toast. She’s proud of everyone working together to build a family together (and helping her win the election) and thanks Donnie especially for being a great husband (even if he was monitoring her). Cosima gets a call and steps outside.

Delphine needed to meet with Cosima but says she can’t stay, she only wants to make sure that they keep Kendall Malone hidden deep underground. Cosima’s like, “Mrs. S has that kind of thing on lock,” and Delphine is slightly relieved. Cosima tells Delphine that she knows why Delphine did all the sketchy things she did and she’s sorry for blaming her for having to do them and they kiss. Delphine tells Cosima to give her sisters all her love then drives away.

As Delphine pulls into a parking garage and exits the car once more, we see someone approaching her from nearby and she realizes she’s being followed. She stops and puts her bag on the ground, turns around to ask, “What will happen to her?” and is shot from a distance with a silenced bullet. The shooter approaches but we never see who it is before Delphine drops to the ground.

Rachel gets a visitor: Charlotte, the youngest clone. She’s wearing a leg brace on her right leg and tells Rachel that “she” said Rachel was to be her new mom. Who is she? Professor Duncan, Rachel’s mother. Duncan enters the room and welcomes Rachel home, to Rachel’s surprise.

Out in the snow, Kira see two snowmobiles riding toward her and runs to them, reuniting with Sarah. Siobhan and Kendall jump off the other one and Sarah relishes seeing her daughter again.

And that’s all folks!

All images courtesy of BBC America.

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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 303, “Formalized, Complex, and Costly”

Sarah and Felix have a “dead man in the bathtub” situation. Felix suggests they contact Siobhan for body disposal assistance, just as Art arrives to speak with Sarah. They hide the blood on the floor and let him in, but, keen detective as he is, he finds the body straight away and Sarah’s quick to note that she and Felix didn’t do it. Art isn’t easily swayed when they try to convince him to simply look the other way so Sarah thinks it’s a good time to introduce him to Cosima (via Skype) and induct him into Clone Club, officially. Sarah shows Cosima (and Scott) dead Seth in the bathtub and they think Seth’s “glitching” is a neurological design flaw among the Castor clones which is why they need the original sample to find a cure. Unless they can examine his brain, of course. Art has had enough and wants to scram, but then he tells Sarah why he came over in the first place: he has a lead on Castor clone Mark.

Speaking of Mark, he wakes (with a gun in his hand) and finds Gracie missing. He’s just about to run out and search for her when she returns with breakfast. They have a strange marriage so far riddled with secrets and constant vigilance lest Gracie’s family catch up to them. But finally, they decide to get it on (hehe).

Alison and Donnie have hit the streets to drum up votes and spot fellow parent Vera during her run. Vera tries to brush them off, saying she doesn’t want someone with Alison’s issues to handle her children. So Alison tells her they took over Ramon’s business and charges her $60 for handmade soap and a baggie of pills, and all of a sudden Vera’s all ears!

Back in their hotel post-nooky, Mark confesses the truth about himself to Gracie. He says he’s still in the military, not AWOL like he told the Proletheans, and was assigned to infiltrate to find the missing original Castor sample that Gracie’s father stole. He thinks Henrik gave the sample to Mr. Finch and wants to get it from him, and Gracie is upset at this, feeling as though Mark has lied to her about everything.

Sarah and Art chat in his squad car. He wonders if Sarah plans to trade Helena for the samples if she should find them first, and just then they spot Alexis, the Prolethean midwife who was looking after Helena. She says she’s been disconnected from everyone since Helena burned their farm down and tells Sarah that Henrik impregnated both Helena and his daughter, Gracie (yes, that Gracie) with his and Helena’s babies. Art calls in detail about the vehicle Mark and Gracie were using and gets a tip that it was impounded.

As she brushes her hair, Gracie is disturbed by her pregnancy (or I am, at least). She and Mark talk about how they need to remain a team to get her through it and they devise a plan to avoid turning Mark’s mission into a bloody, violent mess. And a grizzled Mr. Finch gets a visit on a farm from Gracie.

He escorts her inside and makes idle chit chat. Finch is ever so slightly sleazy but buys Gracie’s story that she’s there to pick up the thing he’s held in trust for her father. He tells her that it’ll cost her $1000 if she wants it, so she issues a not-so-veiled threat that Proletheans can make fast friends or fierce enemies. Instead of making a big deal of it, he hands the case over to Gracie and she leaves.

And Art and Sarah are on their way to check out the car and they try to puzzle out why Mark and Gracie are on the run together. She asks him why he’s helping her and tries to convince him that this isn’t his fight, and he reveals that Beth tried to tell him about being a clone the night she killed herself. He feels guilty that he didn’t listen to her when she needed him but returns focus to the case, asking Sarah to look up a known associate of Henrik in a file so they can get Helena back.

Helena sings to herself as she lies in a cell and spies Paul and Rudy returning to the army base. Dr. Coady – who Rudy refers to as “mother” – is pissed and slaps Rudy across the face, but he explains that Seth was losing it in the field and he did what needed to be done. As they share a cigarette, Coady and Paul discuss the Castor defect and note that the Leda clones don’t possess it. Paul offers to go out in the field to recover Mark instead of Rudy, but Coady tells him that Arlington has called him for another assignment and want to shut down their program. He feels responsible for the Castors, having served with them, and Coady says she can cure them if Paul can buy them more time with the director.

At Felix’s, Cosima saws into Seth’s brain and Scott does his best not to upchuck all over the place. She passes the top of his skull off to Felix and discovers no lesions or sign of an aneurism at all. After a struggle involving Felix’s (soon to be destroyed) tongs, Cosima finally pries Seth’s brain loose and hands it over to Scott for storage.

At Dyad, Dr. Nealon guides Rachel through memory exercises and while her cognizance seems fairly intact, her communication is a little sluggish. She struggles with simple words but wonders what’s going on outside her recovery room. Nealon tells her that Delphine staged her death and as far as Topside knows, Rachel Duncan is finished. He encourages her not to worry about that now, saying she’s more valuable than she knows, just as she identifies (without delay) “horses” just like the Castor tattoos.

In Coady’s office, Rudy watches video of Helena choking and struggling to breathe when Coady enters to speak with him privately. She says she’s mad at him and asks for his and Seth’s journal logs. She notices the hair he stole from Patty and tells him that Mark’s gone dark. Rudy thinks Mark is weak but shows his own weakness in the very next second: he’s worried about the defect and how it might affect him, and when Coady embraces him, he sucks his thumb.

Two more parents approach Alison for “soap” and she makes the sale and gets the vote while her rival Marci Coates looks on. In their garage, Alison and Donnie make soap and discuss their business – just as Marci invites herself over. She proposes to get Alison a good deal on a great house, but it’s in another school district. Marci tries to convince Alison that she can’t win and the barbs they shoot are so vicious Alison needs to cut something after. (Thank goodness she’s surrounded by soap!)

Art and Sarah turn up at Mr. Finch’s farm asking about Mark. He tries to stonewall them but they threaten to turn the cops loose on him for illegal weapons possession. Finch then comes clean that he doesn’t know Mark but he does know Henrik’s daughter, Gracie. He tells them that she visited to inform him of the “tragedy” at the Prolethean barn and Art and Sarah leave.

Alexis turns up at a house and is told by Gracie’s mother, Bonnie, that she’s banished and can kick rocks. But when she says she might know where Mark and Gracie are, she seems to have some leverage because Bonnie doesn’t slam the door in her face.

Back in their hotel, Mark and Gracie open the case Finch gave her and find notebooks, scraps of paper, and other unhelpful items but no test tubes or biological samples. He gets ready to go back to Finch’s farm and Gracie makes him promise to come back.

Sarah and Art have taken a stop at a diner to get some fuel and do some research. Sarah’s found six hotels nearby to check for Mark. Art is struggling to balance life in Clone Club with his job so Sarah offers to finish canvassing hotels while he goes back to his regular job. She brings up Seth in the bathtub which he didn’t see thankyouverymuch, and she wonders if he’s not risking his job doing this. Sarah notes that Beth called him the night she killed herself, not any of her sisters and Art finally admits that he was in love with Beth but could never say it or act on it before. He says Sarah’s just like her in a lot of ways and she insists that Beth wouldn’t want him getting fired over all this. Sarah says Clone Club needs him as a cop and he finally relents and goes back to work.

Rudy visits Helena and she tells him he’s the ugliest Mark yet (HAH!). He starts trying to prod at her by bringing up Siobhan’s betrayal, but Paul interrupts. Helena tries to entice Dirty Paul but when he doesn’t bite, she says she and her sestras will kill them all. (God, I love her.)

Sarah gets ready to leave the diner, but spots Gracie praying for Mark to return to her safely and stops for a chat. Gracie guesses Sarah’s identity from Helena’s descriptions and Sarah says that Mark and his brothers know where Helena is right now. Gracie doesn’t believe that Mark has brothers and Sarah tells her that Kira and Gracie’s kids will be cousins. Gracie says that her carrying Helena’s Henrik-fertilized fetus doesn’t make them family but when Sarah challenges her she admits she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Then Sarah shows her photos of Rudy and Seth which causes her to freak a little, so Sarah presses that she needs to know where Helena is.

Mark has cuffed Finch to a chair in preparation for torture. He asks him where the rest of Henrik’s belongings are, and when Finch denies knowing anything, Mark smashes one of Finch’s fingers with a hammer.

Gracie flees back to her hotel to hastily pack her things after finding out her husband is a clone and looks for a place to hide the case that Henrik gave her. Just then Bonnie appears in the doorway, speaking like a brainwashed robot. Disillusioned as she is, Gracie is gobbling up Bonnie’s spiel about how she strayed and was tricked by a wolf because of her stupidity (what kind of nonsense?!). Gracie says she had doubts and Bonnie admits that she struggled when Henrik said he had chosen Gracie to carry his and Helena’s baby. Gracie says Bonnie didn’t stop him and Bonnie says it’s because they have a purpose. (O-kay.)

At the lab, Scott discovers that Seth’s brain shows similarities to those affected by Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and wouldn’t have lasted another week. Cosima gives a cough and as she cross references their new samples with Leda DNA, there are a growing number of similarities.

Sarah arrives at Finch’s barn and gets a call from Cosima. Cosima tells Sarah that Seth’s DNA and their own share so many markers in common that the Castors are their brothers. (DUN DUN DUN!) Sarah hears a noise and, hanging up with Cosima, discovers a dead Finch. Mark creeps out of a corner saying Finch had a heart attack and didn’t stand up to torture. She tells him that Gracie told him where to find him and Sarah tells him that Gracie knows he’s a clone now. Then she tells him that they’re siblings. He thinks she’s lying and pulls a gun on her. He denies they’re family and runs away – and is shot by a long distance bullet. Sarah watches in horror as Bonnie approaches a wounded Mark with a rifle in her hands. He tries to creep away into the cornfield but, citing his betrayal, Bonnie shoots him anyway.

The Questions: Will Alison’s plan to lead a drug empire succeed in getting her elected? Will Rachel try to get revenge against Delphine? And who were the siblings who were the original Leda and Castor?

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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 302, “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis”

An older gent walks downstairs to find large amounts of blood all over the walls and doors. He makes a phone call, telling whomever is on the other end of the line that there’s an issue.

And with his newfound freedom, Castor clone Rudy brings a young lady back to his hotel room. She seems a little tipsy and wonders why he’s not in a better room if he’s Special Forces. He blames cutbacks and gets her another drink, then takes her coat. The girl turns away from him and Rudy briefly seems to be Seth, but when she turns back he’s Rudy again. They begin to make out and get busy and Seth creeps out of the shadows. He joins them uninvited, which freaks the girl out. She says this isn’t what she signed up for, but Rudy insists that he and his brother share.

Sarah, Cal, and Kira walk together and discuss current events: Delphine is in Europe dealing with Rachel’s business. Sarah says she needs to call Cosima, but Cal leads them to a nice flat that is his new apartment. Both ladies like the place and Cal is happy.

Rudy wakes Seth (by spitting water in his face) just in time to stand at attention when Paul stops by his hotel room. Seth dresses quickly as Rudy antagonizes Paul by describing his recent run in with Sarah. Rudy doesn’t like the idea of Sarah working with Dyad but Paul ignores this, saying Rudy will be “first.” Then we see that Paul affixes a camera to his head an inch from his eye and asks him logic puzzles. He answers with ease and little stress. Seth, on the other hand, is slightly more frazzled and unsure of his answers, eyes darting side to side as he tries to think of the correct answer. Looks like Paul’s in charge of the mental conditioning of the Castors. Rudy saves Seth from a question he couldn’t think of the answer for and Paul gives them their extraction papers. Rudy doesn’t like the idea of dropping their mission, but Paul insists they go back to base immediately.

Scott visits Felix’s loft to give Cosima another check up. He’s astonished at how great her current health stats are and Cosima says that maybe her improving health is a sign that she needs to get back to a lab. Scott doesn’t trust Dr. Nealon, the man currently running Dyad’s lab, but he thinks much more highly of him than he did of Dr. Leaky. Also, Dr. Nealon wants to meet this afternoon. Felix brusquely tells them to shoo, but not before giving Cosima a new clone phone.

At a soccer game, Alison and Donnie discuss her potential run for School Trustee, shooting daggers at Marci as she gives an interview to what looks like local media. Donnie is worried about how they’ll pay their mortgage, much less for a campaign, and Alison reminds him they can’t sell the house because of the guy they buried in the garage. Donnie walks away to tend to their daughter and Alison is approached by Ramon. He tells Alison that most of his clients are soccer moms and she’s shocked that he’s selling pills at a kid’s soccer game. She tells him she’s clean and he says he’s about to hit the straight and narrow, too, and is going to college. As Ramon walks away, Donnie returns, curious about who he was and Alison replies that he’s an opportunity. Hmmm…

Sarah, Cal, and Kira play hockey in his apartment and have a ball swinging sticks around indoors. Sarah gets a phone call from Art – excuse me, I mean, Detective Bell. He’s just picked up a case from the woman Rudy picked up and after seeing how much the suspects (Rudy and Seth) look like “that Prolethean freak Mark” he thought he should call Sarah. Immediately she asks if one of them has a scar and other other a sketchy little mustache, which Art confirms, and she asks if the woman was hurt at all. Art says she just seems freaked out so far and Sarah wants to know everything Art knows, but he has to go back inside, promising to resume their conversation later. When she hangs up, Sarah fills Cal in on her call. He asks her to stay, knowing it’s futile, and she says she has to go find Helena. She’s pleased that he’s gone to such lengths to make a home for her and Kira and they kiss.

The Army Castor brings Helena in a room full of soldiers and they lay her on a platform and waterboard her. As she tries to recover they take an oral swab and inject her with something. Just before she can be waterboarded again, the smoking woman intervenes, telling everyone that Helena is pregnant. She introduces herself as Dr. Virginia Coady and tells Helena that it might not seem like it, but she’s happy to meet her. O-kay.

Over at Siobhan’s, Felix makes tea for the still recovering Mrs. S. He tries to cheer her up, saying Sarah will come around, but Siobhan isn’t so sure. She thinks she’s lost them and Felix tells her she should do something about it. He gives Siobhan a clone phone and says she doesn’t get to sit this one out so she’d better get to work calling up her dodgy friends who might be able to help.

Cosima and Scott banter but are interrupted by Dr. Nealon’s arrival. Nealon compliments Cosima’s good health and she starts off strong with a solid, “Yeah, I’m as important to you as Sarah’s ovary, huh?” He says hard science requires hard decisions, telling Cosima that even she has had to make some of her own, but she redirects the conversation to Rudy’s escape. Scott asks Nealon about the original genomes for Project Leda, but he says that it’s lost to them thanks to the Duncans. He explains that Leda began as a military experiment under their guidance, but when the military shut them down they were recruited by Dyad and brought their genome with them. He says the Duncans also secretly sourced donors for two lines of clones, a male and female, which surprises Scott and Cosima. Cosima wants to know who these donors are but Nealon says the Duncans falsified records and hid identities to ensure that information was never discovered, meaning both Leda and Castor original genomes are lost.

Art walks with the woman from the hotel and she’s not comfortable just going home knowing Rudy and Seth are still out there. Sarah approaches them and Art tries to get her to go away, but she’s got some questions for the woman. Enter Detective Beth Childs. “Beth” approaches the woman and asks her to outline, again, what exactly happened in the hotel room. According to her, after we saw her withdraw upon seeing Seth join them, Rudy got mad that she wanted to leave as though he was rejecting Seth. She saw them rummage through her wallet and wrote down all of her personal information, and then ripped out a piece of her hair and put it into a bag. Art is none too pleased at Sarah’s latest acting gig, but she says she’s just trying to figure out what the Castors are after because they have Helena. So Art spills a little helpful information: the brothers both have a two-headed horse tattooed on their left forearms.

Alison and Donnie plan a clandestine little meeting with Ramon at the soccer field. When Ramon arrives, we finally understand the opportunity: Alison wants to buy Ramon’s business from him, hookups and clients and all. Ramon is a little skeptical that nice Mrs. Hendrix can handle the drug game, but she says it’ll be a breeze since most of his clients are in her circle, anyway.

Seth paces and agonizes over the logic puzzle that got him stuck earlier. He lashes out and punches a car window (but doesn’t break it), damaging his hand. Just then Rudy calls, saying he’s not going back to base as ordered. Instead, he’s paying a visit to Felix’s loft. Rudy tells Seth that he knows he’s glitching, and Seth confesses that it’s been happening for a week or so. Rudy breaks into Felix’s loft as Seth tells him he doesn’t know what to do about his condition, and Rudy tells him they’re going to “finish the job.”

At Dyad, Cosima speaks to Sarah over the phone about the Castors. She tells Sarah that, according to myth, Castor was a warrior horseman which connects to the brothers’ tattoos (which is a black ops insignia). They’re trained, perfect ghost soldiers, but Sarah wonders why they took the woman’s hair. Cosima says that if they got a follicle they could be interested in some kind of medical testing. Sarah isn’t happy that this information gets her zero steps closer to finding Helena, so Cosima steers her toward another alternative that Sarah doesn’t want to pursue: see Siobhan in order to get to Paul.

Helena has been hooked up to the same eye camera headset we saw Rudy and Seth in earlier and is being subjected to the same kinds of logic questions by one of the army men (and closely watched by Army Castor). Pupok the scorpion distracts her, though, so her first answer is, “Where are these mangoes? I would like to see these mangoes.” The men become impatient as Helena deliberately insults Army Castor (“I saw your brother. He was ugly”), so Dr. Coady intervenes. She takes Helena outside and they’re in an army holding facility of some sort. The dry, arid atmosphere indicates desert, and Dr. Coady says it’s nice at night because she can smoke since the air is clear. She and Helena walk together and we find out that Coady has been a guardian of sorts to the Castors since they were young, even though she never wanted children. Someone brings some food which Coady gives to Helena and Helena scarfs it down. Coady tells Helena that her family sold her out to bring her there, that it was Sarah who gave her up because she’s expendable. Helena doesn’t believe it but Coady presses on, saying she’s not expendable to her – or her boys.

Rudy searches Felix’s apartment and almost finds Professor Duncan’s copy of Dr. Moreau that Cosima is hiding. Then he spots Felix’s art corner – which includes a painting of Sarah.

Speaking of Sarah, she stops by Siobhan’s and is greeted by Felix. He says Siobhan has three broken ribs and, judging by her total honesty, a possible concussion and warns Sarah to take it easy on her. Sarah gets straight to it and says she needs to get in touch with Paul and Siobhan says he’s gone dark as he’s gotten what he wanted. Sarah prepares to leave but Siobhan stops her, saying Cal is doing her no favors pretending that he, Sarah, and Kira can be a family and live safely there. She urges Sarah to take Kira and go someplace safe but Sarah, as usual, doesn’t want to listen to her saying that she won’t take advice from someone who sold her sister. Siobhan says that she regrets that but knows that they are all in the dark about what Castor is all about which makes for terrible fighting conditions. She recalls picking up with the kids and leaving when Sarah was young, because that was the right thing to do to protect the children. Sarah seems to be considering it now.

Out at Ramon’s car, Alison and Donnie peek into their new lives: $80,000 worth of narcotics, from pills to purple drank. Ramon says he’ll hand it over for $25K, because he’s built up a brand, and Alison says they’ll take that as well as his client list for $32K. He tries to get her up to $35K but she insists she’s firm on $32K and will pay cash, causing Donnie to panic. They step aside to talk and he’s worried about where they’ll get that money from. Alison says they’ll borrow from their retirement fund because this is much-needed income. And besides, her new, very loyal customer base will double as her voter base, making her election bid practically a shoo-in.

While unpacking, Cal hears a door open and a dog barking outside. He steps out to investigate and, finding nothing, goes back inside – but Paul is waiting for him, gun drawn. Paul tells Cal to turn around and put his hands on his head so that he can pat him down. He asks Cal why Sarah went to see Delphine at Marion Bowles’ and he’s like, “Why don’t you just ask her? She does want to talk to you.” Returning his gun to its holster, Paul warns Cal that none of them know what they’re getting into. Cal rubs it in that Paul’s infiltration of Dyad was a failure, so Paul reminds Cal that he used to be a weapons designer and war profiteer. Cal asks where Helena is, but Paul changes the focus back to Sarah. He says Sarah needs to take the deal that gives her time and space and give it up, because if she keeps coming it’s going to end badly for everyone.

Sarah and Kira turn up at Felix’s and they discuss possibly moving in with Cal. Sarah runs a bath for Kira as Kira brings her favorite toys into their fort. Sarah misses a call from Cal with her phone in the other room, and as Kira climbs to another segment of the fort she is startled by Rudy, sitting quietly with red Xs drawn over his eyes. Sarah calls for Kira as the bath is ready and comes out of the bathroom to find Rudy sitting with a gun held to Kira. He wants to know if Sarah has the tissue samples of the Castor original but she maintains she doesn’t know anything about that. He threatens Kira some more as Cal arrives downstairs. Seth stops him asking for some change allowing Cal to notice Seth’s horse tattoo and remember Sarah’s phone call earlier. He cold cocks him but doesn’t know Rudy down, and Rudy pulls a knife, saying his brother won’t be disturbed.

As he paints little red lines on Kira’s face, Rudy tells Sarah he can’t leave without answers, causing her to bring up Seth. Downstairs, Seth’s having an episode and Rudy wants to know how Sarah even knows about him. As Seth’s distracted by the voices in his head, Cal reaches for a blunt instrument, but Seth falls to the ground himself. His cries reach the second floor and Rudy panics, nearly shooting Sarah and Kira. He leaves and Sarah “locks” the door, and Rudy finds Cal standing over Seth. As Seth groans in agony, Rudy holds Cal at gunpoint as Cal tries to calm Rudy down. Then Rudy shoots Seth twice in the chest and the brothers share an oddly touching moment as Seth dies there on the floor. Cal is shocked by all of this but Rudy just takes the notebook in Seth’s hoodie pocket and runs away.

Back at Siobhan’s, Sarah talks Kira through a new life on the run as they pack to leave town. Felix tells Sarah she’s a good mother for doing what she’s doing, and Siobhan, Kira, Cal, Felix, and Sarah all make their respective goodbyes. Siobhan says her people will get them out of the country and warns him not to contact hers until they’re out. It becomes clear that Cal is taking Kira away to Iceland and Sarah promises Kira that she’s going to fix things and they’ll be together again. Now, Sarah says, they have to get Helena and the only way to do that is to go to the one they know, Mark.

In a hotel room, Gracie wakes and hears Mark in the bathroom. She calls for him but he tells her to go back to sleep. In the bathroom, Mark uses a blowtorch to burn off the horse tattoo on his left forearm, biting on a towel to muffle his screams.

The Questions: What is Sarah’s next step to get to Helena? Will Helena be susceptible to Dr. Coady’s half-truths? Who’s going to find Seth’s dead body in Felix’s lobby? Are Sarah and Siobhan friends again? And are the original Leda and Castor samples really gone forever?

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NerdyBound: Orphan Black

In honor of Orphan Black returning tonight, this week’s NerdyBound is all about my favorite clones. If you’ve never seen Orphan Black I can say with full confidence that you’re depriving yourself of one of life’s better creations. The show, in a nutshell, is about a girl who finds out she’s one in a set of clones that a corporation created and has been tracking and attempting to control for experimental purposes. There are also people/organizations who know of the existence of the clones that are trying to kill/harm them. This show is so smart, funny, emotional and full of mystery and suspense. It’s basically everything you’re asking for in a series and it features a diverse set of female characters from every walk of life that are real; this series doesn’t shy away from their flaws. Yes, I hate stereotyping female characters, but I also love when they show female characters as these strong, beautiful, and intelligent super humans. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

I styled my looks around the Hot Topic Orphan Black Collection. I’m honestly so impressed by this collection. I’m so used to pop culture being sold to the public as photos on shirts and maybe a couple of themed accessories with more than just the name on it if you’re lucky. This collection not only recreated outfits from the show, but the designers added personal touches that portray each character’s personality. Sarah’s collection combines her outfit from episode one with established pieces that Sarah later wears regularly. Cosima’s collection is my favorite. They recreated her signature red dress, but added a DNA print which is just so perfect for our science loving clone, I love it. Her cardigan is a gorgeous ombre color that I would love on any piece of clothing, Orphan Black themed or not. I didn’t really use Alison’s collection here, only because I feel like the fans know Alison more for her iconic pink preppy looks. I get that Hot Topic was going for a housewife vibe and Alison totally goes Stepford all over the place, but I wanted to go for a more iconic “Alison” look. Helena’s collection is perfect and I want every single piece. They have the wedding dress, complete with Helena’s clone stick figure pattern. Also, both her jacket and top come with her angel wing scars printed on the back. Every item sold out during pre-sales and is almost selling out right now. The collection is also offered in exclusive plus size at Torrid.

Sarah Manning


Shop the Look: Orphan Black Knit Sweater Girls Tank Top $34.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Pleather Girls Moto Jacket $49.50 sizes XS-4XL, LOVEsick Black Back Skinny Strappy Sports Bra $16.50 sizes XS-XL For the plus size option I found an AMAZING Etsy shop called OrigamiCustoms they make custom caged bralette’s and harnesses in all sizes. $48.22, ASOS Leggings in High Waist with Leather Look Panel Detail $45 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: Orphan Black Sarah Moto Leggings $24.50, Black Buckle Combat Boots $46.50, Jac Vanek This Is The Bag Military Bag $60, Layered Charm Necklace $6.90, Triangle Ring Set $4.90, Cuffed Hand Chain $4.90, Chained Dual Stud Ear Jackets $3.90


Cosima Niehaus


Shop the Look: Orphan Black Fit & Flare Dress $29.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Lightweight Ombre Girls Open Cardigan $44.50 sizes XS_4XL, Striped Fishnet Tights $7.90 sizes S-L Plus size option: Black Lace Tights – Baroque Pattern $21.99, ModCloth Menswear Inspired Flying First-Sass Heel $44.99, Zara Multi Skull& Stud Scarf this is the scarf that Cosima actually wears in the series, it’s sold out all over the place, but if you must have it you can try your luck on Ebay. I’m kind of in love with the alternative I found: Mossimo Skull Plaid Scarf – Black/Red $10.48, Kooba Brown Distressed Leather Bag $166.69 Budget friendly option: Men’s Vintage Canvas Leather Satchel Military Messenger Bag $34.26, Soko Angle Choker $60, Monserat De Lucca Scholastic Cute and Astute Necklace $69.99, Orphan Black 324B21 Brass Hand Metal Stamped Vegan Friendly Bracelet $24.99 this awesome bracelet is metal stamped with Cosima’s serial number of “324B21”. Orphan Black Cosima’s DNA Laptop Bracelet $18.99, Dreamcatcher Hand Ring Bracelet $6.50, Geo Cutout Midi Ring Set $4.90


Alison Hendrix


Shop the Look: Long-sleeved Jersey Top $12.95 sizes XS-XL Plus size option: Women’s Mystique V-Neck Knit Shirt $26.65, Women’s Clip spot Favorite Shirt Merona $22.99, Pleated Stretch-Fit Trousers sizes S-L $19.90 Plus size option: All-Nighter Pant – Slim Boot Trouser $58.50, Personalized White Quilted Vest Preppy Monogram $42 sizes 2-12 I was so excited to find this Etsy listing they do custom monogramming in gold leaf which to me just screams Alison. High-Shine Paneled Flats $22.90, Orphan Black Alison Bow Headband $6.50 I couldn’t resist adding this headband to the look, we all know Alison is known for her headbands and this one is customized for her with a very appropriate and adorable gun print. Gold Filigree White Pearl Necklace, Gold Bead $80 Budget friendly option: Pearl Color Options Pearl Jewelry (as always Etsy to the rescue), Faux Pearl Duo Studs $7.90, Shashi Solitaire Ring $32, Man and Woman Sharing a Glass of Wine $20 I wanted to find the perfect accessory for Alison that represented her love of wine, this vintage pin came from the clone heavens above it states that it’s a woman and a man sharing a glass of wine, but this piece of jewelry could obviously foretell the future because it’s clearly two clones sharing a glass of wine.




Shop the Look: Orphan Black Wedding Dress $54.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Mesh Long Sleeve Girls Top $29.50, Clean Wash Skinny Jeans $7.90 sizes 24-31 Plus size option: Skinny Jean – Black Rinse $58.50, Orphan Black Lightweight Girls Anorak Jacket $49.50 sizes XS-4XL, Every Bliss Way Boot $9.99, Rhinestone Ear Cuff Set $7.90, Metal Tusk Ring $4.90, Orphan Black Sestra Necklace $8.50


Felix Dawkins (Felix is one of my favorite characters; he brings so much life to the show so I had to make a NerdyBound of him.)


Shop the Look: Twisted Frida Kahlo Muscle Tee $13.80 sizes S – L Plus size option: Cream Double Vision Tank Top $20.50 which I would pair with Skeleton Peace Racerback Crop Cami $26.50, ASOS Pea Coat $61 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: Shawl Collar Coat $81.48, ASOS Leather Look Leggings $33 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: ASOS CURVE Leather Look Legging $33, Anglophile Style Scarf $24.99, Move with Moxie Bootie $45, Boho, Urban, Travel, Scholastic Benefit of the Route Bag $49.99, Faux Crystal Midi Ring Set $6.90, Minimal Too Electri-cool Earrings $12.99, Spin Me Right ‘Round Time Necklace $24.99, No Conquest Ring in Silver $12.99 because Felix is so often their knight in shining armor, Orphan Black Clone Club Cuff Bracelet $16, O O-Kay Vinyl Harness $49

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